All Penguin Souvenir locations – Destiny 2 – Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumphs

One of the triumphs that makes a scattered title possible in Destiny 2’s hunting season is the evening green reunion. You have to get nine penguin souvenirs and bring them back to their rightful home.

Penguin souvenirs are added to the game throughout the season and this guide will tell you where to find them.

Where to find penguin souvenirs

If you find a souvenir with a picture of a penguin, take it to the room on the right side of the Variki shelter at the Carrefour de Charon in Europe. You’ll also find a clue where other penguins are when they’ve been added to the game.

Read on to find the locations of all penguin memorabilia currently in the game.

Memory of penguin #1 – Cadmus Ridge

The first memory of penguins is on Cadmus Ridge. Go to the big Vex structure, and you’ll find a cave in the wall southeast of the area. Go back inside and the yellow Wyvern and more Vexes will breed. Take them all out, and the panel at the back of the area will lower, so you can interact with the penguin’s memory and pick it up.

Penguin Memory #2 – Well, Infinity #

For the next penguin it was time to go to the Source of Infinity, a place that can only be called the Peace of Asher. Go to the Asterion Abyss and then take the Vex tunnel towards the Nexus. Turn right and go down to the infinity pit.

You must continue until you reach a long corridor that goes down just after you see the text on the screen that says Fountain of Infinity. Before you enter this tunnel, turn left and you will find a small alcove with a protective wall. React with him to bring him down so you can recapture the penguin’s memory.

Penguin Memory #3 – Ruins of the Evening

This little man is in the ruins of Europe at night, but he’s a little more involved than the first two. First you’ll have to find a new and powerful Falling Enemy hanging near the platforms for the elevator to the Riis-Reborn Approach.

He’s armed with a water cannon you need. Go to the area where the social events usually take place and get on the elevator. Instead of going to the rebirth of chance, you keep going down on that platform. You can find the enemy down there.

Kill him and get the Scorch gun. Don’t just start shooting, it takes a round to remember the penguin. Go to the building where the entrance of the Lost Sector of Bunker E15 is located and enter. There are several entrances, but you are looking for the entrance that leads to some steps of a hole in the wall. Before you go up the stairs, look to the right and you will see a suspiciously shaped block of ice. Blow it up with the Burning Cannon to reveal the penguin.

Penguin Souvenir #4 – Bray Exocies

This news is in Bray Exoscience, an area of gaming that everyone should be aware of through their participation in the campaign. It is much easier to see that last week was very difficult.

Meet me at Bray Excessions in Cadmus Ridge, then go in as usual. Go through the frozen tunnels to the first room, then to the back and through the door in the leftmost corner.

Keep going in the only right direction, and you’ll end up in a room with a red light that looks a bit like an eye. The penguin will be on the right side, but when you arrive, he will be surrounded by a sign. Simple enough, enemies will appear, and you have to eliminate them all. When they’re gone, the sign disappears and you can catch Penguin.

Remembrance of penguin no. 5 – Asterion Abyss

It’s quite simple and there are no weird or secret mechanics involved, you just need to know where to go.

The clue sends you into the Asterion’s Abyss, and you can see the ailments you didn’t see before you clung to the icy cliff on the left when you entered the area. Come here, get that damn Vex out, and you’ll get a fifth penguin for your collection. It is situated on the edge of a cliff overlooking the main area of the Asterion Gorge.

Penguin Memory #6 – Increased Riis

This guy is near Riis Reborn, in the ruins of Eventide. Go to Varick’s base and then head north. When you reach the ruins of the Eventide go to the elevator leading to Riis Reborn. The exact location of the elevator is shown on the map below.

From there go through the Riis Reborn area until you enter a room with an elevated door on the left side and another door on the right side at the back. This is the area to remember, because the door on the right rear side was locked with a stasis lock during the campaign.

In that right corner you’ll find a yellow colored enemy, the Fallen Marauder. Kill him, and he drops the penguin. Then return it to the room next to the Varics and use it again to complete this part of the Triumph.

Penguin souvenir #7 – Nexus

It’s in the Nexus, Vex’s underground zone just east of the Abyss Asterion. Exit at the Charon junction, climb onto your sparrow and turn right when you’re in the gorge itself to go down the tunnel to the Nexus.

When you get here, walk to the edge and look up. At the very top you can see the Vex diamond. Hurry up, another one will happen. Go to the right, follow the ridge to the place where you jump from the ice to the Vex structure. You can see it right underneath you.

Now go back a little and look straight and over the edge of the right pole of the building to find the third one. For the latter you have to jump down, but go where you find the last Vex diamond in the incompetence pit. Shoot, and the sixth penguin memory appears.

We will add each penguin souvenir location to the guide as it is added to the game. It will be published with a weekly update every Tuesday.

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