Abathur 2021 – Advanced Tips and Tricks

Last week I learned from a random comment on Reddit that Abathur can send his monstrosity back to base to heal himself with Z. I’m not sure how true that is. As level 141 of Abathur, this was perhaps my biggest HotS-related embarrassment of all time.

It made me realize that there are probably other niche tricks that I don’t know yet. So I want to share with you a few little slaughterhouse strategies I’ve collected over the years, so no one else will be as embarrassed, and I hope I’ll learn a few more strategies from other players.

To be clear, most of these tips will not be used in all or even most games, but they can be very useful in niche circumstances. So here are my tips and advice from abathur, in approximate order:


  • Build camps with mines/clusters and/or an anti-epidemic shield.
  • The hats (Azmoda demons, Gazlo turrets)
  • Place mines that do NOT require footpaths, as well as those that do, if you want to ensure constant visibility.
  • Launch a MULE in the last row to use it as a Hutt tower (ideal for interrupting target channels).
  • Throw a MULDER behind the core to make it harder for an enemy to see and attack.
  • if you think you don’t need a tunnel in the first 60 seconds of the game, you can stack 2 crickets by digging in the alley near the exit of the portal at the beginning of the game.
  • You can’t suck the body out through the socket.


  • you can dismantle the allied camps on Hanamura.
  • Drop a mine behind the camp of the growing samurai to make him lose his cleavage.
  • AOE protects your cursed servant airwaves on Cursed Hollow.
  • Use the hat while the Wolski treadmill is in motion.
  • If you can’t sop up, sit at the end of the treadmill to send your grasshoppers quickly up the track at a safe distance.


  • Qhira’s DOT is exploited by Qhira’s clone. Attacking a hero with 2 Qhira’s can instantly trigger 10 stacks of Qhira’s DOT, but neither Qhira nor the clone can activate Qhira’s W (usually worth it).
  • The DOT/Malthael mark can be both by Malthael. A clone can teleport to an opponent marked with the original Malthael and vice versa.
  • Jainas Chill can be applied and used by both Jainas.
  • A creep placed by a Zagara clone lasts 240 seconds and gives both Zagaras an attack range and movement speed.
  • The Harazim clone gets his level 1 talent.
  • A clone variant will not get its level 4 talent.
  • The Falstad clone can use Z (which is a crazy semi-global catch for a clone).
  • The Lightwing and Dehak clones can also be Z, but are much less useful.
  • Cho’Gall’s clone only gives Cho’s, but he’s still a pretty solid clone.
  • When cloning lost Vikings, you can only use one Viking.
  • Sylvanas’s clone can use his trait to neutralize buildings/buildings.


  • Harazim can jump on mines and locusts, so let your comrade escape if you must.
  • Force monstrosity into the waves/ Connect heroes with the AOE shield.
  • Send Monstrosity to the base with Z to treat him.

I don’t have much advice on how to use Monstrosity. I usually play with clones, but I’ve been trying to improve my monster game for the last few weeks. So I would like to know what other tips people have for playing Abatura, whether they have to do with monstrosities or not.

Post your abatur tips below!

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Abatur 2021 – Poster of Advanced Tips and Tricks for the game Heroes of the Storm.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Abatur XP come in?

Abathur gains exp in about three ways. By having his body physically on the track, he gains exp by being close to dying minions. His hat, by having a hat near the death of enemy minions, he wins exp. Whatever the final blow of his call, he comes exp.

Is Abatur good?

Indeed, it’s a risky choice for Q-Man. But as long as he doesn’t get soaked to compensate for one-on-one combat, he could be good. Abathur is a hero where people are either terrible or very good.

How do you play Abatura?

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