20 Cabin Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

Animal Crossing has always offered players a fun and natural experience.

And in New Horizons, the possibilities are even greater when it comes to creating natural beauty on your island.

One of the most popular ideas about nature is the log cabin in the forest.

With more items than ever before, there are countless options available to you. So where to start?

Here are some cabin ideas for your quest to become a true island nature lover.

20. Forest View Cabin

image source by @gubblypie

One idea you could try is to just enjoy the beauty of nature while staying safely inside.

To make it yourself, you need to build a forest wall out of tons of mushrooms and wood you may have collected outside.

Most of the furniture here is pretty typical pieces that can be made or bought.

Among other things, you can buy a loft bed with a desk and a fireplace.

Then build some shelves out of books and wood, and you’ll be well on your way to a comfortable life in a cabin in the woods!

19. Main Bed and Bath

Image source @melovesgigiland

Most ACNH cabin ideas you can find online use similar furniture.

Sometimes you have to be creative in organizing these items to make them stand out.

This idea combines a bedroom and a bathroom in one place. Very good.

Bedroom furniture is made from a combination of hardwoods, so a lot of hardwood has to be cut to make them.

In the bathroom, you need to buy a shower set, a toilet and a towel basket.
You need to make an ordinary sink out of wood, clay and iron.

Separate the two spaces with a few simple panels and everyone can enjoy a hot shower in privacy!

18. Beekeeper’s house

image source by @soyaholiic

Here is an example of a neat outhouse design for a rustic garden.

Some of the houses in the village really look like wooden houses. This man was using Teddy’s house.

Gonzo, Peaches and Molly are a few others that work well.

The main things you need here are beehives and pots, which you can make in no time.

Beehives need wasp nests to spread, so shake trees a lot and put on your running shoes!

Rustic fencing and custom stone walkways make this a fun idea where you can harvest lots of honey!

17. Reading corner

image source by @_Dani7780_.

I’m sure there are people who love to read while they’re outside.

This fun idea creates a cozy cottage atmosphere while embracing the reader’s lifestyle!

The first step is to buy a lot of books, as you will need them for both the classic bookcase wallpaper and the wooden shelves.

The wood stove is one of my favorite pieces in this design, so be sure to check that out too.

Add hardwood chairs, benches and tables and you have the most relaxing place to unwind in your area!

16. Forest Family Room

image source by @FrostLilly

Some of my relatives have a cabin in the woods. And often the whole family spent the weekends there.

This idea makes me think of this cabin as having something for everyone in the family!

There is a children’s corner with a doll’s house, a children’s tent, a toy box, etc. All of these items are also available on Nook Shopping.

There is also a sitting area with double sofas and a wood burning stove for cosy conversations by the fire.

There’s even a piano where you can play your favorite song and set the mood. Talk about vacation!

15. House of woodLa Maison du bois

image source by @fandomacnh

Let’s put aside the fact that Dom is literally the biggest villager and appreciate the creativity with which he created this wooden garden from simple pieces of wood.

Here are some simple panels configured to look like stacked wood.

A simple craft bench and a bench made of natural logs are two medium-sized pieces of furniture that allow wood to be used very well.

And don’t forget to show off your favorite axe here, along with some wooden posts to match the aesthetic.

14. Beautiful cottage bedroom

image source by chipology / @acnh.josie

Not all cabin furniture has to be old, dilapidated furniture that is nothing more than a pile of logs.

For this design, you will want nothing but the best imperial bed.

The rustic stone wall and dark herringbone floor complement each other perfectly.

I also love how this person built a gazebo as a shelf for plants and books, then customized it with a brick pattern to match the walls.


13. Winter storage

image source: @scandros intersection

3When it snows outside, there are plenty of ideas that can stay with the winter aesthetic.

Choose the log cabin of your favorite villager and put your child’s tent right in front of it so you can visit.

Then make furniture from hardwood, for example. B. a natural bench and stool for outdoors.

And even though this campground is definitely not supposed to be on the waterfront, it is a beautiful place.

A patterned picnic blanket, a mama bear, a mug and books make this a fun place to camp!

12. Modern premium cabin

Image source by @nadine_crossing

What exactly makes this cabin a premium cabin?

Honestly, I don’t know. I have a feeling this is the best room in the mountain lodge.

The sofas are also made of hardwood. And the kitchen chairs here are made of plain wood.

And for that design, you’ll want to buy a fireplace because, yes.

I have to say, I love the use of coconut wall plants to support the natural feel of being in a cabin in the woods.

Some of the items in this idea you will want to buy for your kitchen. They include a kitchen island, two-door refrigerator, microwave and magnetic knife rack.

These things don’t come cheap. But that’s only the best for such a high-end room!

11. Country kitchen

image source PegasusWrangler

We have another idea for a kitchen that looks more like a bakery.

I think those are Keebler’s elves working here.

Anyway, to make it yourself, you should start by choosing your favorite cake. It can be a birthday cake, mom’s homemade cake or even (if you’re brave) your first birthday cake!

If you have cakes, make a kitchen of ironwood and a cabinet of ironwood in which to proudly display them.

The butterfly rug and plain wallpaper give the room a slightly chaotic look, which I think fits the cottage theme perfectly.

10. Recreation hall sheet

image source @summerwind.gamer

In this small room, nature takes on its full meaning when you are in a forest cabin.

