18 Best Anime Pirate Characters Of All Time –

Are your kids ready for it? It’s time to take a look at the real swordsmen who dare to sail the seven seas for their reward.

As far as anime goes, there is a particular series that dominates the pirate theme. I’m sure you can guess what I’m talking about.

But there are some pretty good pirate characters in other series. And they deserve some love, too.

So today we are going to review the best pirate characters in all anime, even outside the One Piece universe.

18. hatching

Anime: Gargantia on an eternal planet.

We begin the list with the pirate queen herself, Lukkage.

It does not take long to understand how it acquired such power at sea, for it is absolutely brutal and prefers death to defeat overnight.

She also stays true to the stereotype of the pirate, who licks butt when asked, is feminine while keeping her eyes open for male generosity.

Maybe she doesn’t want to share the ocean with anyone, or share her gold with anyone. But she certainly lets her lust run wild.

17. Liliana

Liliana in Queen's Blade: Rebellion anime

Anime: Royal Blade: The Uprising

We have another pirate queen here, and I dare say she is even more stubborn than the last one.

Liliana will never choose to give up. But it seems that not even death can stop her for long.

When she meets her fate in Davy Jones’ locker, to return under the witch’s command and cause even more trouble ….But this time she has a team of ghosts.

It should also be noted that she is the most articulate pirate you have ever seen. She acts more like a noble woman in a pirate hat than a bloodthirsty rebel.

16. donkey duflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo from One Piece anime

Anime: One Piece

They knew it was only a matter of time.

Doflamingo was one of my favorite antagonists in the series, simply because he was so well built.

I mean, look at this guy. How does he swing that outfit like that?

Why does he never stop smiling, and how can there be so much blood in a smile?

And the man didn’t just talk when his pink, feathered back sat on the royal throne. And he even got the nickname of a warlord.

Marika Katou

Marika Katou in Bodacious Space Pirates

Anime: Pirates of space hunted

Marika has a pretty unique background, at least as far as this list is concerned.

She was not a bloodthirsty, fierce, power-hungry girl. In fact, she was just a normal high school girl.

Until she was approached by two men who asked her to lead a group of pirates because that role was filled by her father. She agreed, and although she is far from what I imagine a pirate to be, she fulfilled her role.

It shows that nepotism can even make you a captain.

14. emeralds

Emeraldas from Queen Emeraldas

Anime: Royal Emeralds

So far, the women have just killed that list, haven’t they?

And emeralds are no different.

He is a galactic fleet captain who commands a band of deadly pirates who fly through space to loot and destroy everything in their path.

And as a captain, Emeralds is intimidating. He is calm, reserved, ruthless. And has a constant death glare.

Because she has nothing to lose now, because she has lost so much in the past that she can look death in the eye and give it a nod.

13th Dola

Dola in Castle in the Sky anime

Anime: Castle in the sky

When Dola first appears in the film, she seems rather dangerous.

She is the captain of an air fleet in search of Laputa’s treasure, and she does not seem to care how she achieves this goal.

The fact that she’s 60 is also strangely scary, because you really have to know what you’re doing if you know how to be an older pirate captain.

But then you remember that this is Studio Ghibli. And that, Firefly aside, life is good.

Thus, even the Queen of Pirates is softened in the latter part of the story and behaves like a rather stereotypical M….or should I say Miemara! I’ll let myself out.

12. crocodile

Crocodile from One Piece anime

Anime: One Piece

The crocodile is full of profanity and looks like the perfect mix of an old school pirate and a more modern criminal.

He has that mafia aesthetic with his huge coat and a cigar so big it attacks your lungs (yes, you, the spectator).

But then he discovers a giant golden hand with a golden hook, and you’re back with the pirates.

This man is an icon in the series because he has remained relevant for so long, and because he was the first to give Luffy a big L.

April 11 Bikirk

April Bikirk from Sol Bianca: The legacy

Anime: Sol Bianca: Legacy

Sol Bianchi’s team has the situation well in hand.

I mean, technically they are pirates, because they roam the galaxy without caring about rules or regulations.

And I’m sure they can fly when the time comes.

But they are also very nice people, at least to the children.

When a little girl was discovered on their ship, the crew not only brought her back to earth and took the time to find her parents, but especially April treated her like a little sister.

So it’s not what I normally expect from a pirate. But who am I to judge.

10. Kay’s Pirate Guild

Kei Pirate Guild in Outlaw Star

Anime: Illegal Star

The Kaye Pirates are a force to be reckoned with. And while I don’t find them interesting enough individually to warrant a place on this list, as a group they are something special.

First, because they pose a real threat in the world of the Outlaw Stars, since many of them use Dao magic.

