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With this article review tool, you can create an authentic duplicated blog site article and also edit it to the minimum requirement of 30%. With this paraphrasing resource, you can easily rewrite your text message to use the same pattern and structure without repeating satisfied questions.

What is duplicate content?

According to Google, duplicate material is an exact match or even a tight block of content. Replication can be done to a single domain name or possibly to all the different domains.

It’s really that simple.

In February 2011, released Panda. The Panda project is actually about finding low quality, subtle and meaningful websites. Websites that literally copy information from various other websites in hopes of attracting traffic.

Why use this article writer?

Short rewrite articles are actually often created to reuse the same article design and outline on many blog sites. Let’s look at some examples:

press launches

You actually have a press release that you want to upload to your blog site. This press release was also sent to a number of other media and blog sites. To avoid accusations of copying, first rewrite the press release into a new specific article.

Product overview

You can also place the item description on different e-commerce pages. You can’t have the same copy on all these pages, so you can use the source to rewrite the article. You can specify the original duplicate, and then modify it to create an entirely new and different explanation of the topic than the original.

Blog Press Release

They ask in another blog post if they can use your article. Rather than having them duplicate the article, it is actually better to use a rewriter to create a brand new article template.

Text message from landing page.

You need to create a series of identical landing pages. Essentially, it’s about making sure that each page of the site has a specific piece of content. This can be difficult if the contact websites are very similar. However, this rewriter makes it easy to create a new copy for each web page.

Fines for duplicate content

Since 2011, Panda has become increasingly sophisticated, and a number of marketers are actually afraid to pay to copy Panda material. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about these fees.

Duplicate content only affects the ranking of the web page and not the authority of the domain name as a whole, which means that the web page and the duplicate content may be downgraded or, as a last resort, removed from the search engine results page.

Google is certainly not trying to harm existing businesses. You have to be hacking very dubiously to be removed from the search results.

Reusing web content is perfectly legal and we have created this article rewriter to help you improve your articles by at least 30%. It’s more than the researchers think is special, simple as that. You can not only delete or move material. The article rewriter does not allow this. You’ll definitely have to edit each paragraph.

How to stay out of the game content

Check your sitemaps and make sure you don’t have links to the same websites. Each URL is actually crawled and treated as a separate web page.

Do not copy and paste the message. Use our article rewrite resource to turn articles into brand new, unique content.

frequently asked questions

How do I rewrite an article for free?

Spinbot is a free automatic article writing software that rewrites human-readable text into readable text. If you want to remove the ads and the captcha requirement, you can also get a monthly or annual subscription that gives you unlimited use (through the website, not the API).

How do you rewrite an article?

Tips for rewriting articles

What is a rewriting tool?

A tool for rewriting articles. It is a free automatic article rewriter that rewrites any text into readable text. To use this rewriter, copy the content of the article into the text box below, and then click the Rewrite Article button. Insert article.

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