A Guide to Leveling in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

The direction of World of Warcraft will change forever with the next expansion. This will not only add 5 or 10 levels that we have to go through. He’s going to rewrite the leveling experience for the whole game. When the new extension comes into force, adaptation will be faster and more orderly and, perhaps more importantly, it will be more meaningful.

We don’t have 120 more steps in the Shadowlands. You’ll be crushed up to 60. Those who are now 120 years old will be reduced to 50 years at the start of the preparations for this extension.

Fortunately, despite the change of the upper limit, the players do not lose any strength or equipment. It’s just a series of levels that change. You won’t lose anything in the process. This simply makes the levels clearer and allows the development team to move from one level to another, so it doesn’t take forever to bring another character to a decent level.

Each new or returning player who intends to start the game anew must pass a new experience level of 1 to 50 before jumping into the Shadows.

Fastest way to level

Reaching level 50 may not take much time, but you need to understand how the new alignment will work. Your path to leveling will be slightly different, depending on whether you played well or not.

Most professional players who have already tested the new extension say it takes about an hour to reach a level. This means that if you are a new player, it will take a few days or even weeks. If you want to reach level 50 as fast as possible, you have to increase the shadow level.

Alignment from level 1 to level 10

The Shady Worlds of Warcraft 2

As a new player, you start things up in the starting area called Scope or Exile. This is a whole new levelling experience that will take you from level 1 to level 10. Their faction discovered an undiscovered island and sent a team to investigate it. They haven’t spoken in a while. Now they send a second expedition to find out what’s going on and what went wrong. You’re part of this second expedition.

The Exile Extension Zone is designed to test your dexterity, prove your worth, control your class and protect your allies from any difficulties they might encounter. It is a multifaceted country, with many beloved and famous creatures from the area of the Second World War, such as ogres and merlot.

As you travel through the area, you’ll learn that a particularly nasty monster is capturing your friends and planning to sacrifice them as part of a grand ritual. The highlight of the experience will be a mini funeral with two bosses, which you will have to work on to defeat the Necromancer Ogre and his resurrected pet. In this dungeon there won’t be many of the typical restrictions you’ll find in other dungeons. It will depend on how many players you have. You have to be able to do it yourself, with a maximum of 5 players and no rolling restrictions.

No matter what you play or what class you choose next time, the end of the dungeon to the end of Exile’s Reach should never be a problem. But it will give new players an idea of what dungeons can be, what a group game is, and what they can expect if they continue the adventure and alignment.

Line-up Tips for returning players

If you are not new in the game and have decided to create a new character, you have many more choices. You can go to Exile’s Reach if you want to test the new area, or you can decide to go to the old starting area. You have a choice.

The beauty of Exile’s Reach is that anyone can be a part of it, regardless of class or breed.

So, if you want to create a new character with a few friends, but no one can agree on the game, you can immediately embark on the adventure of exile and play together. Remember that after these changes take effect, Death Knights and Demon Hunters will reach level 1 together with other players.

The old starting plate will not disappear, but you can choose to make a new one. Most starting impressions will take you from level 1 to level 10 and bring you to your capital for the next phase of your adventure. The Allied race is a little different. They’ll bypass the launch zones as they do now. You start with level 10, ready for the next step.

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