All Sea of Thieves Tall Tale locations

The Sea of Thieves is full of adventures and activities in which you and your friends can participate while you are on the boat. You can spend all your sailing adventures on your ship if you don’t explore islands, fight other pirates or watch quests – you’ll miss out on a lot in the game. Some of the big parts of the content you can do are stories. They require you and your group to spend a lot of time going through the game, solving puzzles and working together on different tasks.

For those who want to try these great adventures, here are all the starting points of the great fairy tales.

All High Fairy Places

The art of lighting up

Fairytale The art of the swindler begins in the Plandertal Valley. An island on a G16 tile. You need to talk to Salt, and you’ll find them on the east coast of the island. Unlike other fantastic people you meet in the sea of thieves, Salty is a bird.

Stars of the Thief

The fairy tale of a great star thief forces you to speak to the courts of the North Star Marine Station. Sailors are like the islands where you start, but to find them you have to go a little further. The Severnaya Swesda Marine Station is a small island on H10 tiles.

Cursed vagrant

To tell a fairy tale, The Bugle, you need to talk to Madame Olivia. You can find them at the outpost. The island lies on the tiles J18 and K18, northwest of Vorovsky hut. Madame Olivia will be in the northern part of the island. You can’t get to this story until the Shroud Destroyer is ready.

The fate of the morning star

The fate of the morning star is a unique fairy tale. Unlike others where you can find it on the islands, it is available in case of death. We need to talk to the ferryman, and they fly the ferry of the damned. You can start this quest after completing the story Legendary Teller, Stars of the Thief, Wild Rose and the Art of Deception.

Legendary storyteller

In order to participate in the Legendary Story, you must visit Tasha. You can find them in the Old Arrow outpost, which is located on a Q17 tile. Tasha is in the tavern. You can work with the book next door to start your adventure. You can call these stories after the end of the damn wanderer.

Revenge of the Morning Star

The revenge of the morning star is a fairy tale you can discover by talking to Sandra. You can find them at the Daggerfang outpost, which is made of a single M8 stone. You can find them near the dock on the south side of the island. You must complete Morningstar’s Fate of the Tale to access this story.

Gold Coast

The Golden Shores is a fairy tale where you help the gold seekers. They’re trying to protect their treasure from imminent skeletal attacks. You can start this story by visiting Gracie at the Morrow’s Peak Outpost on a V17 tile. You’ll find them in the middle of the island. You can access it after completing the Morning Star Vengeance Quest.


The story of the shroud is an adventure you can start in any tavern at the outposts of the Thieves Sea. The taverns are the starting point. When you wake up, you turn to a mysterious stranger and see a barrel in the book next to him. You can start a search by performing it.

Wild rose

If you want to start with the story of the wild rose, you need to talk to Madame Olive. You can find it on the outpost of the sanctuary, which is located on an F7 tile. It is located in the northwest of the island, next to one of the docks.

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