A quick mathematical analysis of the best damage types for the Hemocyte

The Hemocyte is a new class in the game, and it’s difficult to find information about them. This article will give an analysis of the best damage types for each Hemocyte.

warframe ghoul rictus alpha is a quick mathematical analysis of the best damage types for the Hemocyte.

TL;DR: Corrosive damage is the best kind of damage for the Hemocyte, independent of level or if armor is removed. Corrosive is the best damage type for an armored Hemocyte (any level within the level range for this event), followed by puncture. The best damage type for an unarmored Hemocyte is still corrosive, followed by blast.


Some individuals have been circulating false information regarding the damage kinds to employ against the Hemocyte, claiming that Radiation is the greatest option if you don’t want to remove its armor. As a result, I made the decision to do a short analysis for everyone.

Hemocyte counts and armor values are taken from the

Wikipedia entry Damage reduction from armor, as well as health and armor type modifiers, are all included in the damage multiplier tables, so these are the final damage multipliers you apply to your arsenal stats for each damage type.

So you can see that corrosive is the greatest damage kind, independent of level or if the Hemocyte’s armor is removed or not. Puncture is a close second for armored Hemocytes, whereas blast is a close second for unarmored Hemocytes.


I won’t go into depth about how health, shield, and armor damage modifiers work, but here’s the equation for damage against armored health:

The Fossilized health type and the Infested Sinew armor type are used by the Hemocyte. Assume you have a weapon that does nothing but radiation harm. Radiation does -75% damage to Fossilized health and has a 0.25x health type multiplier. Radiation additionally has a 1.5x armor type multiplier against Infested Sinew armor, doing +50% damage. So, if the weapon does 1000 radiation damage and a level 25 Hemocyte has 275 armor, the damage computation will be as follows:

  • 275 * (2 – 1.5) = 275 * 0.5 = 137.5 effective armor

  • Final Radiation Damage = 1000 * 0.25 * 1.5 * (300 / ) = 1000 * 0.375 * (300 / 437.5) = 1000 * 0.257 = 257

This calculation must be done for each damage type separately and then summed together to obtain the overall damage delivered by the attack for weapons with multiple damage kinds (which accounts for 99 percent of weapon builds in this game).

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For the game Warframe, write “A fast mathematical study of the optimal damage kinds for the Hemocyte.”

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