29 Best Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games For Anyone

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There are many fun and exciting Nintendo Switch multiplayer games on the market – and new ones are coming every day! Thanks to the ultra-portable design and controllers that are perfect for multiplayer mode, you’ll never be happy with Nintendo Switch games that can be played with friends.

If you’re looking for the best multiplayer games for the latest Nintendo system, check out the following lists. They are carefully designed and contain only the most fun games and are best suited for multiplayer adventures.


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19 Best network switching multiplayer game

Best multiplayer games Nintendo Switch.jpg

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There’s no shortage of Nintendo Switch games, but some excel on the multiplayer front. Below is a list of the best and most entertaining games that you can manually select for your enjoyment.

Here are 19 of Nintendo Switch’s best multiplayer games:

Best multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 the Black Order

by: Amazon / Nintendo

1. Beautiful Ultimate Alliance 3: Black order

Take control of your favourite Marvel superheroes in local or online multiplayer mode with up to four people as you try to restore the Infinite Stones and save the universe of Thanos and his followers. This game has exceptional repeat value and features advanced modes that challenge even the most experienced players.

Best multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch - Darksiders Genesis

by: Walmart / Thq Nordic

2. Black Genesis

Darksiders Genesis is a dynamic action-adventure game that takes you to hell and back. Darksider’s Genesis features a two-player cooperative mode that lets you begin the story of this iconic classic series.

Best multiplayer game on Nintendo Switch - Super Bomberman R

by: Amazon / Konami

3. Super Bomber R

Bomberman is back, in full 3D! By combining real-time puzzle-solving elements, you can play with or against a friend in a local or online multiplayer game. Perfect for fans of strategy games who want to play a little easier.

Best multiplayer games at Nintendo Switch - Rocket League Collective Edition.

by: Amazone/WB Games

4. Missile competition: Collection number

If you’ve never played in the Rocket League, you might get a shiver of confusion first: Through the combination of the mechanics of racing and soccer, you drive rocket cars to take on a friend or to score goals with an oversized ball.

Best Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Game - Cup Head

by: Amazon/MDHR studio

5. Tip of the cup

Cuphead is a cartoon classic with epic boss fights and the fun doubles as soon as you add a second player. Original jazz recordings and cello animations make it really stand out.

The best multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch - ARMS (1)

by: Amazon / Nintendo

6. SIS

With ARMS, a partial shooter and partial combat, you can control expandable boxers in an immersive 3D environment for hours of fun in a competitive game.

The best multiplayer games from Nintendo Siwch - Nintendo Labo - Variety Kit (1)

by: Amazon / Nintendo

7. Nintendo Labo – Luxury equipment

With five different physical designs that you can create digitally and connect to your switch, Nintendo’s Variety Kit Lab is a great way to get out of the regular game routine.

Best Nintendo Switch multiplayer game - NBA 2K 2 Playgrounds

by: Amazon / 2K

8. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

The NBA 2K Playgrounds 2, one of the best sports games currently available for the standard, brings basketball to the outside world with fun and whimsical graphics and extensive multiplayer capabilities.

U Luxury

by: Amazon / Nintendo

9. New Super Mario Brothers U Deluxe

It’s no surprise that the latest version of Nintendo’s flagship franchise is very entertaining, but the new Mario Bros. game is also one of the first with a full collaboration.

Best multiplayer games Nintendo Switch - Battle of Mario Kingdom + Rabbi Rage

by: Amazone/Ubisoft

10. Mario + Battle of the Rabbit Kingdom

Easy to play but difficult to master, the turn-based gameplay in this Mario and Rayman mashap has won more than 50 awards and nominations at E3.

Best multiplayer game Ninyendo Switch - Diablo 3 Eternal Collection (1)

by: Amazon/Snowstorm Entertainment

11. Diablo 3 Eternal collection

Defy death itself by collecting and developing over 800 skills and abilities in the final instalment of the Diablo series, where you can collaborate with 3 other players in the local cooperative storyline.

Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games - Super Smash Bros.

by: Amazon / Nintendo

12. Super Smash Brothers – Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the first version of the Nintendo Switch to put it on the map, has won the hearts and minds of fans of fighting games around the world. It offers an impressive version of the multiplayer game, in which up to 16 fighters can play.

Nintendo's best multiplayer games to switch sides are scissors and cutting games.

by: Amazon / From Nintendo

13. Snipertang Plus: Merge

Soft and friendly puzzle game that you can play with a friend. Snipperclips is an excellent game to defend yourself and relax.

The best multiplayer games with Nintendo Switch - Puyo Puyo Tetris

by: Amazon / SEGA

14. Puio Puio Tetris

Tetris has become competitive, with tons of game modes – what more could an avid puzzler want?

The best multiplayer games at Nintendo Switch - Super Mario Party

by: Amazon / Nintendo

15. Super Mario Party

Join your friends in a local online or multiplayer game and play this huge collection of minigames with all your favorite characters and the Mario Bros. scene.

Best Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Game - Baked 2 (1)

by: Amazon / Sold

16. Overcooked! 2

Team up with one or three friends to save your kitchen in this dynamic restaurant simulation game.

Best multiplayer games from Nintendo Switch - Platunum 2

by: Amazon / Nintendo

17. Plato 2

Take control of Inklings and fight against friends and enemies through dozens of elaborate stages in this competitive children’s shooter.

