33 Underrated & Overlooked PSP Games To Play –

When I went to find a few underrated PSP games for you, I was faced with a conundrum.

Finally, I really like the PSP – and I think the entire PSP library could be considered underrated.

The console itself is underrated!

Remember, it was released just one year after its main competitor, the Nintendo DS. Sure, both screens were pleasant to touch, but the PSP is a much more powerful device, capable of playing PS2-quality games, playing the most popular video formats, replacing the iPod, etc.

So, if you’re a PSP fan like me, you’ve lost all the big hits like MGS: Peace Walker and Burnt: Captions.

But you might find something you missed among these criminally underrated PSP games.

33. Power of persecution (2006)

Everyone who has played Pursuit Force loves Pursuit Force, that’s a given – but you hardly hear anyone talking about it!

In this hyper-violent game, you do what you’ve probably been dreaming of for a long time: jump on moving cars and trucks.

Pursuit is a high speed police chase game.

The simple controls make it easy to get started, but as the game progresses, it becomes more of a puzzle and less of a skill-based challenge.

With its fantastic graphics and great replay value, Pursuit Force is a must-have for your game library.

32. Exports (2006)

The exit is a divisive game.

Some people love the minimal art-style and slow pace of platformers, while others can’t stand the slow, languid pace (even in disaster areas).

Take it or leave it. But it’s worth a try.

In this game, it’s your job to guide Mr. ESC from each level to the exit, from collapsing buildings to devastating fires.

The levels are challenging but short, making it ideal for fun on the go.

31. WTF : Enjoyment at work (2006)

Work doesn’t have to be fun.

But it is not forbidden to have fun while working.

WTF is WarioWare on the PSP, anyway.

It has the same sense of humor, unusual mini-games (like putting corks on plastic clothespins as fast as possible), and it tends to make you feel a little dirty after playing.

In a good way.

The game pokes fun at our consumerist lifestyle by forcing us to work in the mini-games to earn money in the game.

You can then spend them in the in-game shop to buy extra minigames and some gadgets of dubious value, such as a world clock, a flashlight and a window timer.

Buy it if you like dark humor and original games.

30. Hexis Force (2010)

If you’re looking for a classic turn-based RPG that will keep you enthralled until your hands start tingling and you get the firm impression that I’ve had my PSP in my hand too long, then you should give Hexyz Force a try.

This game offers two sprawling stories set in a world that swings back and forth between creation and destruction.

Each has its own protagonist and is fundamentally different, though they parallel and often overlap.

You won’t find anything new in the Power of Hexiz. But the polished gameplay mechanics and solid storyline are more than enough reason to play it.

29. Ganpei (2006)

Q-Entertainment presents a new and improved version of its addictive puzzle game Gunpey – named after Gunpey Yokoi, the designer of Bandai’s WonderSwan, where Gunpey had its first release.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Gunpey or have never heard of it, this simple but clever puzzle game is a must-have for the PSP.

Especially for puzzle lovers.

28. Echrom (2008)

Echrom is a creative puzzle in which your point of view counts and everything is relative.

It contains puzzles with optical illusions and unconventional geometry. Some puzzles are solved by moving objects, while others require a change of camera perspective.

This is another perfect title for puzzle lovers, especially those who have played Lumines a little too much.

27. Gurumin: Monster adventure (2007)

Gurumin is a charming platform RPG that’s more about drilling holes into enemies’ skulls with a stick drill than solving puzzles or collecting gadgets.

So you know it’s going to be fun.

It follows Parin, a young girl who is training to become a drillmaster and protect children from the spirits that have been tormenting them since their parents went into the local mine.

The graphics are solid, and the game has a great cast that brings this heartwarming story to life.

26. Dissidia 012 : Duodecim Final Fantasy (2011)

Pretentious title aside, Dissidia 012 is a game that opens up the Final Fantasy franchise to newcomers unfamiliar with classic RPGs.

But it also gives fans something to sink their teeth into.

Dissidia features intense battles with all the stars of the Final Fantasy series, including Lightning, Firion, Kefka and Golbez.

True to its origins, it integrates role-playing mechanisms into the battles.

That said, Dissidia is essentially a 3D arena game, just like Naruto: The Ultimate Ninja Storm series.

