Best Augment synergies in Legends of Runeterra

Augmenting is a new keyword introduced with the latest expansion, Cosmic Creation. This new keyword is dedicated to Piltover and Fence, and encourages players to try crazy combinations by giving their units different card decks. Here are some of the best synergies to help your enhanced devices reach their true potential.

How does the surcharge work?

Before we come to the best synergies, let’s get something straight. If there is an extended card in play, the device with the extended card gets +1|+0 each time you play a created card. A created card is a card that wasn’t in your deck at first. For example, the Hex Core upgrade that the winner generates in each round counts as a created card and gives him this bonus every time he plays.

Which Piltover and Fence cards do I need?

The four additional cards that should be in your deck are Viktor, Armed Gearhead, Ballistic Bot and Calculated Creations. Of these, the strongest card in the supplement is the Ballistic Bone. This 2-cost card will make a card for you that will damage 1 cell each turn. There is no limit to the value that can be purchased with this card. Every time you use this spell, all your Augment units get one attack. If you have two of these cards on the board, your attack strength will skyrocket.

The armed warhead is incredibly useful in the event of a rapid attack. As long as you keep improving it, Quick Attack makes sure it never loses when you have an Attack Chit.

Robot assembly can be expensive at the beginning of the game, without any advantage. When you start casting multiple spells per turn, +1|+1 per spell makes that unit incredibly strong, especially with the number of spells the other units will generate.

Victor’s not exactly the master of the finals. It also gets +1|+1 after the upgrade. At this point, however, his Hex Core upgrade, which gives him a random keyword every turn, makes him incredibly strong. When you combine this with the mechanized mimic, this device gets all the keywords on the board, so if you generate 5 keywords through the upgrade, the mimic gets them all forever. Although this is a solid profit, the 5 mana cost of the Mimic is a high price to pay for a 3|3 unit.

Calculated creations is a useful spell to make sure you have extra units in the game, and if you already have one on the board, playing this spell will give you a boost.

Another spell needed for more synergy is the MK-1 Death Ray. This spell inflicts 1 damage and provides an improved version in the first 3 cards of your game. The updated version of the spells allows you to buffer your staged followers and constantly damage your team for at least 3 roles.

Which regions would have the best synergies?


Targon is the best region for these synergies, simply because of the keyword, which, like the addition, can only be found in one region. With the call, you can hold 1 of the 3 star charts in your hand. These cards, since they didn’t start in your deck, are created cards. What you are looking for are units and spells that constantly provide you with new maps.

Because the targon offers many more options, we can choose the cards that work best. You need Zoe first. Not only does Zoe generate a Supercool Starchart when she attacks a Nexus, but this card also generates another card that offers twice as many possibilities, not to mention the general keywords she offers when she goes up a level. Zoe has to pick a card.

Lonely and moon-shaped priestesses are also good choices. You’ll need to play stronger followers as the game progresses, and Solari allows you to have a driveway of cards as you make new cards. Since you will almost always play at least two cards per turn, the keyword Moon Twilight will be activated as the game progresses. Just like the Disaster map, the Starshaping map is also very useful. Of course you have to concentrate on the cheap spells, these stronger cards are an extra bonus.


Noxus is especially useful for 1 champion and his keywords, Riven and Reforge. Reforge is a key word that places a random piece of leaf in the player’s hand. This spell is created, and if it strengthens the unity, an elevation is also created. Switching devices continuously creates opportunities to initiate the raise.

You have to add all the redefinition cards, Riven, Squire Blade, Ranweaver and Weapon Hilt. Each of them constantly gives you more and more leaf fragments to generate, and when you’ve used all three, you get the Blade or Exile card, an even stronger generated card. It goes to your strongest part that you want to keep alive.

While other cards are self-evident and only bring a fragment, Riven has the potential to grow and brings a fragment every time you have an attack currency, which means you even get another fragment as a team. They need to focus on keeping Riven in the field and alive.

Raising is an incredibly versatile key word that can pay off if played carefully. The main goal is to build your add-ons, but keep in mind that this strategy will fail if you don’t have other solid modules to take over.

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