Among Us 100 Players Mod Download | How to Download and Install?

The Among Us 100 Players mod download is now available, and many streamers are already streaming on various streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, and you can have up to 100 players in this mode. If you want to know more about Among Us, 100 Players, Mod Download, let’s get started.

The Mod Among Us 100 Players download is now available and you can install this mod very easily. By doing this you can host up to 100 players with your own lobby, all you have to do is install this mod and if you don’t know how to install the Mod Among Us 100 Players, follow this tutorial.

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In this guide we have covered all the topics, such as the process of downloading the Mod Among Us 100 Players, how to install it and how to use it, and so on.

Innersloth worked on the gameplay, and with the new blimp folder in the titles, Innersloth dropped another bomb. You can now install a simple and easy-to-install mod that allows you to place up to 100 players in your lobby. The whole experience is going to change and you may not have experienced this in Among Us.

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By using mods in Among Us, you can take the gaming experience to a whole new level, as you’ll have to use many players in different roles for your teammates. What this new mod does is that it changes the size of the lobby and can accommodate up to 100 players, which is great. In the classic version of Among Us you can only take 10 players with you. The new mod Among Us is fun, now look at the download process of the mod Among Us 100 players.

Among Us 100 Players ModDownload process

The process of downloading the Under Us 100 Player mod is actually quite simple, just download a zipped file, and we want to warn you that before installing the Under Us 100 Player mod, make a backup of your game files, because if you do something wrong, your game data may get corrupted or you may lose your game data.

You can delete this mod if you do not want to host a 100-player lobby. Now let’s take a look at the process of downloading the Mod Among Us 100 Players and how to install them.

Downloading the mod among us 100 players is easy, just click on this link and download the mod. Please note that this mode does not work on iOS, Andriod and Nintendo Switch.

Follow the steps below to install the mod 100 players among us:

  • Download the file by clicking here.
  • Now go to your Steam Library, right click below us and select View Local Files.
  • Now unpack the compressed file using Winrar or 7zip or the standard software.
  • Now drag the contents of the mod file to the folder Among Us and you can start the game.

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You should now see the possibility to accept 100 players in the lobby when you start the game. You can also see Sockfor1 on the screen of your game when you are in the lobby, as this mod is hosted by Socksfor1. This mod will not work on Among Us’s main server.

Watch the video to learn more about downloading the 100 Player module from us.

So this was the process of downloading and installing in the mod On Us 100 Players.

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We hope you enjoy our approach to Among Us 100 Players Mod Download | How to download and install.


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