25. Hakuoki : Fleet Flower Demon (2012)

Most straight men wouldn’t touch Hakuoka with a stick – it is, after all, a samurai novel, with the exuberance of Japanese cloak-and-dagger warriors who would do anything to be with you.

But that’s not even half the story.

Romantic elements aside, Hakuoki is a story about war and the bonds formed and lost in battle.

He also has a very moving voice.

I understand those who are reluctant to step out of their comfort zone to play a visual romance, but Hakuoki is definitely worth it.

24. Since September (2010)

Ys Seven shines as an extension to the series, with 3D models and a fast-paced combat system that contrasts with the adventure story of an old-school RPG.

It follows adventurers Adol and Dogi as they arrive in Altago City and immediately become embroiled in a battle against the kingdom’s military police.

There are a few tricks in this classic RPG series.

Maybe not the best Ys game, but worth a try if you really like these games.

23. Tokobot (2005)

Did you play Tokobot? You don’t?

So do I.

Well, we ran out of time.

The PSP game is inspired by Pikmin, with some changes.

Pikmin is no longer a vegetable for most. They are Karakuri type robots, Tokobots, to be precise.

Most battles and puzzles are solved by your team of Tokobots, who can combine to form complex structures and perform dynamic actions.

22. All new extensions (2006)

EEE is an innovative shooter, er, more like a blast.

Control your spaceship and avoid taking damage as you strategically position yourself among your enemies and destroy yourself, taking as many of them as you can.

The dynamic music and eye-catching visuals are the highlights.

They give a kind of psychedelic appeal to what is happening on the screen.

21. Map battles in Neverland (2008)

Neverland’s map battles look promising at first glance.

It’s not a big name like Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: Gather round. And that cover is just amateurish.

But download the game, and you’ll remember why you shouldn’t judge books by their covers.

It combines collectible maps with classic SRPG gameplay to provide a deep and satisfying experience with a relentless difficulty level, suitable for those who enjoy a challenge.

20. Wild ARM XF (2008)

If you’re looking for a unique tactical RPG that you can dive into without worrying about the story, Wild ARM’s XF is for you.

The Wild ARMs franchise has a unique Wild West aesthetic, bringing technological and sci-fi elements to another Wild West setting.

Classes, weapons and enemies retain the charm of classic outlaws, sheriffs and cantinas.

One of the best parts of this TRPG is the fantastic skill and class system that rivals even Final Fantasy Tactics: Warlions.

If history was any indication, this game might even surpass FFT.

19. Castlevania : The Dracula Chronicles X (2007)

The Dracula X Chronicles Rondo, originally exclusive to PC, retells the events of Blood with updated 2.5D graphics, but the same challenging gameplay to explore the castle.

It was the first Castlevania: Rondo of the Blood was released outside of Japan.

But this time, it comes with an expanded script and a brand new boss: Hydra.

What makes this game so underrated is that it includes Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and the original Rondo of the Blood translated into English as unlockable features.

Almost three games for the price of one, and on the go.

18. Iggdra Union: We will never fight alone (2008)

At first glance, Yggdra Union looks like a classic SRPG, but it’s not.

The main difference is the number of unusual variables that determine the outcome of the battle, such as B. gender of the unit, previous experience with the general enemy, whether he has a certain diet, etc.

It took me a few years and a lot of time to finally understand the game’s combat system.

And then a little more practice to get through the first levels.

And yet, once I did, I discovered an amazing experience waiting for me beyond the limits of my ability.

17. Tales of the World Radiation mythology (2007)

I’ve loved the Tales series since I first played Tales of Symphonia on my GameCube.

The series’ fast-paced battles and inspiring sci-fi stories kept me coming back for more.

Tales of Peace: Radiant Mythology on PSP is one of the strangest parts in the series.

You can create your own character – including voice, hairstyle, skin tone and class.

They then recruit characters from other games in the franchise, such as Lloyd from ToS, Stahn from ToD and Luke from ToA.

The unusual plot has put off many veterans of the series (and that’s a good thing).

But they missed over 300 deep misses and adjustments, making it a fantastic record.

16. Mega Man Earned (2006)

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X on PSP is a fantastic title.

