Best Burial Gifts in Dark Souls 3 (All Ranked) –

Funeral gifts are a working theme in games of the soul. So you can choose an item that will give you a little boost at the beginning of the game.

While there is no other option than the Dark Souls 1 master key, DS3 still has a nice selection of useful tools!

But as with all dark souls, not all options are created equal. So we’re going to classify every funeral gift, starting now!

9. Red eye, broken ball

The invasion occurs mostly in the early games, so you would think they would be higher.

The trick is that it’s impossible to penetrate the high wall, and that’s where you can get a red eyeball – not a cracked one, but an infinitely useful version.

You do this through Leonhardt’s quest line, which you find in Firelink after lighting the second bonfire on the high wall.

After just 3 steps of the quest line, you can enter the red eyeball itself and conquer the contents of your heart!

That makes this funeral gift redundant, but there are other options.

8. Hidden Blessing

If you’ve seen our list of best consumables, you know I’m not a fan of blessings.

And the worst part, the blessing in disguise, just doesn’t exist.

If you have any control over the legacy of your ashes, you will never need this article. It’s a disposable product, highly specialized and, frankly, fairly useless.

Even if you only do one spell, you probably don’t need a hidden blessing – it’s that weak.

7. Divine Blessing

Let’s get rid of those two.

Divine blessings are the HP version of the hidden blessings – they heal you completely and cure the ills of the state.

It’s not as bad as a hidden blessing, but you still only get one. It’s a complete cure.

It can save your life in an emergency, but it’s so limited and situation-specific that you forget you have it, take it when you don’t need it, or think it’s too good to use.

And on a rare occasion, he saves your life – cool! But now he’s gone…

6. Soul without power

Soul is another one of those pop-it-and-forget-it situations, except this one really has a lasting effect!

The soul, as you can imagine, gives you souls – 2,000 of them!

Which is a pretty premature play.

You can use it to buy materials or supplies in advance, or even to get a few extra levels that allow you to build your building sooner!

However, you can always take a few extra minutes of shower if you want. They are literally the easiest in the game.

5. Ring of life

Ring of Life is a good choice for players who are honest with themselves and expect an extra move here and there.

The engine gives +7% maximum HP, which in many situations can make the difference between life and death!

The momentum it provides also means you don’t have to raise your HP this early, so you can invest your stats elsewhere!

And since the rings from the first game are limited, you’ll probably be wearing them for a long time, so treat yourself to a funeral gift.

It may not be the smartest or the most interesting, but it is reliable!

4. Black fireballs

Black firebombs are one of those things you’ll probably never buy, but you’ll be glad you did.

It’s really useful to have them against different enemies, but they’re especially effective at taking out teleporter dogs and pus kings early in the game.

If you use them on pus, you also get a handful of shards of the first Titanites! Then you can strengthen your weapons, and that’s a little earlier.

Additionally, this fire detonates a piece of Gandyr during its second phase, which is very good for new players.

And it’s not just a beginner’s game – if you swap a black firebomb with a crow on Firelink, you get a piece of Titanite!

3. Gold coin

Gold coins are incredibly powerful and very limited, they are perfect for the player who wants to build their race around a specific rare drop.

If you need one, get a mass of 100 objects for 60 seconds.

And the icing on the cake? You get seven. That’s more than all the gold coins in the entire game – including the DLC!

2. Young white branch

The white branch is more of a quality of life decision, but it’s incredible nonetheless.

On paper a disposable chameleon seems useless, but this branch is not !

Instead, it’s an automatic peace offering to the giant of the Undead Colony, which means he’ll never turn his massive arrows on you!

Of course, you could talk to him before going to the curse of the big rotten tree, but this item saves you a trip and makes the game so much easier to play in the beginning.

1. Flint

Well, our first choice: Firestone.

If you look at our list of the best potions, the raw potions are best for the beginning of the game, because by increasing your meager physical stats, you won’t affect the damage to your weapons much!

The fire bead circumvents this problem by taking all the scale out of your weapon and instead giving you a great deal of fire damage.

This allows you to free up your initial levels of play for much more useful stats like vitality or stamina.

Also, fire damage (like firebombs) completely disables human jerks and dogs, which can be the most frustrating enemies at low levels!

frequently asked questions

What is the best funeral gift for Dark Souls 3?

This is the best gift for a funeral in Dark Souls III – Game Travelers.

What is the best funeral gift for a knight?


What is the best class for Dark Souls 3?

If you have experience with Dark Souls and want to focus on spells, Wizard is the best class to start with.

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