Animal Crossing Villager May Birthdays 2021: Download Calendar

We brought this article to familiarize you with Animal Farmers May Anniversary 2021. In this article, we are going to tell you about the birthday of all the residents of Animal Crossing Village in 2021. Animal Crossing’s birthday is not an easy day. Many fans also celebrate the characters’ birthdays in real life. We often see fans and creators celebrate a character’s birthday. It might interest you to know that a resident of Animal Crossing Village has a birthday in May.

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In the game Animal Crossing, there are many villagers. Each character has a unique birthday. Fans of the game will be happy to discover the characters birthday in May. Here’s a list of all the Animal Crossing characters whose birthdays are in May.

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You can wish all the characters a happy birthday. The animal traverses the village, May 2021 anniversary of the characters. Don’t forget to wish one of the Animal Crossing villagers a happy birthday.

  • 1. May: Clyde, Don.
  • 2. May: Mint
  • 3. May: Carlo, Silvia.
  • 4. May: Deirdre
  • 5. May: Paolo, Daisy Mae…
  • 6. May: Tanker
  • 7. May: Ozzie
  • 8. May: Curlos
  • 9. May: Herr
  • 10. May: Patty, Flick.
  • 11. May: Cherry
  • 12. May: Ellie
  • 13. May: Biscite
  • 14. May: Canberra
  • 15. May: Leonardo
  • 16. May: Ike
  • 17. May: Gayle
  • 18. May: Pekoe
  • 19. May: Olaf
  • 20. May: T-Bone
  • 21. May: June
  • 22. May: Colton, Mabel.
  • 23. May: Peggy
  • 24. May: Part
  • 25. May: Darwin, Gulliver.
  • 26. May: Bruce
  • 27. May: Del
  • 28. May: Renée
  • 29. May: Buzzing
  • 30. May: Hamlet, Tom Nook.
  • 31. May: Marcy

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Here’s the full list of characters whose birthdays are next month. If you know her birth date, it’s easy to make a wish for her.

Download Animal Farmer Birthday Calendar May 2021

After you become familiar with the birthdays of Animal Crossing Villager May 2021, you might be interested in downloading the birthday calendar for this game.

The Animal Crossing Village Birthday Calendar, May 2021, is available for download. You can spend 80 platinum coins and get birthday calendars easily. You can also have this calendar printed. You can easily find the birthday of any Animal Crossing character on the calendar.

The calendar also has a great background. You can check whether it is available for your region or not. You can easily check your account on the official Nintendo website. You can stop here and easily get the calendar. You must be logged in to your Nintendo account to continue.

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Animal Crossing is a great social simulation video game played all over the world. Nintendo is the developer of this great game. This game can be played on various platforms, including Nintendo 64, Nintendo Switch, iQue Player, Android, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, iOS, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. You can play Animal Crossing on any of these gaming platforms.

In May 2021, we explained all the details about the animals running through the village. For more information, please contact us. As soon as we have any information about this game, we’ll let you know first.


This was the complete guide to Bauer’s birth year in May 2021. We now conclude this article hoping that you have received complete information about the villagers’ birthday. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comments section. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the animals that will be passing through the village in May 2021.

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