Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to complete The Infinite Noise of Men World Event

As you explore the map of Assassin’s Creed’s Valhalla to the east, you must encounter this world event. If you hear two men arguing in the distance, follow their sound and get ready to start a serious family quarrel.

Where does the infinite noise of people in the world take place?

This global event is located at the bottom of the Grantesbridgescire. It lies in the middle of a geological hill on the map where the river flows almost directly west of Walden.

Step 1 – Talk to your brothers

The first thing we have to do here is have a conversation with the brothers, who are insulting each other right now. They argue because a brother gets a big part of the barley sale. While the brother who takes the largest share claims that he owes more because of the work he puts into taxes and the organization of the sale, the other brother thinks that he owes more because without the work he puts into barley cultivation, there would be no barley.

You ask Avor’s opinion and you have a number of options. You can take one brother’s side, or you can tell them to be half-brothers. Whatever you decide, they’re going home eventually.

Step 2 – Talking to families

These brothers and their families live side by side. You can go inside and talk to almost any member of the family. It’s worth it before you talk to one of the brothers.

As soon as you talk to one of the brothers, you set the next phase of the world event in motion. If you want to get an overview of this part of England, we advise you to talk to the families first.

Step 3 – Talk to your brother

Now you have to talk to one of the brothers. It doesn’t matter which one. The brothers are both too angry to settle down, so Avor has two choices. Try to teach them some sense or make them fight.

Unfortunately, your actions have little impact. The brother you’re talking to takes to the streets and ends up in an endless fight. This fight is really going to last forever if you don’t do something about it. We took some time to see if someone would eventually give up, but whether they have the stamina of an ox or whether their skull is so thick that they can’t feel the rain beating on their face.

Step 4 – Blowing out the silo

If you’re tired of watching these brothers fight, it’s time to end the world. Nearby there is a bunker which, according to the two brothers and their families, is causing unrest. Take a bow, light an arrow on a nearby fireworks and hit the hay in the bunker.

Careful, now. The bunker will explode two seconds after ignition. There are objects in the neighborhood that also explode and set fire to the houses of both families. Make sure everyone on the ground faces the fighters before you blow up the bunker, or you could kill someone.

Step 5 – Talk to your child

Now, come and see the child cry softly in the field. She will somehow thank you for blowing up the factory that started the argument between the brothers. They will express the sad hope that things will go better now that the brothers have to start over.

The only reward in this quest is XP, and the disturbing feeling is that some of the family members you’ve just seen may not survive the winter. But maybe you can discover new skills.

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