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If you have a creative side (and I’m sure you do), you probably need a special place to craft.

Whether it’s sewing, carpentry, pottery, or painting, everyone should have their own personal workspace, even on their own Animal Crossing island.

As a comic book author, I am currently in the process of setting up a comic book shop on my island as my personal creative workspace.

And if you want to create a fun place to let your creativity run wild, I have plenty of fun workshop ideas for you.

15. mini-ship station

image source from u/-_Y_e_s_…

If you’re a minimalist, a small workstation like this might be just what you need.

Start with a couple of dining tables and a simple crafting desk.

Put all the materials on the tables: Wood, hardwood, softwood, branches, weeds, iron nuggets, stone, clay and even bamboo.

Treat yourself! That’s what this workspace is all about: It’s about you.

I also love the added campfires that tie this simple design together.

14. Small garden workshop

image source by @zarabows

Maybe the creative planting is your creative place. If so, maybe we can try this workshop outside in the garden.

First choose a nice wooded area and build some stalls to display your creations.

I’d also like to point out that most of the plants in this idea are real creative objects, so you’ll have to put some work into them.

You can buy terrariums, bamboo balls, bonsai pines and more.

There are also plants for sale that you can add to your inventory, such as B. a monster, a floating biotope plant pot or even an anthurium plant.

13. Crafts area outside

image source by u/enzumei

Maybe you’re a jack-of-all-trades and just need a common space to create.

To transform this space into a beautiful outdoor workshop, start by installing custom wood patterns for the outdoor flooring.

Then make a lot of furniture such as an iron shelf, a wooden cabinet, a crafts workbench, a kitchenette made of ironwood and a simple sink.

Oh, and don’t forget to make a wooden toolbox. There are many resources at your disposal.

12. Botanical seminar

image source by u/rubya

Perhaps you are looking for a lively indoor environment to craft.

So here’s a nice little idea you can build on.

Start with white brick wallpaper and a yellow floral floor, although any color floral floor can work just as well.

Then don’t forget to make the supplies like the crafting workbench, the tool rack, the iron shelf and the wooden toolbox.

The only thing left to do is decorate the room with tons of plants for the walls, tables and the entire floor.

Fan palms, monsters, terrariums, floating biotope containers, coconut containers and hanging terrariums are just some of the options for this workshop idea.

11. Zen Seminar

Image source: @acnhharga

For many players, creating a space means moving into the world.

A state of zen, if you will.

For example, a Zen-style room may be a suitable theme for your studio.

Start by building a small room with a fence. Zen fences, to be exact.

Then build some tables out of ironwood and put some plants on them, for example. B. a biotope planter. Plus, making a Zen post is an easy way to put more plants here.

Once you have a DIY mini dining room, you’ll be ready to work in this peaceful setting.

10. Maintenance and workshop space

Image source @starryarcana

Here’s a fun interior design idea if you’re someone who loves the activity of a modern office.

Start with a clump of wallpaper to give your room a dingy basement feel.

Provide some standard workshop supplies such as a workbench, tool rack, corkboard and tool cart.

I love the extra elements here, like the vacuum cleaner and the sign on the floor, which suggest that this is a room where maintenance is done.

And if you want more, buy a rock guitar and an amp. That way you can play some music during breaks.

9. Construction of bodies for motor vehicles

Construction of bodyimage source: @Ayaneko_sims

If you’re a big monkey and working on cars is your thing, set up a workshop like this little body shop!

I would start this idea by building custom paths for floors. I think white wood works well in this case.

Then buy things like retro gas pumps, neon signs in the restaurant and a table in the dining room.

You can make a mini craft workbench and an iron shelf for storage.

They will then be ready to open and test the race car beds.

8. Christmas Gift Wrapping Station

Image: y/VasabiSpecies

Maybe you need a specific place to wrap all those gifts for your island friends.

Then try setting up this multi-purpose paper station with a few cubicles and simple blackboards.