Best multiplayer games for Nintendo Switch - Luigi's Mansion 3 (1)

by: Amazon / Nintendo

18 Château Luigi 3

Play for the first time in Luigi’s mansion with a friend in cooperative storyline, one of you controlling Luigi and the other his spectral counterpart, Gooigi. You explore the ever higher floors of a haunted house and discover and stop dozens of ghosts and evil bosses.

Best Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Game - Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition

by: Amazon / Nintendo

19. Dungeons of mine ships: Heroic Edition

Minecraft is popular with teenagers and adults and has set the bar for children’s games to create a world. In this latest version, exclusive to the Switch, you’ll discover new gameplay mechanisms and more complex difficulty levels than in the base game.

10 Network multiplayer games for children

Nintendo Multiplayer game switch for children.

by: Escape / Sarah Kurfess

Nintendo has always strived to make child-friendly games available on all systems, but with just one switch. In fact, some of the best Nintendo Switch games for kids are the same games teenagers and adults love!

There are 10 multiplayer games for children:

Nintendo Switch multiplayer games for kids - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

by: Amazon / Nintendo

20. Captain Toad: Treasure hunters

Control Princess Peach’s famous assistant, Toad, in this long-running treasure chest adventure game. There is no special cooperative mode, but the second player can help the main player throughout the game.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer game for kids - Super Mario Odyssey

by: Amazon / Nintendo

21. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey, Mario’s first sandbox game since the N64, lets two players explore a huge 3D world full of surprises, adventures and intrigue. Children will appreciate the clear graphics, intuitive games and free roaming options.

Best multiplayer games for kids Nintendo Switch - Tetris 99 + NSO

by: Amazon / Nintendo

22. Tetris 99 + NSO

Swap a set of Joy Cons for two to fight each other, or organize up to 8 players on the spot with this classic Tetris puzzle loaded from top to bottom.

Multiplayer games for kids Nintendo Switch - Brawlhalla All Legends Pack

by: Amazone/Ubisoft

23. Checking the packaging of all legends

The team consists of the entire cast of Brawlhalla, a super original cartoon fighting game, inspired by Super Smash Bros. but easier to learn and play. Children can play with eight of their friends in a local multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer games for kids - excerpt

by: Amazon / Team17 Digital Ltd.

24. Net revenue

Collaborative puzzle solving is the name of the game in this physics-based fast paced transport game. Children will enjoy the crazy game and the many difficulties at different levels.

Multiplayer games for kids Nintendo Switch - Bubble Bubble 4 Friends

by: Amazon / ININ Games

25. Blow 4 friends

This comprehensive remake of the NES classics brings together several Dinosaur Bubble players whose job it is to work together to defeat enemies across hundreds of increasingly challenging levels. It’s easy to learn, but incredibly hard to learn!

Change your Nintendo multiplayer games - do the dance.

by: Amazone/Ubisoft

26. The Virtuous Dance 2020

No extra controller is needed to let your friends join in the fun of Just Dance 2020 – just download the app to your phone and start playing!

Nintendo Switch multiplayer games for kids - Kirby Star Allies

by: Amazon / Nintendo

27. Kirby: Star Allies

Join the Pink Down Mantle and his colorful allies in the joyous and challenging levels of the Kingdom. The multiplayer mode takes full advantage of its capabilities and increases both complexity and the reward of geometric progression.

Nintendo Switch Multiplayer games for kids - Tennis Aces Mario

by: Amazon / Nintendo

28. Mario Tennis Aces

Tennis is not an ordinary sports game on any system, but this version of Mario, with an official license from Nintendo, really throws it out of the park. It is a fast paced sports game where the goal is to give the best of yourself and where multiple players can join in the fun.

Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart 8 Premium multiplayer games for kids

by: Amazon / Nintendo

29. Mario 8 Deluxe Card

The entire Mushroom Kingdom cast appears as characters in the latest instalment of Nintendo’s popular Mario Kart series, with some colourful new titles.

Most beautiful captain

The Nintendo Shuffle Switch is certainly ideal for multiplayer, but if you’re looking for a better selection of multiplayer games, check out the most amazing game guides here:

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How do you choose the best Nintendomultiplayer game?

How to select the best Nintendo Multiplayer Game Switch.

by: Escape / Andrew Mantarro

With all these great options for multiplayer games, how are you going to choose one? Take it easy. Take it easy: Just follow these three simple steps.

Learn how to select the best Nintendo multiplayer games with the :

1. Select local or online multiplayer mode

Choose local or online multiplayer.jpg

by: Unsplash / Enrique Vidal Flores

Do you want to play the game with other people who have a light switch, who live next door to you or with your gaming friends on the other side of the world? Make sure you get a game where you can play with the people you want, as you like.

2. Select gender

Select the genre. jpg

by: Escape / Ryan Quintal

What games do you and your friends like to play? Among the most popular multiplayer genres are shooting, adventure, puzzle and sports games, but each of them has a certain feeling that you will either love or hate.

3. Download examples

Download Example.jpg

by: Pexels / Pixabay

Tons of Switch allows you to download samples from Nintendo’s online shop. Why don’t you use it and try the game before you buy it?


Each of these Nintendo Switch multiplayer games will surely put a smile on your face for hours as you play with friends up close and away. And that’s probably the best thing about Nintendo Switch games: Because they are so portable, it is almost the perfect multiplayer console. We hope you find the perfect cooperative or competitive game in this list!

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