[4.2 Vanilla + Bot AI Mod] General Insight of Bot’s Melee Behavior + list of bugged weapons.


  • Bot 4.2 improved, overall smarter than Bot Improvements – Combat> mod.
  • Some weapon problems are very difficult for both AIs to solve, so sometimes one is better than the other at using those particular weapons.
  • Bots always fire shotguns and flamethrowers at an armored target. Although they have improved their fighting skills, they are not yet perfect.
  • Robots are still getting crushed by hook rats and gas rats. They don’t recognize these specials before they’re attacked, so it’s the player’s job to take them out from a distance.
  • Moreover, hooked rats are constantly invisible to Bot’s eyes. From time to time, hanging rats passed by, which the bots completely ignored, even when approached from a distance.

Mod AI or Vanilla AI?

That depends on the weapon your robot has to use. Here are a few tips:

  1. Both AIs prefer fast attack weapons. They will hold the block if they have no attack window, and the slow weapon will often attack them during attack animation.
  2. Both AIs use dodge blocking multiple times, so stamina>dodge for both.
  3. Both AIs cannot use push mode attacks, so the weapons forced to use these attacks over are weak against robots (e.g. sword, hammer and shield).
  4. AI cannot use complex combo routes, so complex combo weapons are not preferred (e.g. Halberd, Bill Hook).

Tips for the adjusted AI and the broken weapon list

  1. Custom AI prioritizes shield class > number of targets. In most cases, the AI will only use a light attack if it doesn’t damage armor. Weapons that are only light attacks (e.g. Axe, Flame Flail), or weapons that have a clear classification of Light = Inf and Charged = Armor (e.g. Double Hammer) would be good for Modified AI.
  2. On the other hand, the custom AI will be terrible if your Light Attack 1 does light damage to armored vehicles (e.g. Cog Hammer, Bill Hook). The modified AI will still make a light attack on armored targets with this weapon.
  3. Bretton’s sword has been completely taken apart in custom AI. He uses the charged attack only when there is only one target, and uses the light attack only on multiple targets, regardless of armor class (he uses the light attack against 2+ SV).
  4. The executioner’s sword has fully penetrated the modified AI. He only uses light attacks, regardless of armor class.
  5. Warpik uses a charged attack on an armored target (which is good). It’s a little strange because Coghammer’s custom AI doesn’t do that, but he does.
  6. The flail only uses a loaded armor attack (which is actually a good thing). It also uses the attack against multiple enemies as if it were a vanilla AI.
  7. Axe and Falchion use a loaded armor attack (which is actually a good thing).
  8. Flaming Mace is not broken, it works as a vanilla AI that uses light against multiple infusions and is charged against a single shield or infusion.
  9. Crow’s mouth only uses a light attack if there are multiple infected targets (uses a heavy attack against one infected person).
  10. Any additional information on defective weapons with altered AI is welcome.

Tips on the vanilla AI and the list of broken weapons.

  1. Vanilla AI prioritizes the number of targets > armor class. In most cases, the vanilla AI will use a single target attack for one infusion and a split attack for more than one infusion. And in most cases, the vanilla AI only used one attack target for any number of armored targets. Weapons with a split infantry attack and a single armor attack (like the big hammer, axe and shield) would do better with the vanilla AI.
  2. In theory, this should be a direct improvement to the custom AI, but many vanilla AI weapons seem to ignore the AI parameters and select their attacks incorrectly.
  3. The hammer and shield allow for a light attack on armored targets.
  4. Sword and Shield launches an attack on one infiltrator.
  5. Mass and sword never use a light attack.
  6. Coghammer is completely broken at the vanilla AI. He always tries to launch a charged attack no matter the situation, and often dies when slaughtered by slavish rats.
  7. Dual Hammer never uses light attack.
  8. The sword and dagger never use the light attack.
  9. Falchion never uses a light attack.
  10. Axe and Falchion never use a light attack.
  11. The flaming sword only uses a charged attack on armored enemies, as does the modified AI.
  12. The Fire Dagger only uses a charged attack against armored enemies, as does the modified AI.
  13. Flaming Flail never uses a charge attack like Modified AI.
  14. Flaming Mace is not broken, but works as a modified AI that uses light exclusively against Infos and charges it exclusively against Armor.
  15. Crowbill is not broken, but only uses a charge attack if there is an armored target (uses a light attack if he is surrounded by SV).
  16. Any other information on broken weapons with the vanilla AI is welcome.

Personal Commendatore

  Gross Bard Kerillian Salt pia Siena
Modified The hatchet and the sword Double-whammy Sword and dagger Axe and Falchium The torch
Vanilla Mace Axe and shield Big password Rapier The torch

Trial set-up

I tested the bot’s behavior in Modded Realm with Creature Spawner.

After the 4.2 update, you can still use the Bot Improvements – Combat> mod from Grimalackt. In this case, the mod would simply override Vanilla Botha’s scrum behavior. You can easily switch from custom AI to vanilla AI by pressing F4 (Mod Settings menu) and clicking on the checkbox.

Source : Original link

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Post [4.2 Vanilla + Bot AI Mod] General idea about how bots behave in melee + list of buggy weapons. for Warhammer game: Parasites.

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