Make simple diagrams to show the shelves of the gifts you’ve already wrapped. Surprisingly, it’s not too hard to build!

And you definitely want to make piles of gifts with red wrapping paper, and then individualize them by adding a bunch of color styles.

And don’t forget the toy chest to have enough gifts for everyone.

7. Repair and woodwork

Image source by @parkplace.acnh

While Lyman’s sleeping, you can go to work in the garage.

To do it yourself, you’ll need to install lots of iron fences and shelves, which you can make from iron nuggets.

You will also want to put a cartoon set and a listening table on the outdoor table.

Also buy a variety of bins, cans and buckets to display, as well as boxes of different sizes, shapes and designs.

Don’t forget the amphitheater bench when Lyman gets back to work!

6. Fresh Fashion Studio

image source by @divinebenis

If you’re more of a designer, you should definitely start a fashion studio to showcase all your amazing creations.

To do this, you can buy a loom and a practice table. This is where you will do most of your designing.

And then, honestly, go wild and show off your favorite patterns and custom clothing.

Some of my favorite patterns here are the blue owl, the aqua dragon, the green snake and the red and blue heart sweater.

Of course you have the freedom to show the design you want. Because this is your workplace.

5. Smart Sisters Stitch Stress

Image Source: u/kotobaek

As for making clothes, you could try setting up an open workshop for the Able sisters.

For this idea, you’ll need to set up a wooden bench, along with a few stacks of magazines and a sewing machine.

You can also make or buy a loom, a spinning wheel and a piano bench.

I really like the setup of a natural garden table and chairs as a small workspace. This sounds perfect for anyone who wants to start creative sewing.

4. NASA workshop

image source from @####################

3…2…1…Lift off!

This design is definitely out of this world feel.

Many of us probably dreamed of becoming astronauts when we were kids. But if you prefer to build shuttles, you can make them in this special workshop area.

Concrete walls and tiled floors create a basic space – that’s all you need.

Next, build an iron shelf and craft bench so you have a place to create.

You could also use the space recipes Celeste gave you, like… B. the rocket, the moon, or the astronaut suit.

Complete your stay in the room with your favorite clothes from the space, such as. B. Zip suits and astronaut suits, demonstration.

Houston, we have a great design here!

3. Santa’s Workshop

image source from @sugar.cove

I’ve seen many ACNH ideas for Santa’s workshop, and this one is by far my favorite for one simple reason:

This player has added a number of garden gnomes to play the role of workers.

If that’s not charming, I don’t know what is!

To execute this idea yourself, place garden gnomes in rows on wooden dining tables.

Don’t forget to make a nice Christmas tree too. Because there is no Christmas without a tree!

So you really want to make a lot of toys. That’s what elves would do, right?

But really, all that. I’m talking toy chests, pedal bikes, rocking horses, model trains and tricycles (for starters).

Oh, and buy a Nintendo Switch so a lucky guy like you can play Animal Crossing!

2. Ceramics Studio

image source from u/rainosma mold

Pottery can be a very nice hobby if you have a talent for it.

If you want to create such a studio, you must first install iron desks.

Put some unglazed bowls on the tables and sculpt them with pieces of clay.

I love play dough because it can be customized to look like dinosaurs and cakes in different colors.

All you need are brick ovens to bake your clay creations.

1. Bear construction workshop

image source by @alibbear_.

Building a bear can be a lot of fun.

The kissing of the stuffed heart before you put it in the bear is a little strange, but still quite fun.

And if you want to recreate the Builder Bear Workshop in ACNH, you have the job.

Obviously, you’re going to want to buy a lot of bears. Mama bears, papa bears, baby bears, pandas, and you can even make a stuffed puppy if you want.

Then make creative tools like mini crafts and rocking horses to add to the fun.

If you buy a loft bed with a desk, turn it over and put a sewing machine in it.

Now you’re ready to literally build a bear like Stitches. Looks like he’s from Building Bear, huh?

If only Build-A-Bear Animal Crossing’s own collection had as much value.

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