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Dark Souls 1 is one of the first volumes in the Soulsborne series, so naturally you’d think it would be easier, right?

Well, no.

DS3 may not have enough depth on the surface thanks to its weapon skill system, but DS1 still offers a lot of detail and complexity in how you design your weapons and the weapons you use thanks to its (often rather bizarre) upgrade options.

Do you have a headache? Don’t be afraid! I’m a walking migraine, and I did all the calculations for you.

20. Dark Knight Grand Saber

One of the first favorite games – if you’re lucky.

The word great black knight is an ultra-great word that promotes power and ends at +5 on the B scale!

The update is a problem though, as it requires shimmering titanite, of which there are very few in the original game.

He’s also very slow, leaving you open to attacks if you miss, and his striking speed makes it harder to land those devastating two-shot combos.

How to get there: Abandoned by the Black Knights who own it.

19. Big Black Knight

A giant is hanging from the Dark Knight’s outfit and he’s up there!

On paper it looks better than the big word in almost every sense of the word, with more damage, better swing speed and fantastic range!

On the other hand, it has a slightly lower dex scale, which makes it less useful in a 40/40 construction and gives it cleaner durability.

Oh, and his big attacks suck. They’re just awful. Don’t use them.

How to get there: Also slaughtered by the black knights who wield it!

18. Drake’s Sword

Away from the black knights and towards the true god of primitive gambling!

The Drake sword is great. It has no ladder at all, but the requirements are low and the base damage is extremely high for a straight sword.

You can work the wyvern’s infernal tail with a bow to get it super early in the game, and it will carry you as long as it is near Blighttown!

At this point, you need to grab the scale – don’t lose your love and appreciation for this amazing guy and all he has brought you.

How to get there: Carved tail of a bloody wyvern on the Undead Bridge in the Burgh.

17. two-handed

Special giant daddy.

Another god of the game, Zweihander, can be obtained once you step on Firelink!

There are high demands for durability, but if you put up a few stats, you’ll be able to work with them quickly with both hands, and in return you’ll get impressive and ultra-delicious word-of-mouth.

It swings well with power and can be brewed, which means you can keep it the whole game – if you can handle a slow swing speed.

How to get there: In the cemetery next to Firelink.

16. Large demon machete

He may be covered in unattractive hair of unknown origin, but the Great Demonic Machete is a contender for the highest level of power weapons.

He gets a nice power scale of +15 A, has great base damage and, surprisingly, can be infected!

There are drawbacks though – his very high power requirement of 40 makes him unfriendly at the beginning of the game, and he has the same swing speed issues as the big black knight word.

How to get there: A rare drop of the demon Capra – both from the boss and those in the demon ruins.

15. Furiesworth Kuelaga

our first access to the boss’ weapon, Kelaag has a lot of tricks up his sleeve!

It has bonus damage that scales with the held humanity, has a single attack instead of a hit, and can be used to parry when held unarmed!

He also has a good 4 on dex!

However, it is slightly slower than other scimitars and inflicts almost full fire damage, making it useless against some enemies.

How to get there: Raise every curved sword with Quelag’s soul.

14. The great word of moonlight

Moonlight’s coveted great sword is a Soulsborne privilege.

As usual, it’s a scout gun, and one of the few that makes it to the S ladder!

His trademark is a heavy attack with explosive fire magic on your enemies, striking hard but quickly reducing durability!

It is interesting to note that it has no scale in the other stats and only inflicts magical damage – no physical damage, making it almost useless against enemies that resist high magic.

How to get there: Tankless Seth’s tail.

13. Dragon King Magnificent

The last of the tail cutters on the list, the Great Dragon King Dragon is a weapon of great power.

With its 50,000 euros, this weapon is not for the weak, but it has many advantages!

The gear grants a passive magic of +20 and fire resistance, can be buffed, and (without scaling) hits for an insane base damage of 570 to +5!

Additionally, like all dragon weapons, it has a unique heavy attack, this attack is the rage-style blast of the gods around you!

How to get there: The severed tail of a gaping dragon.

12. Ricard Rapier

The Rapier class is infamous in DS1 because it single-handedly caused players to detest dex builders.

Step to the dark side, however, and you will be rewarded. With incredibly difficult to read and lightning fast attacks, a large Dex scale and the ability to be buffed, the Ricard Rapier is an absolute monster in PvE!

He makes mincemeat of most of his enemies, but be careful in PvP, as his single heavy attack is very easy to parry with multiple boards.

How to get there: Departure from Ricard at the fort on the Seine.

11. Sword of the Black Knight

And we return to the weapon of the Black Knight.

This time with my favorite, the sword – which is actually a big word. But that’s not the black knight’s big word, because it’s the ultra big word….

Confusion aside, the sword is great. It does incredible damage, has a good spin speed and can stun even the weakest enemies.

The movement is not to be disliked – it is reliable, easy to learn and very effective.

