AMD Ryzen 6000 Series Processors Get VESA DisplayPort 2.0 UHBR (Ultra High Bit-Rate) Certification

AMD has announced that its new Ryzen 6000 Series (6-core, 12-thread) processors have achieved VESA DisplayPort 2.0 UHBR certification for use with the latest high resolutions like 4K and 5K displays on PCs. The Ryzen 6 core also supports HDR video playback to enable stunning visuals in a range of games, videos, and photos.?

DisplayPort vs HDMI is a question that has been asked for years. AMD Ryzen 6000 Series Processors Get VESA DisplayPort 2.0 UHBR (Ultra High Bit-Rate) Certification to answer the question once and for all. Read more in detail here: displayport vs hdmi.

AMD-Radeon-680M-RDNA-2-iGPU-Beats-NVIDIA-GeForce-MX450Image credit: AMD

AMD Ryzen 6000 Series processors have been recognized as some of the first hardware components to support DisplayPort 2.0 UHBR (Ultra-High Bit Rate), the standard’s highest transmission mode for enabling “uncompressed 8K 60 Hz HDR, 4K 240 Hz HDR, two 4K 120 Hz HDR, or four 4K 60 Hz HDR displays through a single cable.” VESA announced the milestone today in a press release revealing the first DisplayPort 2.0 video source and sink devices to obtain DisplayPort UHBR certification, which includes AMD’s newest Ryzen mobile CPUs with Radeon graphics geared at artists and other users. DisplayPort 2.0, which was released in June 2019, has a maximum data throughput of up to 80 Gbps with UHBR 20, which is a major boost over HDMI 2.1. (48 Gbps).

“These latest developments in the DisplayPort UHBR Certification Program represent significant advancements in the roll-out of the DisplayPort UHBR ecosystem for new video, display, and cable products supporting higher resolutions and refresh rates,” said James Choate, VESA compliance program manager. “UHBR reference devices must be certified after extensive testing to guarantee that they fulfill the DisplayPort 2.0 CTS standards. Through our certification effort, we’re pleased to inform that a set of reference silicon has been validated to satisfy the DisplayPort 2.0 standard criteria. We’re ready to cooperate with the ecosystem to bring next-generation DisplayPort chipsets and IP to market.”

“We are very delighted to be the first DisplayPort adopter to earn DisplayPort UHBR certification for a sink device,” said Vince Hu, corporate vice president and general manager of MediaTek Inc.’s Compute Business Unit. “We are able to build innovative, resilient technologies that system makers may harness to change the consumer’s highest quality visual experience using the characteristics that DisplayPort 2.0 brings to the table.” VESA accreditation involves extensive testing, which makes MediaTek’s accomplishment all the more noteworthy. We are privileged to support VESA’s efforts to assure interoperability and bring industry-leading solutions to market.”

Syed Athar Hussain, VESA board vice-chairman and AMD CVP and display domain senior fellow, stated, “We are thrilled to continue our thorough engagement with VESA on creating the DisplayPort 2.0 UHBR ecosystem via usage of AMD Ryzen 6000 Series CPU as a certified reference source device.” “The DisplayPort UHBR Certification Program will verify that sources, connections, and displays work together flawlessly, resulting in a strong ecosystem that fully utilizes DisplayPort 2.0 UHBR technology.” The DisplayPort standard’s UHBR speeds reflect a new paradigm for display communication, with unparalleled bandwidth to enable fluid gaming, efficient video playback, and professional displays with resolutions larger than 8K.”

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced today that the DisplayPort UHBR Certification Program has certified the first video source and display devices that support DisplayPort UHBR (Ultra-high Bit Rate), the higher data link rates supported by the DisplayPort standard version 2.0. UHBR chipset reference source and display designs given by AMD, MediaTek, and Realtek fulfilled the PHY, link, and interoperability testing standards stated in the DisplayPort 2.0 Compliance Test Specification to accomplish this critical milestone (CTS). UHBR’s increased bandwidth allows for uncompressed 8K 60Hz HDR, 4K 240Hz HDR, two 4K 120Hz HDR, or four 4K 60Hz HDR screens to be connected through a single connection.

Qualified VESA DisplayPort Authorized Test Centers (ATCs) are also ready to commence testing and certification of UHBR end-products utilizing certified test equipment and reference sink and source devices for interoperability testing, according to VESA.

VESA is the source of this information.

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