AMD Releases New Ryzen Chipset Drivers with Critical Security Fixes

AMD released new Ryzen chipset drivers with critical security fixes. These updates are meant to protect against Spectre and Meltdown, the two major CPU vulnerabilities that have been making headlines in recent weeks.

AMD has released new Ryzen chipset drivers with critical security fixes. This is the first release of these drivers to include support for the newly released Ryzen 5 2600, 2600X, and 2700X processors. Read more in detail here: amd 5000 series cpu.

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AMD has published updated chipset drivers for its popular Ryzen processors, including the newest Ryzen 5000 Series and 3rd Generation Ryzen Threadripper processors. The updated driver, which is versioned, contains important security improvements for the AMD PSP Driver, as well as new device ID support and bug fixes for the AMD MicroPEP Driver.

AMD didn’t go into detail about the security flaws that were fixed, although they’re most likely related to the two Ryzen vulnerabilities mentioned in AMD’s security advisory. One is a vulnerability known as “Speculative code store bypass and floating-point value injection,” which allows Ryzen CPUs to leak data. Data leaking is likewise a concern with the second vulnerability, “Transient Execution of Non-canonical Accesses.”

Release Notes for AMD Ryzen Chipset Drivers (

Highlights of the Release

  • The installer now supports localization.

Issues that have been resolved

  • In quiet mode, the uninstallation log may not be produced.

Issues that have been identified

  • After the installation is complete, a manual system restart is needed for non-English operating systems.
  • During the installation, a Windows Installer pop-up notification may occur.
  • On non-English OS, the uninstall summary log may erroneously display the uninstall status as fail.
  • When the installer is started and the UI screen is clicked, a pop-up message “AMD Chipset Software is not responding” may appear.

The updated PSP driver is also being distributed as an optional critical update through Windows Update, according to some users on r/AMD.

1629920301_930_AMD-Releases-New-Ryzen-Chipset-Drivers-with-Critical-Security-FixesImage credit: AMD

The easy procedure of installing or updating the AMD Ryzen chipset drivers may usually be done without problems in most instances. However, if your system hardware configuration has recently changed or the presently installed chipset drivers are very old, uninstalling the previous chipset drivers before installing the new package is advised. The uninstall guarantees a clean system and may assist in reducing problems or conflicts that may arise during the fresh installation.

AMD is the source of this information.

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