10 Best TMs in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum (Ranked) –

With the incredible Gen IV remakes, nostalgia for these games has reached its peak.

And if you want to play Sinnoh again, you should definitely refresh your memory on some of the best TMs so you can relive the story.

Remember, DPPt is the home of Cynthia and her powerful Garchomp. We want to make this fight as easy as possible.

So I’ll make a list of the most useful TMs you can get in the Sinno area. I rank them according to their usefulness, taking into account where you get each TM in your game.

10. TM27 (return)

If you have a Pokémon that still has its usual starting move, such as. B. Tackle or Pound, then the best option is Return.

With enough Happiness, Returns’ base power can rival moves like Surf and Earthquake.

And it’s more powerful than Take Down or Body Slam when Happiness peaks.

Note that this is a normal move, so it doesn’t have a super effective matchup. But it’s definitely worth looking for the creature you want to flatten.

How to get there: Sanjem City after talking to Professor Rowan (Platinum), Lost Tower 4F

9. TM89 (U-turn)

The flip is a handy move to keep momentum in your team’s favor.

Basically, you hurt your opponent while turning to what might be a better matchup. Or even to sacrifice, like your Mule HM.

The spread also has a respectable base strength of 70, and a good spread, including Staraptor.

As an insect-type move, you can use him well against Lucian, an elite psychic-type at four. But if you shut down after that, it’s not very reliable as a consistent step on the road to destruction.

How to get there: South of Canal City (surfing required)

8. TM54 (erasure error)

At some point in the game, you might find a great Pokémon to add to your team.

But his level may be well below your team’s average. So if you take out a Pokémon with one move, you can take it out with one punch!

False Swipe helps you catch Pokémon by keeping your opponent’s HP level at 1 HP at all times.

Add a status such as. B. Thunderwave Paralysis, and you significantly increase your capture rate.

You will probably want a Faux Slip, especially if you have an occasional problem in your deck. We’ve even reviewed some of the best Pokémon to teach Fake Draw to, if you’re looking for recommendations.

How to get there: Veilstone Department Store for 2,000 PokéDollars

7. TM60 (discharge error)

The combat moves are some of the best in the game, hitting 5 types super effectively, on par with the ground type for most types.

Well, Drain Punch has a respectable base strength of 60 and also heals your HP. So there’s no point, is there?

The only problem with Drain Punch is its limited compatibility, hence its lower ranking here.

The best Pokémon to learn this move is Riolu, which you can get for free from Riley in Iron Mountain (via Canal City).

How to get there: Victory over Mylan (Weilstone Gym)

6. TM30 (shadow ball)

Either Dark Pulse or Shadow Ball would have that spot.

I chose Shadow Ball because you can’t have Dark Impulse for Victory Lane.

Shadow Ball and Black Impulse cover the Psychic and Spirit types perfectly, so both are good.

But the Shadow Ball is placed here because it is only used to cover Lucian, a psychic type specialist of the Elite Four.

His Pokémon’s weaknesses are limited to Ghost, Dark, and Beetle, with Ghost and Dark at an advantage because they both have more powerful and accessible moves.

In addition, some of your Pokémon may already have excellent Dark moves, such as Crunch. So the Shadow Ball may be more of a luxury than a necessity.

You can also use it against Fantine (Diamond/Pearl) and Candice the Frog (Platinum), so it’s definitely worth checking out. But not necessarily.

But we also made a ranking of the best Shadowballers. So if you want to learn from Pokémon, we’ve done it for you.

How to get there: Foggy section of route 210 (biking and rock breaking required).

5. TM80 (landslide)

The rock slide is one of the most reliable rocky moves in the game.

It has more accuracy than Stone Edge, with the added ability to scare off an opponent and hit both Pokémon in dual battles.

It combines well with floor moves, and rock edge and rock slides cover the last two remaining gyms, Aaron and Flint.

This makes Rock Slide a deadly cover.

You can use Rock Slide against Candice, Aaron and Flint, but also against Cynthia from Togeki (Platinum).

How to get there: Corona Mountain 2F (northeast of the Route 207 exit, electricity required).

4. TM35 (flamethrower)

Flamethrower is the best fire-type move in the game.

And it’s easy to find once you have access to Surf.

If you haven’t decided on the type of fire starter, the TM35 is a good option for DPPt. Because Fire is a very offensive guy.

In fact, in Diamond and Pearl, it’s almost a necessity if you don’t choose the Fire type, as the only other Fire types available before Pokémon League are Ponyta and Rapidash.

This lack of fire species is made up for by platinum.

But you can use flamethrowers against Byron, Candice and Aaron, and also against Bronzong Lucian and Roselia and Lucario Cynthia.

How to get there: Fuego Hut (west of Route 205, north of Floaroma)

3. TM28 (graves)

As mentioned earlier, the groundstrokes are some of the best in the game.

While Dig isn’t the most powerful ground type TM has at his disposal (we’ll talk about Earthquake later), I’d say Dig is the most useful for TM.

Outside of combat, Dig acts as an endless escape rope that teleports you outside of the caves. And even teleports you out of certain buildings (including gyms).

In combat, his base strength is 80. It’s not bad. And the effect of the second strike is not really a disadvantage, since most opponents have no defense or shutdown to abuse Dig.

You can make the most of Dig against Byron, Volkner, and Flint, as well as against some of Bertha’s Pokémon and Cynthia’s Lucario.

How to get there: Maniac Tunnel on Route 214 (south of Weilstone)

2. TM13 (ice jet)

Ice the best ice bar in TM.

If you get TM13, it’s of no use to you until the Elite Four. In particular, Champion Cynthia, who has three Ice Weak Pokémon, including the infamous Garchomp.

Garcomp is known to be fast and massive, and has access to Flamethrower (Platinum) or Brick Crack (Diamond/Pearl) to defeat ice types.

But since Garcomp has a double weakness against ice types, you need an ice move to beat Cynthia.

Without them, you’d have to rely on Dragon-type moves like Dragon Claw and Dragon Pulse, which can only be taught to a few Pokémon, most of which are Dragon-type themselves.

How to get there: Route 216 (requires climbing) / Voalston’s Play Corner (10,000 coins)

1. TM26 (earthquake)

Earthquake is probably the most powerful move of the heads of Sinnoh, with no negative effects to the user and a static base power.

It also has better distribution because it can be taught to all three starters.

But with a base strength of 100, it can also serve as a safe general attack if the opponent has no resistance.

It’s also available at the beginning of Platinum, as you can enter the secret Wayward Cave room once you have the machine wheel.

Like Dig, you can use Earthquake effectively against Byron, Faulkner, and Flint, as well as some Bertha and Lucario Cynthia Pokémon.

How to get there: Front cave secret room (requires a bike car and rock breaking, plus diamond gem durability).

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