But in my opinion, it’s not the best Mega Man remake on the platform.

Mega Man Powered Up is a colorful and charming remake of the first game in the series.

It features legendary bosses like Cut Man and Bomb Man, and the levels are still pretty challenging.

I love Chibi’s new character design, but what I like most about this game is the optional content and replayability.

The challenge mode featured 100 short and confusing levels, and the ability to play as one of the final bosses was invaluable.

15. The Saga of the Crimson Gems (2009)

Many people think that classic turn-based battles should be a thing of the past.

But I totally agree.

If you like taking the time to navigate through menus to select skills and cast spells, you should give Crimson Gem Saga a try.

This relatively neglected game is simple and fun. There are no innovations, but the turn-based gameplay is neat.

It’s beautiful, thanks to incredibly detailed sprites, gorgeous character portraits, and a lush overhead atmosphere that feels almost handmade.

14. Harvest Moon : Leaf Valley Hero (2010)

You’ll be forgiven if you don’t like Harvest Moon: Save the Motherland on PS2. It was a completely different game, and it lacked many features compared to the original games, making StH a bit boring.

Harvest Moon : Leaf Valley Hero lets you enjoy this classic farming simulator with a visual update and many new features.

The main improvement is the addition of the wedding and the cute girls that go with it.

You can even marry the Harvest Goddess, which is a big improvement over the bachelor life you led in the original PS2 version.

13. Riviera: Promised Land (2007)

Riviera is one of the first JRPGs I played on the PSP.

To this day, this is one of my favorite RPGs in the history of gaming in general.

This unique interpretation of the genre is characterized by a surprisingly unconventional way of thinking. This is not surprising, given that it is part of the department. The Heaven series with Union Iggdras.

There’s nothing to say.

But you’ll have a lot of fun during your linear adventure, getting to know the lovely members of your group and choosing who you want to get closer to (which directly affects the ending you get).

Even if you played this game in the original WonderSwan Color version, it’s worth playing again thanks to the revised graphics and redesigned CGI.

12. ZHP: Opening Ranger vs Dark Death Rogue (2010)

The title of this quirky turn-based RPG isn’t the only thing a little crazy about ZHP.

As you’d expect from a Nippon Ichi Software game, ZHP is full of charming characters who are missing a screw or two.

Everything from the story to the items to some of the game mechanics is filled with surprising and somewhat dark humor.

Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman is not only the best title of any game on PSP, but also shines with in-depth customization that plays a crucial role in your performance in the game.

It’s a real challenge and an excellent introduction to the roguelike genre.

11. What have I done to deserve this, my lord? ! 2 (2010)

I played this game on the last 8 hour flight to Argentina and I’m still not over half way through.

It’s hard, but it’s also addictive.

The game is a bit like Minecraft, where you have to dig underground tunnels to get resources – except you dig for nutrients from monsters and magic particles that have seeped into the ground over the years.

Do it right, and horrible monsters will pop up and form an ecosystem.

Managing the dungeon ecosystem is the essence of the game. A stable environment for your monsters will help them fend off invading heroes.

It is of course less well known and rather underrated. But it’s a great game.

10. Rengoku II : Stairway to HEALTH (2006)

Rengoku II is one of the most original action-RPGs on Sony’s first handheld, with its unique setting, innovative characters and fast-paced battles.

You play as an android trying to preserve his memories from his human days.

Along the way, you must find and equip new body parts (like a helmet with a built-in gun that looks like a horn) to gain new skills and better stats.

If you love the Evangelion anime and have always wanted to pilot an EVA (unlike Shinji), this is the next best thing.

These androids have that subtle and strange anatomical shape that makes EVA so attractive.

9. The Black Rock Shooter (2013)

For something that excites your senses like chewing gum, you need to play this shooter/action RPG based on the famous Supercell song featuring singer Hatsune Miku.

If you think that’s weird at all, wait until you experience the game’s epic storyline, which has more twists and turns than a roller coaster.

While the gameplay is satisfying, this game is mostly about the aesthetics.

The graphics are solid, and the designs of characters like Dead Master, Black Gold Saw, and Black Rock Shooter are just perfect.

