All Round Games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Val guys: Ultimate Knockout has conquered the world with his unique interpretation of the Battle Royale genre. One of the qualities that distinguishes it from its main competitors is that each show, which is filled with 60 players at the beginning, is actually an amalgam of smaller games called round robin.

There are six types of board games: Race, hunting, survival, logic, team and finals. Often team and final matches fall into a different category, but because the team or the final is the most eye-catching, they are not organized in this way.

Here are the 36 rounds of the game currently recorded in Fall Guys: Ultimate knockout.

Race | 14 games

active via Mediatonic

Racing games are the most common type of game and the only one that appears before the final round in Gauntlet Showdown. For many racing maps there are variants, called Gauntlet Remixes, where the selection of the obstacles on the map has been changed. In order to qualify for the race, you must reach the finish line in a certain number of players allowed for that round.

  • Vertical heights: Race through an obstacle course consisting of spinning discs, rolling balls and large drops. Look at the end. You’ve got a big leap to get to the end in one piece.
  • Dashboard off the door: Running all the way, jumping through doors that could be fake. Follow the example of the other players, or go for it and risk making a serious mistake.
  • Frozen point : This snowy vertical challenge was originally supposed to be the last round, just like Fall Mountain, but instead it is a game in the middle of the round. Careful, there are many ways to go wrong.
  • Fruit parachute: Climb on the treadmill when the giant fruits come down and try to knock you down. Stay close to the edges and use the triangular bumpers as a cover.
  • Collapse of the door: Jumping through doors that move up and down. Be careful at the end, you’ll slip on the mud and have to jump through one of the three moving doors at the right moment.
  • Go to the Parade: Go from a balancing game to a game of hand-twisted objects, and end up dodging balls and bumpers swinging to reach the finish line.
  • Knight’s fever: Dodge swing axles, slewing ring supports, slewing ring supports (officially known as the thicc-bonus) and make sure the surfaces of automatic lifters are clean.
  • Look, Jigsaw: Compete and cooperate by balancing saws, meeting at checkpoints and avoiding falls. But beware, an unbalanced saw is a hard fall for anyone who clings to it.
  • Skival: Although this game is classified as a race, the goal is to earn enough points to qualify. Jump through hoops to earn points, bronze (1 point), silver (2 points) and gold (3 points, end hoop 5 points) for a total of 15 points.
  • Mucus climbing: This is the only race for which no fixed amount is available for qualification. Instead, you can be eliminated. Don’t fall into the deadly slime when you walk up this obstacle course. Never be gloomy.
  • Tip Toe: Find out which are the fake platforms and which are the real ones to discover the secret way to the finish. Be careful not to fall down with a Hail Mary and jump down with your head. The choice is yours.
  • A race on the tundra: Watch out for snowballs, gloves, swinging bells (Ringus Dingus) and wind fans as you race to victory in this first round of the game.
  • The guys from Wall: Work together to push the blocks to the top of the hill and race to the finish in this medieval themed game of teamwork and deviation. In the end, it’s every man for himself.
  • Wirligig: Race to the polls and turn windmills and choose to dodge them or use them to your advantage. To avoid an early jump, don’t forget to jump on the last jump.

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Survival | 3 games

Survival Assets with Mediatonic

Unlike racing mode, survival games usually have a fixed number of players who are eliminated, or they end after a certain amount of time where all players can qualify if all players survive. It’s very useful to be good in this mode, because half of the finals would be in the survival category if they weren’t final.

  • Block party: Move on a large platform and avoid the blocks that slide on the platform. If you don’t fall off the edge when all blocks are finished and time is up, you move on to the next round.
  • Rebound Club: Survive on a circular platform while a rotating green poll tries to destabilize you and a pink poll tries to keep you from jumping over it. The circle ends after a number of exceptions.
  • We’re turning around: Survive by controlling a cylinder divided into five rotating subsections and avoid falling through holes or sideways into deadly mud. The circle ends after a number of exceptions.

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Hunting | 2 Scaffolding

Hunting Assets through Mediatonic

Of all the important types of patterns, hunting patterns can be the deadliest. Here it’s every man for himself, because if you win, you usually take the winning move directly from the other player’s hands. There are not many matches directly in the hunting category at the moment, although more matches in the team and the final categories would fall under this sub-section.

