Best Chrono Trigger ROM Hacks Of All Time –

Trigger Chrono combines the talents of cartoonist Akira Toriyama, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Hori and Final Fantasy mastermind Hironobu Sakaguchi – and their talented minds have not disappointed.

After years of watching Crono save the world, it’s hard to feel the same excitement I felt when I downloaded this classic – but I found a new passion for it thanks to ROM hacking.

They add new content and features to the game that bring the experience to life and remind me of the first time I played Chrono Trigger.

Let me show you a few of my favorites.

12. Coliseum Trigger Chronograph

Screenshot of Colosseum Trigger Chrono game

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Everyone knows that the best way to test your powers in a medieval fantasy world is in the Coliseum.

Chrono Trigger Coliseum allows you to do exactly that in your favorite SNES RPG.

This is one of the most difficult hacks with many difficult levels over three levels.

You can participate in the Coliseum alone or in a group and get great rewards depending on your level in the competition. You need to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of TC combat if you want to make it.

The only thing I don’t like about this hack is that you have to go through about a third of the game to get to the coliseum.

11. Main application

Master Quest game

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Some pirates try to do a little bit of everything – and Chrono Trigger: Master Quest is one of them.

This little hack modifies a few small things to give the game a facelift and increase its difficulty.

Some characters, including Magus, Flea, Dalton, and Heckran, change their color palette to their official works. You’ll also find more links to future Chrono Cross events, and the dialogue remains more consistent in style throughout the story.

It also restores some tracks from the game’s soundtrack, namely the Battlefront 2 and Singing Mountain tracks.

In addition to the basic hack files, you will also find a junior version that gives you access to all these interesting changes, but leaves the complexity intact.

10. Platinum chrono trigger

Screenshot of Chrono Trigger Platinum

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The original Chrono Trigger is not known for its great complexity.

In fact, by most standards, it’s pretty simple.

Therefore, it is not surprising that sophisticated game pirates are in high demand.

Chrono Trigger Platinum is one of the best because it manages to increase the difficulty while maintaining a certain balance.

Enemies are hit much harder now. The mutants Uber, Yakkra XIII, Queen Zilo and a few others doubled both their HP and offensive capacity.

Of course, this patch also removes most of the heroics from the game – so there’s no cheating on those bosses.

What’s the point of hacking a problem if you can get away with cheating?

9. Publication of the chronograph

Chrono trigger deconcentration set

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An obvious but entertaining way to breathe new life into an old classic is to write a parody, and ROM piracy is the perfect vehicle for this humorous literary genre.

Chrono Trigger Devolution reads like a script for a shortened version of the anime on YouTube.

The characters are crazy and surprisingly far from reality, but they manage to remain inseparable from their original identities. The story remains surprisingly readable despite the presence of a cast of crazy girls.

It’s absurd, but I like it.

You’re gonna laugh about this. And probably everything else.

8. Fixed chronograph trigger type (Lavos alarm)

Chrono Trigger Hard Type (Lavos Awakening) Gameplay

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If you’re looking for a hack to creatively power your Chrono Trigger game, this is a must.

Lavos’ Awakening increases the difficulty of the game by rebalancing the various enemies, moves and objects.

One of the fundamental changes in this ROM hack is the increased importance of double and triple techniques, which now do much more damage than non-combined movements.

Teamwork between your characters is necessary to move the campaign forward.

This hacking will be difficult for anyone, even TC veterans – but if you’re careful, you’ll be fine. Pick out your opponent’s weaknesses and rely on the Crono satellites for the best results.

That, and maybe put the game on hold so you have time to think about it.

7. Chronograph output 1.01

Screenshot of the game Chrono Trigger 1.01

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If you are looking for a subtle but significant improvement to your favorite square game, consider Chrono Trigger 1.01.

This hack brings both general improvements and minor challenges.

In particular, it expands the technical descriptions, fixes some bugs, and lets you choose whether you want to play a standard or low-level game.

The difficulty is that the money is getting tighter and the AI is getting much sharper. Some enemies are much harder, but most remain relatively the same.

This version of Chrono Trigger also includes some improvements and additions in New Game +, including the ability to fight an Octator enemy.

6. Chronograph publication +

Chrono Trigger + Gameplay

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Chrono Trigger+ aims to create the ultimate version of Chrono Trigger – at least until Nintendo decides it’s time to release a new remake.

This super hack of the ROM restores the cut content and makes the progression in the game much less linear. It also adds a number of quality of life improvements that you won’t want to give up after trying.

He restores the Octopus, Johnny and the Frog King as enemies that can be fought in the game, as well as a whole vanished Roarer dungeon. There are many other new scenarios waiting for you.

You’ll also enjoy Lucca’s new guns and bullets, all recovered from the game’s file sources.

5. Correction of chronograph trick errors and reading of box

Error correction of the Chrono Trigger and Sensor Removal Set Patch

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As the name suggests, this essential hack is intended to correct many bugs that have appeared since the game’s release and to remove any trace of censorship in Ted Woolsey’s English translation.

It restores references to alcohol, prayer, demonic entities and more.

You’ll notice a much more flirtatious Ayla, and Crono may even have a hangover at some point.

The hack also restores some of the text present in the original Japanese script, which is important for linking the game to Chrono Cross without touching the author’s work.

Another important feature is the suppression of capital letters in character names. No more weird dialogue!

4. Publication of the complete chronograph

Activating the chronograph Full screen recording

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Most of us fell in love with Chrono Trigger because of its incredible story and magnetic characters, but that doesn’t mean the script is flawless.

The CTC is trying to clean it up and adapt it to the modern division of roles.

He also developed it, combining Ted Woolsey’s original translation with the expanded script of the DS remake.

The creator of the hack took the liberty of setting up additional scenes with different actors to complete their characters. There are also other links to Chrono Cross.

3. Shala number

Screenshot of a game from the Schala series

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Everyone has their own opinion on the best way to play Chrono Trigger.

For some, it is a matter of Shala.

In addition to cleaning up Ted Woolsey’s original translation, this hack adds small details to the script that accentuate the differences between the different eras – especially the Dark Ages.

Another important change is that Shala can escape from the Ocean Palace. It is now alive and available for interaction as the story unfolds.

This patch will also introduce new items, mechanics, enemies and even dungeons.

Unfortunately, the Schala edition lacks New Game+, but it’s still a refreshing version of an old classic.

2. Betrayal of the Prophet

The game of the sly prophet

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One of the best characters in Chrono Trigger is Magus, and I’ve always wished he was sharper in the original game.

The Prophet’s cunning answers my prayers and makes this dark wizard even more alive.

You might even find some sympathy for the devil in you.

It starts right after the first fight with Magus in the original. You take control of the boss after he was fired at 12,000 BC. There you will devote yourself to his ascent to power – converting the queen and silencing any opposition to his path of prophetic zeal.

These are two long chapters and an excellent addition to the base game history.

1. Flame of eternity

Screenshot Flame of Eternity

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Flames of Eternity is by far Chrono Trigger’s most ambitious hack – featuring several hours of high-quality, fan-created content that bridges the gap between the original CT and its successor, Chrono Cross.

This hack of the ROM is more like a brand new game than a simple modification.

It has brand new content, including new sprites, new music, new scripts and much more.

The story that follows Magus’ account of the fall of the Zealots is certainly not a literary work of art – but it is intriguing and a good reason to return to Chrono Trigger.

Flames of Eternity is a full version of an old hack called Crimson Echoes – but the controversy stems from the fact that the creator of FoE technically plagiarized CE, even though CE was shut down by Square-Enix.

Pirating ROMs can be a very lucrative business.

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