20 Best Anime Swordsmen & Swords Users (Ranked) –

Apart from advanced technology, giant monsters and cartoons, Japan is probably best known for its samurai.

And when we think of a samurai, we think of a great swordsman with a straw hat to maintain justice. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m not here to judge.

But who are the best swordsmen the anime can offer?

That’s what we put on our list of cartoon swordsmen today. Don’t forget I’ll rank them according to their sword skills, general strength and perhaps a touch of sympathy.

20. MiRa U

Anime: The God of high school

I think Mira’s a good place to start on that list. She’s on her way to master the sword, but not quite yet.

His moonlight sword style is very powerful. But it wasn’t until the second half of the play that she even woke up her sword.

Clearly she’s training a lot. But at the end of the season he’s quite average in his own universe and that’s why he’s last on that list.

19. Henri Sonohara

Henri Sonohara in the anime Durarara

Anime: You idiot!

Henri has the opposite problem from the previous choice:

She has tremendous strength, but she clearly does not yet master the use of a sword.

In case you don’t know: She has the power to bring everyone she touches under her total control with her sword and virtually form an army. It’s mentally exhausting, but she seems rock solid in that respect.

So, if she ever wields a sword and starts jumping on the battlefield, nothing can stop her.

18. Askeladd

Screenshot of the anime Saga of Askeladd Winland

Anime: The Vinland Saga

Since the Vinland saga is largely based on reality, Askeladd has not really visible features that I can point to and say look how good he is.

But he has some great achievements to his name.

The fact that Thorfinn has never really been able to challenge him, but that he has been able to play against dozens of opponents, shows a lot.

And if you’ve seen the whole first season, you should also know that Askeladd is not only deadly in 1v1’s, but also when he’s surrounded.

17. Mosquitoes

Screenshot of the anime Mugen Samurai Champloo

Anime: champlu samurai

Mugen is one of those naturists who know how to handle the sword as if nothing had happened, even without proper training.

In fact, his unorthodox fighting style is his greatest strength, because a trained samurai cannot predict his movements.

He’s probably in balance with Gene. However, I think that Mugen can adapt much faster and that he has not yet reached his full potential. That’s why I chose him for this list. I like him a little more, too.

16. Item

Blurred from the anime My Hero Academy.

Anime: My heroic academy

I think Stein might have a very mediocre whim. Of course he can paralyse you, but first he has to take some blood and lick it off you.

Compared to immediate evaporation, giant ice trays or even simple impenetrable skin, CC bloodstains are not everything.

Stein, however, makes full use of this peculiarity with his exceptional knife skills.

He has overthrown dozens of professional heroes without a fight and even inspires a whole new generation of villains.

15. Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro from the anime Black Clover.

Anime: black clover

Yami-san’s stats are insane. I think he can beat most people with a simple stick, but his katana looks so much cooler.

Thanks to his magic, he gets a big bang every time he swings. Especially in the last episode of the series, and can literally reach different sizes. He also uses the ki to perfectly anticipate any incoming attack, and can easily deflect light attacks as he talks.

So I’m not sure Yami-san can be called that skilful, but I’m sure we all agree that this man is strong.

14. Nobunaga Hazama

Nobunaga Hazama from Hunter x Hunter Anime

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Without a doubt, Nobunaga’s greatest strength is his speed.

By forming a circle around him, he can react immediately to any movement and launch a counter-attack in the blink of an eye.

And because he’s sharpened his swordsmanship, you can be sure that once he’s within range, he won’t miss your vital organs.

The mere fact that he is similar to the Ubogin man beast shows what a powerful warrior Nobunaga is.

13. Murderer Bee

Anime of Shippuden

Anime: Naruto: Shippuden

Of course, you can put Sasuke here for his total power. But when it comes to the question of who is the best swordsman, I think the answer is clear.

Killer B couldn’t even settle for a sword. So he decided to use seven.

The fact that he can even move with seven swords, let alone face Sasuke, is incredibly impressive if you ask me.

His rap skills may have influenced my judgment.

12. Reinhard from Astrea

Reinhard van Astrea in Re:Zero

Anime: Re:Zero.

Man is literally called a sacred sword. No wonder he’s here.

Unfortunately, we don’t see him in many fights. But every time he’s there, there’s almost no excitement because you always feel like he’s going to win.

He is known as the knight of all knights, not only because of his immense strength, but also because he is actually a pretty cool guy who is willing to help strangers and stand up for justice.

11. Yato

Yato from the anime Noragami

Anime: Noragami

If Yato hadn’t found the light in his life, he probably would have been bigger.

But since it’s only broken a few times and for a limited time, I’ll put it in the middle.

He’s a god of wickedness, someone who could kill entire armies.

Which is actually quite reasonable for a god with an anime standard. But he was clearly very important in his own universe.

Of course, now that he’s basically freelance, he’s not that strong. But given his glorious days, I think this appointment is justified.

