20 Anime Characters That Need Therapy –

Don’t you sometimes wish you were in an anime?

Have a harem, talk on the roof of the school, maybe fight some demons, be called a Pekka, that sort of thing?

Well, today we’re going to shatter that illusion by looking at anime characters who are so messed up you’d never want to be in their shoes.

This is our choice for anime characters who need serious therapy sessions.

20. Seiji Yagiri

Anime: Idiot!!!

This show has a surprising number of characters who need a counselor.

From Shizuo’s anger issues to Miki’s stalking habits, the series is much darker than it first appears.

Seiji is probably the one that bothers me the most.

Not only was he the target of Mickey’s stalking sessions, but his own sister was in love with him. And Seiji was in love with, wait for it… the severed head he kept in the jar.

Her love was so deep that when Mika was caught looking at her, he slammed her head against the wall and nearly killed her.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as far as they are concerned.

19. Lucy

Anime: Elf lie.

Elf’s Lies is already a very dark series, and much of that darkness revolves around Lucy.

In fact, it was a habit: The children teased her because she had horns and was therefore different.

But this guy was an extreme bully.

Her only human friend told the thugs that Lucy had been caring for a stray puppy, after which they beat him to death before her eyes.

It is understandable that she kills them all and continues to hate humanity as it is. So she needs a good therapist to get through all this turmoil and hate.

18. Gon Friss

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

In the beginning, Gon seemed to be a normal, happy child. But we were wrong.

The boy is a bit upset. Spoiler alert ahead:

We get a few hints of this when we see that he doesn’t care if people he doesn’t know die before his eyes. He didn’t even blink.

But when his friend is murdered, he is so angry that he even keeps pounding on the corpse, just in case.

Even losing his arm in battle did not bother him, as it was considered a kind of penance.

You can bet he felt better after that. But honestly, he was still looking at his father, who had abandoned him and not even come to his aid when he was in a critical situation….. Now he’s definitely exhibiting troubling behavior.

17. Midari Ikishima

Anime: Kakegurui

Gambling is a life-changing addiction, and everyone on this show should see a therapist.

But Midari is probably the most obvious case.

Like everyone else, she puts the game and its associated position above everything else in life.

Yet it has gone too far.

She is literally playing Russian roulette with herself just to take the risk. At this point, it’s not even about money or certification, it’s about therapy time.

16. Katsuki Bakugou

Anime: My heroic academy

Either way, Bakugo has the potential to become the main character.

He has tremendous strength, good tactics, and patented heroic toughness. Yet his attitude is a total failure.

The most obvious dent in his armor is his bad temper.

The man yelled at the child not to cry. Of course, this anger didn’t come out of the blue.

With his superiority complex threatened by Deku, and even the guilt he feels over the idea of saving the heroes, the man has some issues.

And if he could speak his mind, he would be even more powerful than he already is.

15. Yuu Otosaka

Anime: Charlotte

Spoiler warnings here:

Yuu started out as a normal kid. Sure, he manipulated people a bit and felt superior because he had a superpower, but nothing special.

But everything changed when he lost his sister.

For a time he went mad and refused society. And when he was back to normal, he had to search the world and steal all the powers that humanity had gathered.

This resulted in severe psychological damage, causing him not only to suffer several depressions, but also complete memory loss.

14. Kaede Azusagawa

Anime: The little boy does not dream of Sanpai rabbits.

Unfortunately, I think many people can relate to Kaede’s difficulties these days.

After this incredible cyberbullying, she locked herself in her room, unable to return to school or even face the outside world.

And thanks to the supernatural aspect of the series, Kaede also has cuts all over her body due to bullying.

This amount of stress causes her to completely separate and become the new Kaede.

She is helped by the show and her brother does wonders for her. But I want her to heal completely.

13. Nozomu Itoshiki

Anime: Sayonara, Zetsubu-sensei…

Literally everyone on this show needs a therapist.

One character is an obsessive stalker, another carries a gun and demands that a professor marry her, and a woman behaves in such a way that people hang themselves for a better…..

But the teacher (Nozomu, nicknamed Zetsubu) is perhaps the most disturbing. Because he’s always desperate.

The slightest discomfort makes him want to end it, and he’s already had too many attempts to count.

12. Hyakkimaru

Anime: Dororo

This man has had no luck in life.

His father literally sold him to the devil, leaving Hyakkimaru to live most of his life without any bodily functions in his puppet body.

He had to endure a lot of bloodshed to get it back, see good people die and even fight his own brother to live a normal life.

Several times, he almost gave up his humanity. That’s why a therapist is essential if you want to get your life in order.

11. Johan Libert

Anime: Monster

If I think Johan needs a therapist, I also understand that he must be the best therapist humanity has ever seen. Because this man is damaged beyond recognition.

Johan has completely lost track of who he is and what the meaning of life is, because of a tragic past in which he and his sister have experienced terrible things, too many to count.

This makes him extremely dangerous, not only to those around him, but also to himself.

10. Meliodas

Anime: The seven deadly sins

This person can be a shock if you don’t fully engage with them, as they usually seem to be in a good mood and cheerful.

