10 Forgotten Animal Crossing Features That Made The Game More Charming And Fun

Animal Crossing: New Leaf was released back in 2012 and it is still one of the Nintendo 3DS’ best-selling games. It has been incredibly successful, and has sold over 13 million copies worldwide. What was special about the game? It featured some unique features that were overlooked by most of the media, and have since been removed or forgotten.

The next time you’re playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, look around for any stray animal you haven’t seen in a while. I bet you’ll find a few. They’re the characters we never see again. They’re the ones that are so small that we might miss them, if we were too busy looking at the big characters. The ones that are so simple that they are often overlooked, since we know they’re there, but we don’t spend much time with them.

Animal Crossing is a series of Nintendo handheld games that started in 2001. The series revolves around an animal-loving human character (named Tom Nook) who runs a town filled with animals. He is hired to take care of the animals in exchange for the use of the town. The village features several amenities and activities, including shops, bars, a museum, a church, and a school. The series was originally conceived as a spin-off to the Mario series, but expanded to become its own franchise.

These features of Animal Crossing defined the series at the time, but are now just a memory.

Animal Crossing is a franchise that has been around for a long time, as the first game came out in 2001. Since then, the series has continued to evolve and has quickly become one of Nintendos most popular games. In just one year, New Horizons has sold twice as many copies as New Leaves. However, since the game’s launch, many of the features that made it unique and special have been lost. Let’s take a look at the 10 most unique objects that never made it to New Horizons.

Flower Festival

Animal Crossing Wild World was the only game with a flower festival. This event is a competition between you and the inhabitants of your island. The idea was to create a beautiful garden around their home, Tortimer would host the event and ultimately decide the winner. If you achieve first place in this wonderful competition, you will receive a trophy in the form of a golden flower. Given the small size of the event, it was amazing to see how fun and engaging it was to participate in this fine competition. word-image-521

Crazy Redd’s tent was password protected.

word-image-232 Some like it, others not so much. Crazy Redd has been a part of the Animal Crossing franchise for a while now. In New Horizons, you may have met him on the north side of your island, where he docks his clever ship. In the wild, he sometimes pitched his tent in your village. To enter his tent and view a selection of questionable artwork, you need a password. The password was not always easy to get, sometimes you would find a letter from him in his mailbox that contained the password, but sometimes you had to talk to the villagers who in turn could pass on the password to enter his tent.

Golden Axe Quests

word-image-522 It’s still possible to get a gold axe, but it was a lot harder than breaking a bunch of brittle axes and ending up with a DIY for a shiny version. In Wild World, you had to complete a quest to get a shiny axe. Event Trading is the place to start this search. When you meet our favorite beet seller Joan, you must buy a special red beet from her, which you give to Wendall, who in turn gives you a turban. Holding this item, you are greeted by Sahara, who is happy to take the turban off your hands and offer you a large, comfortable massage chair. If you give the comfortable chair to Tortimer, you get a scallop, and who likes scallops, you ask? Pascal – of course! Give him the shell you just got and get a golden axe. It seems like a pretty simple thing, but all of these steps can be modified by the villagers, who can give different items, making the quest a little different. It was a long but fascinating process, with many different characters.

Bright nights in February

word-image-233 Initially, Nintendo wanted to avoid real holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Instead, the big N added February’s Shining Nights, which were very reminiscent of Toy Day, but was simply a winter day when all the villagers decorated their houses with twinkling lights. As a reward, even Winter has sent you a gift. It was absolutely fascinating to watch the villagers decorate their homes with lights and other seasonal items. This created a festive and entertaining atmosphere in the village.

Increased control of supply to rural areas

word-image-525 If the villager is in the pits, it means he will leave. In the old games, however, you could repeatedly talk to the villager and eventually convince him to change his mind and stay on the island (or in the village), even if he had already packed his bags. In New Horizons, checking in and out is much more focused on using Amiibo cards. As you may have noticed, it takes 3 days for a villager to move. That’s how long it takes to invite a tourist with an Amiibo card to your island.

Lyle Insurance

word-image-527 There was a time when you could buy insurance in an Animal Crossing game. Lyle, the adorable little otter, will make you an almost undeniably generous offer for insurance on the misses. and provides protection for various events. You get 100 bubbles for 9 paintings that weren’t real, 100 bubbles for 10 bee stings, and some more. The total return you can get is only 2900 bells and whistles, which makes this insurance offered by Lyle a bit of a scam. Still, it’s a fun feature that certainly brought variety to the game.

double screen consoles andGulliver UFOs

word-image-234 In the new Lead World and Wild World, players will be comfortable with two separate screens, and both games make different use of them. New Leaf manages inventory from the touch screen and makes it easy to organize multiple items. In Wild World, the double screen was used to shoot balloons, and it was also the only way to spot Gulliver’s UFO – yes, that was something!

