Arknights – Gift Codes List (January 2021) & How To Redeem Codes

Arknights is a unique version of the tower defense genre, combining strategy and a collection of heroes in a single game.

Like many other mobile games, Arknights has a code exchange system that allows developers to give gifts to players by publishing codes.

To go through Arnaits, you will need various items and tools that can be obtained through gift codes. In this way, they can help you make progress.

In this regularly updated guide, we’ll show you all the active Arknights gift codes so you can redeem them in-game.

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Knight gift code

Active codes

The following codes have been identified as valid from 14. January 2021 confirmed.

  • There is currently no active code to use! Check the new codes later.

Enter the codes with the exact same capital letters as above to make them work.

If you get an error message when trying to redeem a code, it means the code has expired, you entered it incorrectly, or you are not eligible.

So far we haven’t seen any gift codes for the world version of Arknights, only for the Chinese version. In addition, we have not seen any way to exchange codes in the global version, only in the Chinese version.

To help others, please let us know if you notice any of the above codes have expired.

Expired codes

The following codes used to work, but have now expired.

  • GWSIX6JJA25P4QEK (1,200 Orundum, 20,000 LMD, 10 strategic strike plates, 200 furniture) (Chinese version only)

Gift codes are usually issued so often by game developers.

We add all new active codes to this list as soon as we find or receive notifications about them.

We therefore recommend that you check this position from time to time for new codes.

We are always happy when readers share new active codes they find or find that an active code has expired.

To redeem Archie gift codes

There is currently no known way to redeem gift codes in the global version of Arknights.

However, you can exchange the codes in the Chinese version of Arknights.

To redeem gift codes on the Chinese version of Arknights, visit the Hypergift redemption code exchange site.

Please login to your Knights of China account.

Enter the active exchange code and click Refund.

Claim the rewards in your game inbox.

See the previous section of this manual for active codes.

What aregift codes?

Gift codes are codes that developers give to players to use in their game.

When redeeming gift codes, you will receive a reward code in your inbox.

Gift codes are generally distributed when important new updates are released, holidays, special promotions or other festivities are approaching.

Gift codes expire after a certain period of time, so redeem them before it’s too late.

Since gift codes can be advertised on a variety of platforms, including in-game social media platforms, it can be difficult to find them over time.

For your convenience, we have created this code list that gives you all the active Archangel codes in one place.

Players of the game can use these codes to progress faster, so check back from time to time to see if any new codes have been released.

How to get the other codes

There is only one way to get more code into the game, and that is to wait for the developers to release new code.

Because codes can be announced on social media, in ads, directly by content creators, or in any other way, we’ve compiled this list to help you find codes.

We will add any new active code we find to this list. So you can keep an eye on the new codes by checking this post from time to time.

These are all the gift codes we have for the Knights!

If you’d like to see our list of codes for Knights of the Ark improve, let us know in the comments if you find any new active codes or if you notice some codes expiring.


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