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Exchanges on

  • It’s the first day here. Too many people have been unnecessarily misled in commerce. We want an exchange screen that allows you to exchange one item for another, not just a cap item.

Separate supply for the transfer of elements between characters

  • If you play 76 for two more years, you’ll probably have at least two characters. Let’s just say you’ve got a very good shot at armouring Vanguard’s intelligence, but it’s no use sitting on your damn character right now. We need a way to transfer the new character-based transmission to other characters. I suggest you set up a separate reserve of £200 to which all your characters have access.

Leave our creative storage methods alone

  • Is your bearing okay? What difference does it make? Among all the things you can repair/create in the game, they have decided to remove the floating bearings….

Production limits for Daily Scenario Update Available

  • It would be a good source to help the economy. And it’ll make people play longer.

New daytime running controller like the legendary

  • It’s obvious. This amount of RNG and time-gating is bad for the game.

Does not receive NO for daily payments per holding

Rapid indoor displacement

  • I’m looking at you, Rusty-pick. How many times have you wanted to go to an area outside the provider? It would also be nice if we could go directly to our shelters.

Make the shelters as functional as normal warehouses.

  • I won’t go into too much detail, because we all know that shelters need more functions (allies, sellers, displays, plants, etc.).

Daily Reset Timer

  • When will the daily traffic jam be repaired? What about your T-bills? What about the 150 scenarios? We need a timer for that.

Additional information about our weapons/facilities

  • Can a list of AP costs be drawn up? How about an armor evaluation? What about impact damage? Can you list the damage per second, not just the damage?

Modify weapon infestation based on the number of shots fired, not based on the number of enemies hit.

What did I miss? Comment and maybe I’ll add it to the list!


Remove the base of the Ultracite Armour for Legs/Hands/Manipulators from the outside table of the Beastmaster Queen.

  • From this connection terminal you can now obtain all drawings of the Ultrakite electrical shielding base.

Cooking with purified water

  • Why can’t we do that already?

Game text chat

  • Thank you/Nytrel – global, local and team text chat is actually necessary for a game like this. Maybe there is a limit to the cost of a global SMS chat, because it is constantly being spammed. We cannot rely on this third party functionality forever.

Switching off your machines remotely

  • Thank you/AFUSMC74 – It hurts so much to go overboard. We need a way to remotely switch off the vending machines in our warehouses. You may need to be careful when approaching the maximum values.

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