All armor types in Rogue Legacy 2, ranked

Rogue Legacy is a platformer with rogue-lite elements where players can choose from one of three legacies and play through the game multiple times. Each run will be slightly different based on your choice, which means that there are an unlimited number of possible runs in Rogue Legacy 2. As such, this blog post establishes a ranking of all armor types found in the game to help you decide which legacy suits you best!

The “rogue legacy 2 blueprints” is a list of all armor types in Rogue Legacy 2, ranked. This list can be very helpful for players who want to know which armor type is the best.

Cellar Door Games has always provided a variety of beginning classes for players with varying skill levels and interests. In this way, Rogue Legacy 2 is no exception. Each armor set has the potential to help each class differently. The Citadel contains all armor blueprints, which must be updated and unlocked at the blacksmith. The armor sets will be ranked from eleven to one in this guide, along with their advantages.

The Leather Set (#11)

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The Leather Armor set is the first armor you’ll come across in Rogue Legacy 2. It emphasizes on resolve, which may be quite useful even late in the game. Each component has a poor defensive value when combined, making you susceptible if you aren’t skilled at avoiding strikes. If you’re comfortable equipping a bunch of relics for a glass cannon playstyle, this is the build for you.

The Gilded Set (#10)

In Rogue Legacy 2, the Gilded Set is a late-game armor set that isn’t particularly good. It has poor all-around numbers, and upgrading it is incredibly expensive. This is one of the worst armor sets to employ due to its low stats and weak set bonus.

The Drowned Set (#9)

In the Citadel, you may find the Drowned set as the eighth armor set. Because it is a late-game set, it has a high cost of upgrades and has utility benefits for gold, aether, and ore revenue. This gear is great for gathering materials, but not so good for surviving in the deep.

The Scholar Set (#8)

The second set you may locate and unlock is the Scholar set. Despite being an early game unlock, magic users will find this outfit to be rather useful. With its heavy emphasis on magic-based crits, this set is mostly beneficial to the Bard class.

The Warden Set (#7)

The Scholar armor set is the polar opposite of this one. The emphasis of this set is on weapon-based critical attacks and damage output. For optimum synergy, this is an excellent armor set for the Duelist class.

The Sanguine Set (#6)

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The Sanguine set focuses on maintaining health via damage and assaults. If you want to focus on a high-strength build, this is a terrific set. The amount of vitality regained with each hit is determined by the amount of damage dealt by each attack—an great armor set for barbarians.

The Ammonite Set (#5)

This set of armor is ideal for spell-heavy classes. Most mages are weak and have little HP, but this armor set has excellent defensive characteristics, making it perfect for shielding those who are drawn to magic.

The Crescent Set (#4)

This gear is ideal for Valkyrie or Gunslinger characters. This set places a strong emphasis on intellect. Despite appearing late in the game, this set is less costly than some of the other late-game armor sets.

The Leviathan Set (#3)

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The Leviathan outfit gives you the best armor boost in the game. It also features a chest piece that is second only to the Wardens’ armor parts in terms of weight. Unfortunately, while this armor set contains so many attributes ranging from health to intellect, it isn’t the greatest in the game.

The Obsidian Set (#2)

This is the ninth of eleven sets that may be found deep inside the Citadel. This armor set offers the most vitality in the game, allowing you to withstand a variety of difficult encounters and boss battles. It has a significant upgrade cost, but it is definitely worth the money.

The Kin Set (No. 1)

In Rogue Legacy 2, the Kin set is the greatest armor to construct. This is the last armor set you can get from the Blacksmith, and developing and upgrading it is very expensive. This stat offers the strongest overall numbers in the game, apart from intellect. You must be playing on NG+2 to begin looking for blueprints. Even to use this armor, you’ll need a completely increased weight carrying capability, so plan ahead before making it.

The “rogue legacy 2 armor sets” is a ranking of all the different types of armor that are available in Rogue Legacy 2. The order starts with the most powerful and ends with the weakest.

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