Rattan chairs and table already have a more woodsy feel, and installing bamboo dividers can help welcome you to nature.

Of course you want a Sahara botanical rug, so stop by when it arrives.

So you really want to put your favorite plants and plant decorations everywhere.

Some of my favorites are the monsters, mommy’s pillow, mini cacti, anthuriums and the deer hunt.

9. Mountaineer shelter

image source: kptizzle

When I think of a cozy cabin, I don’t think of bars.

Yet they work surprisingly well in this model. Make sure you have enough iron to make them.

As usual, you will also want to make hardwood furniture such as beds, chairs, and decorative wood shelves.

A more modern living room with a double sofa, a wood burning stove and even a retro style stereo.

And when you’re done, put on your leather pants and enjoy the mountain life!

8. Summer camp bunk beds

Image source by @acnhpeachbay

They are so much better than any summer camp bed I have ever seen.

And that’s a good thing, because it’s a relatively simple design that you can replicate.

You certainly need enough bunk beds for all those summer vacationers. So that’s point number one.

The cork board is also a fun addition because it can be used as a bulletin board for your summer camp.

The dining room has two tables and eight chairs in a row. He looks 100% ready when everyone wakes up and wants breakfast.

As Michael Scott would say: I love waking up to the smell of crispy bacon. So sue me!

7. winter home

image source by @bobbysnewhorizons

This is not a typical winter cabin.

But it looks like a nice place to spend the night.

While the kotatsu and floor cushions create a nice seating area, I don’t think a wooden bench should be so close to the fireplace. ….

It’s wood, after all!

There’s also another seating area with double sofas and a vintage mini table, which you can buy at Nook’s Cranny.

But some of the most unique elements that stand out to me are the chessboard, the imperial decorative shelves, and the 20-inch TVs on the wall.

And the stone floors and worn walls really give this room a gritty, warm feel. Ideal for the old winter home!

6. Campsite at the lake

Two-Gambling Image Source

Shep is another villager whose house could make a nice cottage scene. And this player offered him a campsite by the lake!

While you are there, be sure to check out the beautiful wooded area along the water.

And of course, the pumpkin patch is optional, so you can replace it with your favorite plants like bushes or flowers.

But don’t forget to add wooden chairs and a table. They are perfect for outdoor furniture.

Natural wood benches and a dedicated stone walkway provide a pleasant place to sit by the fire and roast marshmallows. Absolutely amazing cabin.

5. Campground Visitor Center

Image Source KenYipTX

Most campsites have a reception centre where you can get information.

Start with a few counters in the office to check in at the counter, then add the most formal decorations you can find.

I’m talking piles of newspapers, rotary phones, booksellers, and even the phone call of a judge!

Of course, mount a few TVs on the wall to display important announcements for your guests.

Then cover the cabin wallpaper with tons of custom designs. Bring pamphlets with information about your campsite, local wildlife, insects and plants.

This custom lobby even has vending machines for drinks and snacks, a water fountain and two wooden chairs for customers waiting to check in. I would say this player really stepped up.

4. Modern White Cabin

Image source @chamumori_.

Sometimes it’s just the color scheme that makes the design stand out.

Can you guess what the color combination is here?

Almost all furniture, flooring and walls can be bought or custom made in an all-white style. So it is quite possible to do it on your own island.

The fireplace is white. The tapestries are white. The rattan chairs and the wastebasket are white. The two-door refrigerator is white. And guess what? The double sofa is also white.

While all of these items can be purchased, you will need to make and customize reindeer head decorations, a wooden table and chairs, a rocking chair, and an acoustic guitar.

The only problem is that you might not want to spill anything here…..

3. Recreational shelter

image source @UnholyCauldron

The Christmas theme in the cabin works surprisingly well for some reason.

Maybe it’s because the trees are made of wood.

Whatever the reason, you’ll definitely want to save all your decorations for toy day.

Once you’ve managed to shed tons of ornaments from your cedar trees, you can make decorations with wreaths, large Christmas trees and holiday candles.

Then just put your favorite toys around the tree, like teddy bears, toy boxes, a doll, a rocking horse, or even a stuffed puppy!

And you can combine the Christmas aesthetic with typical furniture such as a fireplace, wooden benches, tables, chairs and wooden shelves.

I also think the picture of Eric on the wall is a nice nod to Rudolph for the holidays!

2. Northern Lights

image source from @newleafhorizons

I’m just saying:

This idea is great.

It is simply unique to design a room in your home to match the exterior of a cabin in the north.

The main thing you have to recreate is the Aurora wall and the ski slope floors.

The walls are actually simple panels designed to resemble the exterior of a log cabin.

And the recommended furniture for the interior would be a wooden bookcase, wall candles and a bed made of ironwood.

Once you’ve set up your campfire cookware, tiki torches and log stools, you’re ready to enjoy the mountain life!

1. The loneliness of a writer

image source by @sarahpluis

I’m an introvert who writes articles online, so it’s no surprise that this idea stands out.

To apply this idea to your island, start with a home, because it is, after all, a cabin.

Next, make a hardwood dining table and buy a two-person sofa to have a comfortable place where you can let your creativity run wild.

I also like the rocking chair and the candlesticks. Very cute little pieces that definitely add warmth to the room.

Seriously, I would love to live here.

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