And secondly, they scare me a little bit. And I think it’s a good tactic to scare you. I

It’s like Yase, if Hishoka from HxH had been dropped on her head when she was a kid ….and I don’t even want to think about what Jukai got into.

9. mr.

Mister in Coyote Ragtime Show anime

Anime: Coyote Ragtime Show

The Coyote gang is probably the strangest gang of pirates to ever set sail.

Because most of them are criminals, mostly by their misconduct. The show begins with Monsieur’s incarceration for a traffic violation.

And the engineer who who keeps his ship safe has had more than fifty infractions at the helm.

So of course they are all looking for a hidden treasure. And as captain, Mister is really inspiring and really cares about his teammates.

But I think the DMV is probably the biggest culprit in all this.

8) Elisabeth Liati

Elizabeth Liati in Mars Daybreak

Anime: Dawn of Mars

This anime is actually Musk’s wet dream, because Mars is completely covered in water and humans have colonized it, living in floating cities and using ships to get from one place to another.

But just because it’s a different planet doesn’t mean the same problems don’t exist.

Such as corruption and lack of government.

So Elizabeth rallies people who are tired of living in poverty and leads a band of pirates. With her strength, she can take on any man, but she also has the guts to take you down before the fight begins.

So you already know she’s doing a good job as a leader.

7. Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece anime

Anime: One Piece

Since Luffy has been the most iconic pirate character for longer than some of you have lived, it makes sense that he would be on this list.

And if he sometimes seems to be the typical protagonist of Shunen, he’s much more than that. I mean, he’s really meant to be a great pirate.

Every battle Luffy fights is instantly gripping. And his unyielding determination allows him to defeat enemies that should be beyond his reach.

When it’s dark and gloomy, he’s a cheerful guy. And he can always make me laugh with his antics.

6) Rokuru Okajima

Rokurou Okajima from Black Lagoon

Anime: Black Lagoon

I want to shout at Rokuru because he is the most millennium pirate.

He didn’t even want to be a pirate. He was really just an employee, but he had been kidnapped by a group of mercenaries called the Black Lagoon and was only concerned with them, so to speak.

Maybe he just has Stockholm syndrome, but whatever, or…. or…

Black Lagoon represents today’s pirates, for if they are not fighting with swords or dying of scurvy, they are certainly breaking all laws.

And even in a group like this, Rokur managed to be more diplomatic. You just have to like it.

5. cobra

Cobra in Space Adventure Cobra anime

Anime: The Space Cobra Adventure

With Cobra, we have another Salariman who has become a pirate.

What are you trying to tell us about the middle class, Japan?

Seriously, this guy is pretty iconic. And I’m sure many longtime fans remember Cobra and his space adventures.

Clearly, his psychogun has inspired some people with new character models, and even though he may be breaking a few laws, his heart is in the right place.

4. atmosphere

Atmosk from FLCL anime

Anime: FLCL

Atomic is the kind of pirate where kids around the campfire tell tales of tails and a strange tradition is established to “calm” his spirit.

What I mean is, this man is a legend and he is shrouded in mystery.

He is known as the Pirate King because he is the most powerful pirate in the universe (on his world). And he can supposedly influence entire solar systems.

Today it rarely appears on the screen, but every time it does, it gives you goosebumps. And at least that’s how the hacker should feel cool.

3. The ghost of Harlock

Phantom Harlock in Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Anime: Captain Harlock, Space Pirate

That was Captain Jack Sparrow from the anime world of the 1990s.

Not because he was an oddball with subtle sex appeal, but because he made everyone think pirates were cool.

The man literally took on all the allies and came out victorious.

He also has his own philosophies about the righteous life, he is always kind, humble, caring and seeks justice in his own way.

He is a romantic hero who sets the bar too high for all of us.

2. revy

Revy from Black Lagoon anime

Anime: Black Lagoon

Although I praised Rokura for its more modern side, you know I still love the classics.

Revie is exactly what I expect from a pirate character; she has no problem with murder, has character and thinks the highway is for idiots.

She’s also a heavy drinker, a smoker, kind of a racist (at least in the manga), she doesn’t see the point of anything and just does whatever she feels like.

I don’t know if this matches your ideal of a strong and independent woman, but it certainly matches mine.

1. roronoa-zoro

Roronoa Zoro from One Piece anime

Anime: One Piece

I bet some of you were worried that Zoro wasn’t on that list, but here he is.

What can we say about this man that hasn’t already been said?

He is one of the coolest characters ever. He fights with three swords like a real tough guy, is a great leader and a good friend, always tries to do what he thinks is right, and even has some comedic elements in him!

That’s what we call a perfectly crafted piece of garbage.

And the fact that he is additionally a pirate earns him first place on this list and probably a good place on many other lists as well.

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