Best Classic Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Sets

For a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! Enthusiasts were inspired to make a trading card game in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when the original anime was first released. The fans’ favourite characters, Yugi, Seto Kaibi and Joey, were introduced right now, along with their precious Yu-Gi-Oh! Sample decks with them. The dark wizard Yugi, the blue-eyed white dragon Kaibi and the red-eyed black dragon Joey went crazy and brought back many childhood memories.

Since then, the official team of Yu-Gi-Oh! Card games have come a long way, but the iconic card games of the early days had a huge impact on the genesis of Yu-Gi-Oh! the game it is today. This guide presents the best and most nostalgic Yu-Gi-Oh! card game classics from the early days of the game, emphasizing the prestige, power and total value of the original classics.

8. Starting bridge: Pegasus

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The main antagonist of the original anime, Pegasus, turned out to be a thorn in the side of the dualists who wanted to defeat him. He left on the bridge, along with an army of cartoon characters, including Toon Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Pegasus was feared by many, and his starting deck captures his power well.

7. Metal hunter Image via

Metal Raiders is the second set ever released for Yu-Gi-Oh! and it was a good set. For many, it was a package that introduced many new players into the game. Some of the most famous cards are Catapult Turtle, Kazejin, Solemn Judgment, Mirror Power, and even a competition for Red-Eyed Black Dragon – Black Dragon Skull.

6. Starting bridge: Joey Image via

Joey Wheeler, a good friend and ally of Yuga, also inspired the iconic Starter Deck: Joey. Joey’s most popular monster in his game was the red-eyed Black Dragon, which was inspired by the sound of blue eyes. Other notable entries in this set are the soldier penguin and the scapegoat.

5. Sorcerer’s Rule Image via

The Spell Rule game, formerly known as the Magic Rule, has introduced many of the best spell cards the game has ever seen, depending on where you bought the spells. Card types include Ritual Game Cards, Ritual Monsters, and Quick Game Cards. This is especially true for monsters and spelling cards such as Let Go, Thun of the World, Mystic Space Typhoon and Forced Guardian.

4. Starting bridge: Kaybi Image via

A dragon to rule them all, the Blue-Eyed White Dragon, Kaibi’s most precious monster, is the main feature of the starting bridge. Kaibi is also Yugi’s rival, because they had a lot of fights between them throughout the anime. Other notable cards in this game are Lord D. and Flute of the Rising Dragons.

3. Magical force Image via

Power of the Mage was released in 2003 and contains the monster that Yugi brought to Kaibi and his blue-eyed white dragon, the Black Paladin. In addition, this set contains the Dark Magic Girl, the Magic Warrior Destroyer and the XYZ Dragon Cannon, to name but a few. The magical power set is a favorite among many others.

2. Starting bridge: Yugi Image via

This is no more a classic card game than a card game based on the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh! and the fact that this is the first Yu-Gi-Oh! starting card game ever released (along with the Seto-Kaibi card game). Released in 2002, this set includes Yugi’s most iconic series, including Dark Mage, Gaia the Fierce Knight and Generalized Skull, to name but a few.

1. Legend of the white blue-eyed dragon Image via

The first set ever, and the set that started it all. The cards contain the black magician, the dragon champion Gaia, the blue-eyed (of course), and even the legendary Exodus, whose incredibly rare body parts were scattered among the lucky ones who managed to pull them out of the pack.

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