All 1984 Verdansk new map locations in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3

Call of Duty: In Verdansk in Warzone, a nuclear bomb exploded in the middle of the map. The zombies had taken over the city, and the team that wanted to keep things under control didn’t want the threat to leave town. With the start of Season 3, an all-new 1980s version of Verdansk will be available for players to compete against in swarm battles. Each time you arrive at the map, the words Flashback pop up on the screen, revealing that the Verdansk map is largely the same, albeit a bit older, but there are still a few changes players can find.

All places in 1984 Verdun Military District Map

Before the official release of the 1980 version of Verdansk, some players got the chance to get a closer look by participating in private matches in the Warzone. Here’s the full layout they saw before the personal games fell through. Here’s the full map we can now see when we enter a Combat Zone match.

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Most of the map is the same, but some new locations have been added. There’s not as much as you’d expect from a place that’s recently blown up, but that’s probably why it’s a flashback card for season 3.


The top is where the dam used to be, on the northwest side of the map. The dam was installed at the foot of the mountain.

Salt mine

The salt mines are located in the same place as the quarry, in the northeastern part of Verdansk. This site will be a large-scale salt mine that will likely be heavily modified, like the site at the top. On a modern map of Verdansk, the quarry looked like a deserted place. It is therefore possible that the salt mine is still active and that one should avoid a rather dangerous area.


Closer to the center of the map, on the west side, you’ll find the factory. It is located right across from the supermarket, which has also remained intact. It’s not that Fabrica is taking over more locations, but it is bringing more locations to the center of Gdansk. This area used to be home to a number of caravans and small buildings.


In the middle of the map, opposite the TV station, is Massive. The network is now located where the military camp used to be. The camp was filled with tents and crates where you could get more weapons, ammo or equipment to help you in your efforts in the war zone. The network looks very different from the military camp, so we can expect it to become a favorite place for players who want to return to Verdansk.

Conversion of phase

The infamous Verdansk stadium has a brand new look. It doesn’t have the best roof, so you can expect far fewer players to camp there, and the new design gives it a 1980s look that many will appreciate. Many of the landmarks on the map have been renovated, but the stadium is probably the one with the biggest difference, and with such an iconic location, that’s nice to see.

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