Avermedia PW 313 Webcam Review & Ratings

Today, the game is no longer limited to a single screen. People like to watch players play their favorite games on popular video platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and others. For good communication with the audience, the ideal webcam now plays an important role in the exchange of emotions. Here, the search for a powerful webcam equipped with streamers becomes a challenge. To save you time and effort, here is the review of the Avermedia PW 313 webcam. If you are looking for a decent webcam to broadcast game videos, read this report to the end.

Avermedia PW 313:Webcam Features

The PW 313 is a webcam with tripod. It is robust and the design focuses on comfort when changing the viewing angle while driving. The housing consists of three main parts: the head, the camera cap and the tripod at the bottom. The camera head is located in an area that can be rotated 360 degrees. You can move the camera left or right in a full circle. This function is ideal for streaming and completely eliminates the problem of static fixed media. No matter where you install it, on a computer monitor or tripod, turn the camera for the best viewing angle. You can also move the camera forward/backward and left/right.

Avermedia PW 313 magazine

The second main section of the PW 313 housing is the stator. You can put it on your desk or attach it to the screen. If you want a much better view, use a tripod. Avermedia PW 313 was developed with the idea of making streaming very easy. In addition, the PW 313 is a good choice for videoconferencing. It is a mistake to conclude that the Avermedia PW 313 is reserved for streaming video games. To ensure confidentiality instead of relying on software settings, the Avermedia PW 313 is equipped with a camera cover. A simple sliding shutter to fix the view of the camera, but it does not cut off the microphone.

Avermedia PW 313 magazine

Avermedia PW 313 magazine

In general, the Avermedia PW 313 has all the essential elements to facilitate streaming. I still recommend using a second microphone for a cleaner sound if you prefer to speak professionally. Otherwise, the Avermedia PW 313 has all the ingredients, starting with streaming the game.

Avermedia PW 313 Webcam configuration and video quality:

The PW 313 is a camera with a USB 2.0 interface. She writes to [secure email] for podcasting, streaming and games. The quality of the video stream is decent and depends largely on the speed of the Internet. HD streams require a fast internet connection. Otherwise, the Avermedia PW 313 records the video in decent quality. However, recording is not a problem for data streaming, as it is said that a high speed internet is needed. The image and video quality is also better in good lighting, but the quality is not very good in bad lighting.

Avermedia PW 313 magazine

Avermedia also offers the CamEngine software. If you want camera filters, effects or portrait improvements, you can download them for free from the official website. And if you don’t want to overload your computer with tools, try CamEngine Lite for basic video settings. With CamEngine, you can easily improve and adjust the quality of power. Add filters to have fun and entertain your audience.


Avermedia PW 313 magazine

The PW 313 does not confuse the user with additional settings unless they are necessary. When everything is ready, connect the camera and play it. Or CamEngine is free to download. The PW 313 costs $79.99 (about 7750 INR), which seems to be a huge price. But if you look at the function, the design and the quality of the video, you can see that it fits well within your budget. With this webcam you can pay more attention to the quality and less to the settings. Speaking of negative aspects, it doesn’t have enough power to improve image quality in low light.

Nice camera ready to use

  • Power quality 9
  • Project 9
  • Microphone 8
  • Low light loss 5
  • Installation and assembly 8
  • Confidentiality 9

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