  • Legends of Hope: In this free fall competition all players try to score six points to qualify for the qualification quota. Jump to the white circle to get 1 point, or to the golden circle to get 5 points.
  • Tail marking : If you don’t have a cue, take a player with a cue to get one. If you have a tail, run away from players without tails. Whoever has a tail at the end of time is eligible, the others are eliminated.

Logic | 1 Set

Logic Assets via Mediatonic

Logical games, or in this case a game, are a bit different. This is the only game category that has only one game so far. Logical games test your memory and thinking skills and very often all players succeed. That’s because there are a lot of problems in logical games, and if everyone solves them, no one will be eliminated in this round.

  • It’s a perfect match: During three rounds, don’t forget which platforms have some fruit before they disappear. Place yourself on the platform according to the fruit on the screen to avoid falling into the mucus.

team | 10 matches

Team Assets through Mediatonic

Team games are unique in the sense that you suddenly work with the players you play against for the rest of the show. Some of these games fall outside the team label in other categories, such as B. Hunting or running, while others cannot really be categorized. However, there is currently no Survival type team game. The worst-performing team is destroyed, all others are safe.

  • Egg Scramble (3 teams): Collect the eggs and bring them to your team’s nest. Normal eggs are worth one point and golden eggs are worth five points. Protect your eggs, because they can be stolen. The team that lost the fewest eggs.
  • Egg seat (3 teams) : This version of Egg Seat has a larger map, movable bridges and a deeper nest with slopes instead of stairs. The win/loss conditions for the teams are the same as in an egg puzzle.
  • Fall Ball (2 teams) : In this Rocket League type of game, you have to try to hit huge balls in the goal of your opponent. Whoever has the most points at the end of time wins. Although it’s not a race, there’s a remix for the glove.
  • The hoarding (3 teams) : Try to push the balls into your team’s orbit and avoid pushing them back – no matter which team – over time.
  • Hoopsy Daisy (3 teams): In this team version of Hoopsie Legends the players make as many jumps as possible in a limited amount of time. The team with the lowest score after the clock is set to zero will be eliminated.
  • Number (2 teams): One player in each team has bad luck. Avoid opponents who have the evil eye if you don’t have one, or attack opponents who don’t have the evil eye if you do. The first team to fail loses completely.
  • Pegwin Chase (3 teams) : Keep Bert and his little penguin friends as long as possible. Your team gets points every time you and/or one of your teammates holds them, but be wary of other teams taking you with them.
  • Rock and Roll (3 teams) : Roll your team’s ball into the obstacle course and then try to score a goal or prevent the other team from scoring for you.
  • Scrap Snow (3 teams) : Roll your team’s snowball by collecting snow tiles that are getting bigger and bigger. Get 100% size to beat the competition and cover your snowball with delicious treats.
  • Team Tail Tag (4 teams) : This team version of Tail Tag is the only game of the 4-way round and the only presence of the green team. The team with the fewest tails at the end of the quarter loses.

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Final | 6 Games

Final Assets of Mediatonic

Every Fall Guys show ends with one of the last four games. These games are unique because a blue moon can be a draw at the right moment. As a rule, there is only one winner in the finals. In the last survival round, players are eliminated until there is only one player left. In the race only the first place gets the crown. Only the best hunter wins in the hunt. Legends are born here.

  • Fall Mountain: It’s a race of all races. Dodge bullets and hammers as you climb the mountain. The first player to take the crown wins. Like all breeds, it can sometimes be remixed.
  • Hex-A-Gone: Try to survive longer than your competitors by running and jumping through different layers of small hexagonal platforms that quickly disappear after you hit them. Last one to win.
  • Skip the confrontation: This version of the Jump Club final has a double bottom rod and platforms that fall to the ground smiling. At the end two platforms remain and the last surviving player gets the crown.
  • Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go: In this version of the last turn of Roll Out there are only 2 cylinders approaching a speed that normally does not occur in the middle of the game, and no matter how many players come in, only one comes out.
  • Royal Fumble: This version of the last tail chase is the bloodiest of all, because there is only one tail and every player who has one at the end of the time limit wins the show.
  • Thin ice: Three layers of crispy ice are between you and the viscous sperm. In this last Hex-A-Gone type round with no gaps between levels, try to stand the last bean.

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These are all round robin games currently hosted by the Fall Guys since the 3rd round. New items will be added in the future, and this article will be updated accordingly when they are added.

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