Multiplayer mystery tours, gift shops and more

word-image-531 Mystery Tours is a kind of new and old addition to the game Animal Crossing New Horizons. Although they work in much the same way as in the previous game, New Leaf offers many more options. In Animal Crossing New Leaf, you ask Kapp to take you to a mysterious island, and as nice as he is, he even lets you bring your friends. Inviting friends to the mysterious islands was great fun and made the multiplayer mode much more meaningful. Unlike New Horizons, you don’t have to close the door and send your friends home. Bring them along for fun and extra resources. Everything is better together… Nintendo. There is even a gift shop on the island where you can buy special souvenirs to take home. They could only be purchased with a special coin found on the island. There were also a lot of multiplayer mini-games you could play with friends, puzzles, hide and seek, etc. There was definitely a lot to do in multiplayer back then!

Remarks completed

word-image-533 At New Horizons, you’ll find a daily craft in a bottle somewhere on your beach. Crafting didn’t exist in this form in the previous games, so you can find bottles with a note on them on the beach every day. These notes were fascinating and could sometimes come from a villager you met, but the best part was that you could write a note, buy a bottle, stick it shut and throw it into the sea. You feel like you’re polluting the deep blue sea, but eventually you’ll come ashore with your real friends who will find your note in the bottle. It was a fun way to exchange little messages between you and your friends.

Reset settings

word-image-235 Resetti is no longer part of Animal Crossing New Horizons. This grumpy character has been in many Animal Crossing games and was, well, unwanted. In New Leaf, his behavior towards players was toned down, but at the time he was yelling at players if they time traveled or shut down the console without saving. The lecture he gives you when he returns to the game can take a while and takes you through some long, drawn out dialogue. Resetti’s surveillance center was an underground room where Resetti was guarding your island. Players can go in and talk to Resetti. This item is no longer part of the Animal Crossing game. His seedy charm is undeniable, however, and his absence has left a sad void in the hearts of Animal Crossing fans.

New horizons without charm

Of course, many other elements have come and gone since the beginning of the series, Brewster and his coffee being just another example. I’ve played Animal Crossing New Horizons for over 800 hours. The game is just delightful, very well crafted and immersive. But the absence of the features that made the series so appealing is noticeable. Animal Crossing New Horizons is currently a terrain shaping collectible doll game. There are some elements in the game that are just for beauty, like an insurance policy, a message in a bottle, or other small pieces that add up to a big picture. We can only hope that the paid New Horizons DLC will bring back some old or even new favorite features in a great game.It took two decades for Animal Crossing to arrive on the Nintendo 3DS, but the game (now in its tenth release) has still managed to keep up with modern gaming trends since its debut. These days, it’s easy for games to become stagnant, but Animal Crossing’s  ground-up approach  keeps it fresh and engaging.. Read more about animal crossing pool custom design and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Animal Crossing secrets?

Over the years, Animal Crossing has become a bit of a cultural icon in Japan. The series is known for its adorable characters, the carefree nature of the game, and the overall ease of the experience. Due to this, many people have overlooked what makes the series amazing. This guide explores 10 features of Animal Crossing that you may not have noticed, but should know about! Animal Crossing has always been one of my favorite series, but there are many secrets that I haven’t uncovered just yet. I was also curious about what other Animal Crossing secrets were out there. The following is a list of 10 secrets, which I’ve discovered myself.

Why the original Animal Crossing is the best?

Nintendo’s next console, now referred to as the Switch, was unveiled in 2017 with the promise of bringing the company’s trademark handheld style to the home. However, it’s not all fun and games, as the Switch isn’t quite so generous on its storage space, meaning that players will need to pick up an SD card if they want to play games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which are available in its physical format but not on the eShop. One of the most popular games on the Nintendo 3DS, Animal Crossing: New Leaf sold over 7 million copies over the last year, which is pretty good considering that it’s an exclusive for Nintendo. It’s also one of the first games on the platform to get an update, which is a sure fire way to keep a game alive. It’s also one of the first games to be released on a handheld system to employ a multiplayer element, something that seems to be all the rage these days. The best thing about this series is that it’s one of those games that can be finished in a single day, and yet it has tons of replay value. If you haven’t played it, it’s something you should check out. ~ ~

How do you make Animal Crossing more interesting?

Animal Crossing has been my favorite game since I played it for the first time in my hometown of London in 2006, and I’ve since spent hundreds of hours playing it on my Nintendo DS and Wii. The game is set in a cute little town where you play as a human who moves to an animal-filled town. You can look for work, raise and care for your animals, and even crossbreed them. You can then play as their offspring and interact with them as they grow up. The game is full of references to the real-world, and has lots of quirky little touches that make it unique. Animal Crossing has been around for a long time, and many of its fans would feel comfortable referring to it as a classic. However, there are still plenty of fans who have not played the game at all, or have played it only once or twice. With a long lifespan, a lot has been added to the game in terms of features and systems, and some of these have been largely forgotten, or not mentioned at all. Here we look at some of these features and what they add to the game

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