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Continue if you are looking for games like this wonderland and wondering what similar games to play next. You are a growing empire and must choose your way into the future. Each turn, players draw 7 cards and then choose which ones to immediately purchase resources and which ones to build to produce resources and/or earn victory points each turn. When a card is completely collected, it is added to the player’s realm to increase their performance each turn.

To define this list, we have divided it into several parts. It’s a wonderful world. It’s a game of mapping and resource management. While the gameplay is simple, decisions are made in waves to create a robust experience. If you’re looking for something similar, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken all this into account and compiled a list of 5 board games, like It’s a Wonderful World.

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#05 | The Lost Legends of

Lost Legends is on the list of board games like It’s A Wonderful World because it is a great card game that is both simple and reliable, all with a great theme. It’s rather aggressive in the sense that it’s an interesting fighting machine in an imaginary themed world, but the mix of choice of resolution and investment in execution is there.

Players take on the role of heroes and attempt to collect an arsenal of equipment to defeat a series of monsters they face. Each chooses a hero with a unique power and then must fight his or her own monster. Once discovered, players remove their equipment cards to take them with them. Players each take one card from the deck and pass or leave the remaining card on the string. Then each character sees how he or she deals with the threats hanging over him or her. With 3 to 5 players, matches last about 70 minutes.

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Aerial view of Terraforming Mars Copyright © 2019 Matt Halvorson. All rights reserved.

#04 | Mars Terraforming

Terraforming Mars makes a list of board games like It’s A Wonderful World because there are robust design and development mechanisms that use tons of different resources. Assembly is just a small piece of the big puzzle, as opposed to the full engine here, but it’s all about working with different types of resources to create structures that will help you in the long run.

You are a company working with other companies to make Mars habitable, but not in a cooperative play style, you are trying to beat the others and be the best. You have six resources you can create, and you have countless options to choose from and on which path to victory you want to develop a strategy. The overall goal is to score as many points as possible. Increase living conditions (oxygen, water, temperature), tapping, settling, focus on science, focus on nature, many possibilities. For 1 to 5 players the games take between 1.5 and 3 hours.

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Imperial Settlers Board Game

#03 | Imperial Colonists

Imperial Settlers lists board games like It’s A Wonderful World because it’s another card game and a civilization building game. In both titles, you are building a future of hope, constructing buildings, gathering resources, and watching over your neighbors. You have few resources to juggle, and few solutions, but they are all important.

The Romans, Barbarians, Egyptians and Japanese immediately settled in new lands to expand the borders of their empire. In this card game, you lead one of four empires and build empires by placing buildings and then sending workers to these buildings to learn new resources and skills. Players perform various actions to explore new lands, construct buildings, trade resources and defeat enemies to earn victory points. For 1 to 4 players the duration of the game is 45 to 90 minutes.

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By playing the board game of time...

#02 | Through the years: History of civilization

Throughout the centuries: The History of Civilization is on the list of board games like It’s a Wonderful World because it is another card game that builds the future with the passage of time. You have many resources to gather, and each decision you make can create a whirlwind of different possible outcomes and paths to victory by scoring the most points.

Each player tries to build a better civilization by carefully handling resources, discovering new technologies, choosing the right leaders, creating miracles and maintaining a strong army. Vulnerabilities in any domain can be exploited by adversaries. The game has been played through the ages, from ancient times to modern times. With 2 – 4 players the games last about 120 minutes.

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7 Wonders Board Game Overview

#01 | 7 wonder

7 Wonders takes a list of board games like It’s A Wonderful World because you don’t get the best map drawing and resource management title out there. You always take cards to build your civilization over time, the difference is that it’s one at a time instead of all at the beginning of the turn. The resources come from the cards, not from a one-stage structure that is activated once based on the cards you have.

The game lasts for three centuries. In each game, players receive seven cards from a given deck, choose one of these cards, and pass the rest to another player. Players reveal their cards simultaneously, cast or collect resources as needed, or interact with other players in different ways. With 3 to 7 players, matches last about 45 minutes.

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