8. Half-Minute Hero (2009)

Every morning I challenge myself to heat up the tea water in the kitchen in 60 seconds.

If you also love racing against the clock, you’ll love the half-minute hero.

Each level of this RPG can be completed in 30 seconds – and that’s not always the same.

There are puzzles, reflex challenges, shoot-em-up challenges, and more.

The fast and addictive gameplay makes Half-Minute Hero the perfect game for anyone who spends their free time shopping on public transport or in waiting rooms.

The game also shines with its fantastic humor, parodying the clichés of RPGs and games in general.

7. Prinny 2: Commence Operation Pants, Death! (2011)


The original Prinny and its sequel are among the most challenging games ever released for the PSP.

If you’re a fan of challenging experiences that test your reflexes and patience, this game is a must.

Disgay’s comic penguin-like mascot, Prinny, is still struggling in the underworld.

It’s hard to be a princess. That’s why you have 1000 lives at the beginning of the game.

Although the levels are generally easy to pass, the bosses in this game are just merciless.

A thousand lives may not be enough.

6. Solid metal gear box Portable operating rooms (2006)

MGS: Peace Walker is the best Metal Gear on the PSP and one of the most amazing games in the franchise in terms of story.

But the idea of a portable MGS was born with the lesser known Portable Operative.

The gameplay is similar to that of Walker World, except that the controls are less refined.

However, the quality of the design and the number of things you can do in this game more than make up for this lack. This is a tactical spy operation in motion.

If you liked it, then you should pick up MGS: Portable Ops Plus, a standalone expansion with lots of new content – including a new Infinity mission that lets you play as a… Well, you got it.

5. Tekken : Dark Resurrection (2006)

Tekken! Dark Resurrection is not the last Tekken on the PSP.

But that’s the fun part.

Tekken 6 brings some improvements to the characters and gameplay, but it takes away more than it offers. First, Dark Resurrection’s Dojo mode has been removed, even though it was a piece of art that allowed you to tiptoe around for hours.

Dark Resurrection also has an incredibly robust system for customizing characters cosmetically, and unlocking items for your favorite fighter was just as exciting as hunting for weapon parts in Destiny.

The game is also as aesthetically pleasing as its successor. This is the best Tekken has to offer for playing on the go.

4. Beginning of street phase D (2006) (JP)

If I started listing all the Japanese imports that are criminally ignored in the English-speaking world, I’d be here forever – so I’ll just make an exception.

Initial D Street Stage is a portable version of the awesome arcade racer based on the classic Initial D anime.

Most western spin-off games are terrible, but this racing game is exciting thanks to a superlative drift element – the same thing that makes watching clips from the Initial D anime at 3:00 so entertaining.

3. Joan of Arc (2007)

Most of us know the story of the Maid of Orleans, who led her French comrades in many battles during the Hundred Years War, but you’ve never seen it told in such a novel way.

This role-playing and strategy game has been praised by users and critics alike for its stunning graphics, fantastic gameplay and surprisingly good fantasy story.

Inspired by real events in Jeanne’s life, but with a good dose of magic.

The game is also beginner-friendly, so even illiterates in role-playing games can get on with it.

2. Third birthday (2011)

As a survival horror game, the Parasite Eve franchise has always paled in comparison to other classic games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

But as a shooter on the PSP, it was ahead of the rest.

This third-person shooter follows Aya Brea as she makes her way through the horrific alien carnage known as Twisted.

The fantastic 20-hour campaign is fresh and polished, with sharp graphics and great cinematics.

The commands are a little uncomfortable at first, but after a while they become a deliberate exercise in agility and strength. You’ll get used to it!

1. Metal reducing acid 2 (2006)

I love the Metal Gear series. And I’ve played almost every game in the series.

So I can understand why some people are skeptical when it comes to spin-offs.

I mean, have you played Metal Gear Survivor?

However, the Metal Gear Acid duology stands on the shoulders of giants and is very satisfying for any fan or curious newcomer.

The cards in your deck determine everything you do.

These cards feature objects, groups and people from major decks like Vamp or Olga, and some of them even cut the scene a bit when used.

It’s a love letter to Metal Gear, but also an incredibly addictive game in its own right.

The images of the cage are also extraordinary.

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