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Keep surfing if you are looking for games like Quick And Easy Game and are curious about similar games that you would like to play next. In Quick and Easy you play all fifty cards of the game on two discard stacks. The game consists of fifty cards, cards of five suits, numbered from 1 to 10 in each suit. Players must play at least one card that goes into one of these stacks per turn, otherwise the game is over. This is the case if you don’t have a double color and you can’t reset the plush.

To make this list, we’ve split the Fast and Easy game for what it is. Quick and Easy is an improved version of the original and that’s exactly what the name suggests. The cooperative game is very light and easy to put on the table. There’s a bit of guesswork and a bit of communication, but a very fast flow. If you’re looking for something like this, you’ve come to the right place. We took all this into account and compiled a list of 5 board games such as The Game Quick And Easy.

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#05 | Set

The game makes the list of board games such as The Game quick and easy because the original is worth mentioning. Everyone has their own fun experience, but the original game has much more information on how to fill the pile. If you like Quick and Easy and want to go to extremes, here it is.

You start with 6-8 cards in your hand (depending on the players), and there are four cards on the table with directions to get out of the game: two with the number 1 and an arrow up, and two with the number 100 and an arrow down. In your turn, you must discard at least two cards from your hand on one or more discard stacks, placing the cards on a stack in ascending order and the cards on 100 stacks in descending order. It’s harder from there. With 1 to 5 players the matches last about 20 minutes.

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Board game Onirim

#04 | Onirim

Onirim is on the list of board games such as The Game Quick and Easy because it is a cooperative card game (next to the solo game) where players try to draw cards from their hands, all against a sinister background. It’s much more of a theme trip than a numbers game, but there are plenty of similarities, so if you like one, you might like the other.

This is an exploration game on the theme of the labyrinth in which you wonder what the labyrinth is in the hope of finding what you need. Your mission is to collect the door cards before the game runs out. You can get them by playing cards of the same suit three times in a row or by playing away one of your powerful key cards. Don’t do it wrong, or you won’t survive. You can also play this game in pairs in cooperative mode, and the games only last 15 minutes.

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Board game cards for crews

#03 | Crew: Searching for the new planet

The team: Quest for Planet Nine is listed as a board game like Fast and Easy because it is a fantastic card game where players work together to draw the cards out of the hand in the right order. It’s not just about getting rid of the cards, but a passing game in which players go through scenarios with different objectives.

Players embark on an uncertain space adventure as astronauts explore the rumours of an unknown planet. This action-packed space journey includes more than 50 exciting missions. However, this game can only be defeated by completing the total of each player’s individual tasks. With each mission, the game becomes more and more difficult. After each game you can take a break and resume the game later. For each mission, it is not the number of laps that counts, but the right laps at the right time. For 2 to 5 players, each game takes about 20 minutes.

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Parts of the Hanabi playing cards for the table

#02 | Hanabi

Hanabi makes a list of board games like The Game, which is another great cooperative card game where players work to use what happens to them. The interesting thing is everyone can see your cards, except you.

The game consists of five different colored cards, each numbered from 1 to 5. For each colour the players try to place a row in the correct order from 1 to 5. In this game you hold your cards in such a way that they are only visible to other players. To help other players in the card game, you must give them instructions about the numbers or colours of their cards. Players must act as a team to avoid mistakes and finish the fireworks before the cards run out. With 2 to 5 players the matches last about 25 minutes.

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Extreme Mind Board Game Review Copyright © 2020 Matt Halvorson. All rights reserved.

#01 | The Extreme Mind

The Mind Extreme is at the top of the list of board games such as The Game Quick and Easy because they follow almost the same gameplay with the same intensity. It’s also a cooperative card game where the goal is to play all the cards correctly, but the small difference that has a big impact is that there are no moves, so players have to count the flow of the game and little communication to decide how to play. The Mind Extreme is an alternative version of The Mind in which the speakers go up and down as in the game, although the original is the same.

As in the original spirit, players try to play the cards in their hands in order without talking to each other, passing a number of levels and winning. The higher the level, the more cards you have in your hand, giving you more opportunities to juggle, as well as more information to use during the game. This extreme version offers a more difficult challenge, because instead of one card game numbered from 1 to 100, you now have two card games, each numbered from 1 to 50. There are now two piles of garbage in the game, one in descending order and one in ascending order. With 2 – 4 players the matches last about 20 minutes.

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