10. Akame

Akame of the Kill anime.

Anime: Akame ga Kill

For most of the series Akame seemed decent enough with his sword. She had incredible speed, agility and precision.

Then we learn that a reduction is essentially a guarantee of profit, and it started with the transition to the OP category.

And then, in the latter part of the season, we learned that, contrary to popular belief, Akame could fall into the category of hacked martial arts. And she became the most powerful character in the whole series.

But because it was only one fight and she hasn’t shown her real skills yet, she gets an average place on this list.

9. Lei Glanzudlii

Lei Glanzudly of the Demon King Academy is the loser.

Anime: The Demon King Academy is failing…

You might be tempted to sleep on Lay because Anos just kicked her ass with a stick.

But this isn’t really a fair comparison, because Anos resembles the anime Jesus.

But apart from that, Lay is certainly the most powerful in their entire universe.

With incredible speed, skill, power and waifu flavor, it has extremely high stats all around.

And if you’ve watched the whole season, you know how hard it is to beat this guy in a 1vs1 fight.

8. Alibaba

The labyrinth of magic

Anime: Wise men: A maze of magic

Alibaba is a monster when it comes to sword fighting. Even if he wields a dagger instead of a sword.

For example, see how he actually fights someone in 1v1. He’ll lecture them on how he could have killed them any time.

In the end he switched to a much more powerful sword. But frankly, he doesn’t have as much momentum as with the dagger.

However, his skills remain impressive.

7. Hyakkimaru

Hyakkimaru of the anime Dororo

Anime: Dororo

We always hear the expression Let the sword be an extension of your hand when someone learns to become a master swordsman.

Hyakkimaru’s hands are literally swords. So he didn’t need any help with that.

And because they are so regularly available, their capacity is unmatched by anyone in the universe.

The simple fact that he summoned demons and stormed the castle, plus an evil magical pony, shows how powerful he is.

6. Kirito

Kirito from the anime Sword Art Online

Anime: The art of the sword online

We’ve all seen that the meme about Kirito was overwhelmed by the original.

He could capsize a few men without getting hurt, eliminate most enemies with a single blow and generally win a fight without breaking a sweat.

This is especially true when he acquires hacking skills and even defeats the man who literally cheats on the system.

He’s probably the strongest on that list in this universe, and one of the most popular. But because his expression of skill is not too high and his character is mediocre, I can’t place him in the top 5.

5. Notes

The guts of Berserk Anime

Anime: Berserk

As all characters in the manga have repeatedly pointed out, it is difficult to call Guts a swordsman. His sword is so big that it has more in common with a tombstone than with a real weapon.

And this analogy is entirely justified, given that Gutz is able to take out whole shifts on his own.

Even when confronted with herds of undead and demons in the literal sense of the word, Gutsu manages to hold his own.

4. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki of the anime Bleach

Anime: Bleach

He is the protagonist of one of the three great original shuns. So you already have an idea of this guy’s strength.

Originally, his character was more skill oriented. But as the series progressed, it became a wall of power that opponents could not overcome.

In the last game, Ichigo was a monster capable of flattening an entire mountain with a single stroke of the sword, as long as he was in his basic form, mind you.

So maybe he wasn’t so skilled by the end of the game. But that still means he’s in charge of his sword.

3. Sable

Sword in destiny / Anime Zero

Anime: Fat/no

The Destiny series tends to have a very good expression of combat skill.

Less hitting in the mountains and more catching, parry and hitting in most battles.

For example, the battle Lancelot vs. Saber shows how detailed the warrior’s skills are.

And if Saber won that fight with L, she has other victories.

It also has very good statistics in all areas, with a solid defense, unpredictable attack, solid mobility, and so on. It’s a centipede and the third on that list.

2. Zoro

Zoro by One Piece Anime

Anime: One detail.

If Zabuza taught me anything, it’s that once someone starts carrying a sword with their teeth, you have to run away as fast as you can.

And Zoro does it very often, with his famous three-word style.

The worst (for his enemies) is that man is more than tenacious. You can hit him with your sword and he’ll take it, catch it with his teeth and cut you in half in exchange.

Like stabbing him is the equivalent of putting a sword in his hand.

And don’t even let me start where nothing happened, it was just ridiculous!

1. Nanasi

Nanashi from the alien's anime sword.

Anime: The sword of a stranger

He may not have superpowers, but Nanashi is definitely superhuman when it comes to his sword skills.

Like Himura Kenshin, Nanashi is an elite warrior who decides to lay down his sword and seek salvation.

But he can’t hide from the fight forever. And once he gets serious, he easily catches up with everyone on that list.

Even after running over a snowy mountain, fighting high-ranking soldiers, jumping through fire and even dropping a tower on him, Nanashi refuses to let Senzu Bean cure him and still manages to defeat the second strongest warrior in the entire film.

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