Battlefield 2021 Unverified Leak – Battlefield 5 Games Guide

Let me start by saying this, take everything I say with a grain of salt. My source knows an insider at Dice LA who is involved in testing. My source has not seen or played the game. I know this sounds like my friend’s uncle’s cousin works at Nintendo, so take that as you will. I personally have no idea if what I am about to tell you is true and I cannot verify it in any way. My source has never leaked anything to me either, but I trust them and don’t believe they have reason to lie. We’ll know the truth once the game is officially revealed.

Battlefield 2021 is indeed set in 2030, but that alone doesn’t describe the setting well enough. The world has been more or less destroyed by weather changing technology and a second cold war between the US and Russia. You do play as soldiers of fallen nations, as Tom Henderson claimed. These fallen nations form the primary backdrop of the cards in the game. The setting of the maps will look like war torn, post-apocalyptic or destroyed by natural disasters/reclaimed by nature. Not all fallen nations have a card in play. Every fallen country is allied with either the US or Russia. Japan, South Korea and Israel, for example, are allied with the US. China and Iran are allies of Russia. My source insisted and says Tom Henderson is wrong. The game will launch with 13 maps with an additional map to be released a month later. All maps are set in Eurasia. They are set in Central/Eastern Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. The Middle East and Europe are covered more. None of the launch maps are set in North or South America, Africa or Russia. The US and Russia are not fighting each other directly on any of the maps. Players can choose from a wide variety of factions from each side on each map. However, not all factions will be available for every map. All maps are mainly designed around conquest by 128 players.

Game spots:

  • No vehicle spawn screen. You have to go to a vehicle to get it. You are automatically switched to a vehicle-specific class as soon as you enter it. This does not apply to transport vehicles.
  • Conquest is a little different now. You still conquer and defend points, dispose of tickets and spawn on your conquered points. But there are a host of side goals that pop up throughout the game. These goals appear when a certain number of tickets are reached for each team, but they appear in a random order during each game. Multiple targets appear simultaneously. My source did not specify what all of these goals would be, but they were told about some of them. Completing these objectives will earn you points and benefits. For example, there’s a hacking objective where you hack a device and it reveals the enemy player’s location on a large chunk of the map around that device. The enemy can disable and even destroy this target. There is another objective where you must capture information from a designated location in enemy territory and bring it back to a designed area near your flags. This information will reveal information about how many enemy players are on each of the surrounding flags and which flags are marked for attack/defense. It will also give you the timer for when each vehicle of these flags will spawn. This is all timed. There is another goal where you get a flag (a literal flag) that you can plant in one of the many designated spots. This becomes a new mini conquest point for you to spawn on and it affects ticket burning. The enemy must conquer it to make it disappear. There is another objective where you place an explosive on an enemy conquest flag and it will temporarily disappear. This means they can’t spawn on it and it doesn’t help them bleed tickets. The bombs site usually appears on enemy give me flags. The bomb is timed so that the enemy can disarm it. This goal allows a few players to take over a conquest point with many more players. There are more secondary goals. They are supposed to make each round very dynamic.
  • Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon will all return as classes, but each class will have multiple subclasses that will have different gadgets, perks and/or weapons. Not all classes have the same number of subclasses. Assault has 2 subclasses while Support has 4. The subclasses each play a different role on the battlefield.
  • They tested 4 player, 5 player and 6 player squads.
  • They’ve tested limiting squad spawning to just the squad leader.
  • The spawn screen shows the number of players on your team in each class and subclass. They tested whether the number of players in each class could be tied to an upper and lower limit.
  • Attrition system and squad revives are gone from Battlefield 5 are gone. Only medics can do CPR. There is a defibrillator recharge time for CPR like in Battlefield 4. But you can’t revive a player before and players will always be revived with 100% health.
  • Squad spawn screen from Battlefield 4 makes a return.
  • The game will feature weapons dating back to the Cold War era to prototype weapons currently in development.
  • The game will feature powerful weapons and gadgets as combat pickups on the maps. They will always be in fixed places on the maps.

The battle royale is being developed by Dice LA and should launch sometime in March 2022.

Again, take it all with a very small grain of salt. Lynch me online if this all turns out to be nonsense.

Source: Original link

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