But spoiler alert here:

We will learn later that for hundreds of years he knew only pain. Because of his and Elizabeth’s forbidden love, they were both cursed by the gods.

The curse caused Meliodas to meet Elizabeth, fall in love with her, and then die for him again and again.

The one time he couldn’t control his emotions, he blew up an entire city. So I imagine he still has a lot of unresolved anger and grief from that curse.

9. Obito Uchiha

Anime: Naruto! Shippuden

There are a few villains in Naruto that I wanted to include in this list. But in the end I chose Obito because he was the hardest to deal with, not with jutsu.

As many fans of the series have noted, Obito is Naruto who has lost all confidence.

He was such a happy and ambitious kid, but all that has been taken away from him:

Being paralyzed by a falling rock, then seeing the woman he loved murdered by his best friend.

Having Madara and Zetsu around him to fan his flames even more didn’t help either.

While he didn’t have the most tragic story – I’m looking at you, Kakashi/Itachi – he clearly needed a lot of help dealing with his demons.

8. Tatsuhiro Satou

Anime: Welcome to the NHC.

Satu just got depressed.

Anime hasn’t given up hope of seeing humanity become depressed. But the realist that I don’t want to do anything has been removed.

The whole show revolves around his mental health and how many steps he has to take to overcome seemingly insignificant obstacles, like appearing in public.

Also, spoiler alert:

At one point, it got so bad that he almost killed himself. The worst part is that it wasn’t even his plan, he was just there for the suicides and thought he could join them.

This adjustment now needs to be done by a professional.

7. Subaru Natsuki

Anime: Re : Zero

Although this is an Isokai show, the most amazing thing about it is that Subaru still has a shred of common sense.

He has been taken to another world and given special powers, which means he can be resurrected at certain times.

And my buddy keeps getting killed in the most horrible way possible.

As if that weren’t enough, he also sees those he loves suffer from this kind of belief, over and over again.

I’m sure even his therapist needs a therapist.

6. Osamu Dazai

Anime: Bungo Stray dogs

Like Zetsub, Dazai is indeed fascinated by the thought of death.

He is always trying to commit suicide, which is usually prevented by coincidental factors such as his inability to fit into the shredder.

And he bothers me even more than Zetsubu. Because unlike him, Dazai seems perfectly content most of the time.

Even when he tries to put a stop to it, the man seems as happy as a clam! While I can understand that some of this is due to lingering regrets about a difficult past and such, I still think my husband needs to get checked out.

5. Rainer Braun

Anime: Attack on Titan.

Spoiler alert:

It’s Rainer. It’s not that I think he’s crazy. But instead, he feels so guilty that it destroys him on every level.

In fact, he had tried to give up on life before.

That’s because he took all the blame for what happened on Paradise Island. Not only to convince others to continue the mission, but also to break down the barriers that kept tens of thousands of innocent people alive.

It certainly didn’t help that he was in the same situation (but this time as a victim). There is nothing good or bad about Attack on Titan, just a lot of injuries.

4. Naofumi Iwatani

Anime: Rise of the Hero of the Shield

Naofumi had a bad hand at the Isekai roulette table. Not only was he transported to a new world with a single legendary defensive item, but the entire world turned against him shortly after his arrival.

His two friends are people he bought from a drug dealer, and his outlook on life is cynical to say the least.

The new world had hit him hard. And he’ll need a year of therapy before he can resist the urge to bite back.

Even his new power was based on hate and anger, hurting even those he loved.

3. Rintaru Okabe

Anime: Steins,Gates.

Okaba liked to call himself a mad scientist, and if he knew how right he was, he would be a boy.

Okabe and his crew open a path to the past, even if it’s only one person at a time. And because of this time travel, there is a spoiler warning:

Okaba was given a special Subatu Light and had to watch his loved ones get killed dozens of times. At one point he even realizes that it doesn’t affect him anymore.

In fact, after the incident, he’s a little behind on looking for evidence.

And don’t get me started on what happens to him in the movies. It sounds like a different kind of headache.

2. Nuts

Anime: Berserk

Berserk has always been known for the cruelty of its world, and no one has felt that more than Guts.

Even his birth was tragic, for he was born of a corpse. So you can imagine that the rest of his life was not very good.

But, of course, the biggest psychological blow came towards the end of the series. Big spoilers here:

Not only does he see countless friends die, his arm is torn off, and he realizes he has been betrayed by the man he cherished above all else….. but that same man rapes the woman Gutz loves right in front of him. Oh, my God.

1. Kearu

Anime: Recover the healer

Yeah, I think this guy is even more confusing than Guts.

Redo of Healer stands out for two things: it’s stark and barely has an H rating.

The main character, Keyaroo, is a man who has been bullied for years.

These include assault, drug use, verbal and physical abuse, imprisonment, mental anguish, etc.

If there’s anything bad a person can go through, Ciaru went through it.

And unlike Guts, who still retains some of his humanity, Keyaroo goes completely crazy.

He vows to do everything the criminals have done to him, plus some additional torture.

It has several screws. And it will take a miracle to make him accept humanity again.


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