Easier to get because there are more swordsmen knights and others!

How to get there: Abandoned by the Black Knights who own it.

10. Lucerne

Lucerne is a sleeper weapon with a very strong fan base.

With its high base damage, D/C scaling, and natural connection to the Leo Ring, this weapon can do some really scary damage – but it’s a little easy to read.

Therefore, the most dedicated alfalfa users will use tactics such as free hits and the use of strange hitbox weapons to overwhelm their opponents!

It has a high skill keiling, but can be one of the most powerful weapons in the right hand!

How to get there: In the room after the first bridge in the catacombs.

9. Claymore

I will say this: a claymore is better than a walleye on twigs.

I can already hear the keyboards of giant fathers in love ringing.

The Claymore is one of my favorite weapons – the first time I won the game with this beauty.

He’s available very early, has a C/C scale, great base damage and absolutely fantastic and varied moves.

Gone are the days of sword fighting against the walls of the narrow corridor! This gun has sweeping and opening features, making it suitable for all situations you may find yourself in.

How to get there: Found near a dead body on a bridge guarded by a bloody Wyvern.

8. Demonic Genius

Despite his… It looks ugly, but it’s one of the best power weapons in the game.

Veraxa the Demon may have less base damage than something like the Dragon King, but it’s the S-scratch in the Force that really sets him apart.

Plus, the range is just crazy.

There are many people who love this axe, and for good reason: if you want to beat your enemies to a pulp, look no further!

How to get there: The Taurus planted demons – both the host and those in the demon ruins.

7. Hunting for Life Skiff

I have the right to choose a preferred option on any list, so I’m pushing a lifeline.

In the past, I was the one who chose PvP.

He has great range, B-spread in Dex, and a quick killer move, but you have to watch out for 500 auxiliary bleeders!

With this, you can kill any opponent capable of shedding blood in just a few hits, even if you bleed on the way!

You’ll need a teething ring if you use it all the time, but that’s all I can recommend. The number of angry messages I would get from Steam is worth its weight in gold.

How to get there: Raise a scythe, whip or halberd with Priscilla’s soul.

6. Gold button

The only CSD weapon on the list is the golden tracer, another dex decalcifying weapon for bleeding.

He gets a 10 for Dex, and of course he does a fantastic duet with his counterpart, the Dark Silver Tracer.

But if you don’t want to fight with two weapons, this blade is also very impressive on its own!

His incredibly fast shots leave little room for his opponent, and when he catches them, he tears them to pieces!

Bonus style points here too!

How to get there: Acquired at the Ciaran, by trading Artoria’s soul or killing her.

5. perfect man great password

The Human Perpent is essentially pure Claymation power, which many consider the best power weapon in the game.

It has an A scale of +15 and fast, damaging swings that can be used to stun weakly armored enemies!

It can also be ground and molded, making it an excellent choice for hybrids!

It’s simple and reliable – you can’t go wrong.

How to get there: 2% chance reduction for the Snake People in the fortress of Sen.

4. Estoc

Bestock is without a doubt a beast and has incredible cult status among his fans.

I wouldn’t say he’s the best in the game, but with his high dex damage and incredibly long range, he’s probably in the mix!

The sprint attack is the best part – it makes 2 separate moves in a row, each doing full damage!

Pump it on a hybrid and sit there like a pile of killers. Get ready for some salty news!

How to get there: Found at the end of Firelink, on the road to New Londo.

3. The Blade of Chaos

Blade of Chaos is one of the most popular and successful PvP options for the Dex version.

With good base damage, B-spread dex, quick swings with poor recovery and heavy bleeding, it’s not hard to see why!

If you are in danger at this power level, you lose 20 of your own HP for every shot you take – which can kill you.

20 HP may seem little, but it adds up – though it’s little enough to be overlooked given the effectiveness of this weapon.

How to get there: Let’s raise each katana with Quelagh’s soul.

2. Large spit

The large revered scythe is considered by most to be the best Dex weapon available.

This weapon monster has a dex scale, insane range, light weight and consumes very little stamina to wield.

Oh, and he has more base damage than most big words and bleeds.

Experiencing this in PvP is really scary. The sheer size makes it very difficult to read and you don’t want to get caught up in a combo.

How to get there: It is located in the catacombs – in an alcove that can be reached by jumping off the second bridge on the right.

1. Bare sword

And finally, we have first choice.

The sword on his shoulder looks like Estok’s dear elder brother, and his efficiency speaks for itself.

Like the big scythe, it uses very little endurance per stroke. It is extremely light, gets an A in Dex, tracks like a laser, and can be polished and saturated.

Once brewed it retains a fantastic scale, making it suitable for almost any type of physics!

Because of this adaptability, it is our number one priority. It seems that nothing is impossible! ….

Except that it can, because the chance of a soul falling is 1%!

How to get there: A very rare drop of the naked knights who own it.

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