Best Cars That You Can Drive In The Game

Watch Dogs’ best cars: The Legion offers you the comfort of your bed while travelling at the speed of sound. Not only are these cars great, but they also let you escape attackers and other people who want to hurt you. This guide will show you the best Watch Dogs cars: The legion.

Best cars among the guard dogs: Legion

Almost every car you see on Watch Dogs: The Legion has a real analog from which it draws inspiration, but that does not mean that the game machines work and behave like real cars. These are the best Watch Dogs cars: The Legion ensures that you arrive at your destination not only in style but also quickly.

These are the best Watch Dogs cars: The legion:

  1. Espionage wagon – Atterley Fair

This car defines a classic James Bond car with gadgets and many possibilities. It’s the best car you can have in the game because it can even be invisible. If you want to know how to unlock a spy car, you can do it here.

It is also one of the Watch Dogs’ most stable and fastest cars: A legion capable of firing missiles and destroying enemies. Don’t forget to bring this machine to run the game.

  1. Ultra 8 Oscuro


If you want a car that looks like it has all the features of a bat mobile and at the same time gives you one of the best on the road, the Oscuro Ultra 8 is the car for you.

Like a racing car, it is fast and noisy and attracts the attention of everyone in the neighborhood. It may not be very good for the camouflage, but as an escape vehicle it is good. You can find him on the streets of London.

  1. The Valais EK 7

The Vale EK 7 is the highest style icon among watchdogs: Legionnaire, the De Vale Ek 7 shares are very similar to those of the Aston Martin DB11 to make him one of the best engineers in Britain.

To get the De Vale EK 7, you have to go to the south side of the palace and look for it there. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for it to multiply on the streets of London.

  1. Targ 536-TT

The Targ 536-TT wraps the British flag like a Jaguar Austin Power. The car is an excellent means of transport and one of the few cars that drives exactly the way you want. It’s not that fast, but it’s a great fashion statement.

The car looks great and you can see it rolling in the game over and over again. Some attention, don’t forget to check Targ the next time you see it.

  1. Cardinal of Valais

The British are proud of their cars because they have long been a symbol of pride and wealth and one of these cars in Watch Dogs: The legion is Cardinal De Vail. Sounds like a Rolls-Royce dream, but with a futuristic update.

Moreover, it does not cry out at all for secrecy, but there is a certain pride in having to drive one of the most expensive and elegant cars of the game. Cardinal De Vale can be found in the game in the centre of London.

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  1. Salon Diemar DM50

Diemar screams very effectively because it is one of the best cars you can use when you try to escape from the police and other people. Diemar will immediately zoom in on the others and will be difficult to follow, although the whole city is under surveillance.

The best thing about this car is that it’s not that rare and you can happen to get it in the streets of London. Don’t forget to check the pubs and cafes outside, as there is always one parked nearby.

  1. Conqueror of the rocks


If you’re being chased by a bunch of drones and thugs, the Landrock Conqueror is a car that makes you feel safer. Judging by its appearance, it gives a real sense of security, while performance is not the ideology behind it.

The Landrock Conqueror is one of the safest cars you can touch when you’re hit, but its huge size and volume also makes it one of the slowest cars that turns and may seem a little strange to you in a chase.

  1. Referee Matarhorn

The Matarhorn Arbiter is a vehicle for Albion, which is only fair because of its size and performance. Even if it is not the fastest car, it can beat the game a little, which gives a sense of strength and power.

Judge Matarhorn is usually led by Albion’s henchmen, and of course it will never be easy or straightforward to get him. We advise you to only try this car for the pleasure of the chase, which will bring the car back if you have stolen it.

  1. Talos Vitta Hot

So far Watchdogs have had a lot of hatchbacks: Legion, this one looks very futuristic and feels like a racing car. It looks like something the police can evade while giving you a lot of comfort and confidence on the road.

Talos is ideal for a hacker who needs to look like a normal citizen and remotely monitor and hack everything. We had a lot of fun with Talos Vitta Hot, and we think you should try it too.

  1. Arch 50

Mini Cooper is the pride of London, and he appears in the game as Arch 50. He is fast, agile and very fun to drive in the game. With Bogen 50 you can make tight turns and close tight spots.

The arc 50 is not the fastest or one of the most powerful, but we liked it because it seemed original in the aesthetics of the game as it was designed. The last piece of the puzzle in Watch Dogs: Legion, the Ark 50 is a nice thing to drive.

These are the best cars you can use in the Watch Dogs: Legion, these cars give you the opportunity to see a part of London with a blurred perspective as you zoom further through the streets of the game.

If you liked those cars, you’d definitely want to see the weirdest characters in Watch Dogs: The legion. They will make you laugh or make you doubt your own motives, but they are still very amusing.

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