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Final Fantasy 13 is a great game with stunning graphics, good voice acting and a brilliant musical score.

The timeless story of a humble group fighting against tyrannical leaders determined to destroy all life.

While some criticized the linear gameplay, others praised the in-depth tactical systems. And when you first pick it up, dive into the battle formation system and play with different combinations of weapons and items to unlock the perfect skill for your group.

To help you in the early parts of FF13, I’ve compiled a list of the best weapons and accessories that unlock passive skills, and enhance your character traits.

Lightning – Gladius

A versatile and easy to carry sword. This is an oversized version of a much smaller dagger.

This cute little knife gun is in the second chapter of the treasure room.

By combining his great attack power with two powerful handcuffs, our main character gains strength and unlocks a physical wall skill of 10; he absorbs 10 damage with each physical attack!

It’s the perfect first choice for Lighting in a command role, allowing him to inflict tank damage and launch a sustained attack on any enemy unreasonable enough to cross your path!

Saj – Deneb Duellers

Lacking any special features, many people love this rifle for its simple and robust design.

This pair of weapons you get early is an excellent choice for our resident synergist.

Soot from weapons tends to emphasize one physical or magical attack, to the detriment of the other. And these puppies tend to be magical, which makes them perfect for the role of pest controller!

Since Sazh is such a min-maxer (no point count), why not follow the move and give him one or two magic marks? This can further strengthen the magic attack and also give it a magic wall! It’s like a physical wall, so this ability absorbs some of the damage from the magical attacks meant for it.

Hope – Ninurta

Designed with performance balance in mind, this boomerang intentionally avoids the extreme features of competing models.

Honestly, the first game with Hope is a bit lonely on the weapons front.

You have his Airwing starting pistol until chapter 4! But if you have Ninurta, the game changes for Hope.

He has a good magic attack, and the combination with one or two silver bracelets helps his weak HP and gives him a physical wall.

Hope easily becomes the best wizard in the group and usually ends up as the favorite member of the group in the endgame.

But for the first game, it takes a bit of learning time before you understand it. Especially if you’re trying not to get to 0 HP at the beginning of a fight.

So give him these silver bracelets and a physical wall and you’ll see him at his best!

Snow – power of circle

Using the latest military AMP technology, this emblem increases the physical strength of the wearer.

The snow. Snow, snow, snow. The stereotype of the kind-hearted, good-hearted hero!

As a kind of antithesis to hope, snow is a matter of LS and physicality. And his Power Circle weapon underlines it!

You get that bad boy right from the start of the game. And he can be with you all the way to the end!

For accessories, I would choose two iron bracelets or two power bracelets to compliment them.

The iron bracelets further increase his monstrous HP and give him a high peak power (if his HP is above 90%, his physical and magical attacks are enhanced).

Power’s handcuffs turn his fists from concrete blocks into granite!

Socket – Sheet

These weapons are used for both hunting and traditional martial arts.

A simple description for a simple weapon. Sometimes a direct approach is preferable.

Fang is the last member of the group, and his Lance knife comes in handy.

Superior attack power and physical wall skill can be unlocked by adding a pair of powerful bracelets – further increasing Fang’s excellent physical attack speed!

Fang makes an excellent commando or guard. But if you prefer Sentinel over Commando, I’d probably trade the bracelets for two black bracelets, which gives him physical power plus a physical wall.

Swords and bullets are bouncing off her!

Vanilla – Connection stick

This unusual weapon, cast from high-strength wire, can be used to attack enemies from medium distance.

An energetic and popular woman! Sometimes – in the vast majority of dystopian stories – Vanill is a spark of light that dispels shadows.

With your starting weapons you can easily advance to the next stages of the game.

The statistics may appear biased when compared to physical statistics (if they explicitly target castrates). But we must not forget that their primary role will always be that of saboteur.

Applying silver bracelets early avoids most damage thanks to the physical wall.

The HP boost from these bracelets will also keep her safe while casting weakening spells on your opponents, as Vanilla retreats and leans on her wand while her henchmen – wait, I mean her friends! – Doing all the dirty work for them.

frequently asked questions

What is the best weapon in Final Fantasy 13?

Weapon Alignment – Final Fantasy XIII Wiki Guide – IGN

What is the best weapon for lightning in ff13?

Lightning is a great command at the beginning of the game, but he can turn into a Plague, a Medic, or even a Sentinel as the game progresses. Whatever you choose, I think it’s the most versatile weapon in Lionheart.

Where is Lionheart ff13?

The Lionheart is now available in Plaut’s workshop and can be found under Axe Blade and the Word of Life. This provides players with a large but cheap 28,000 Gil, allowing Lightning to immediately equip it in the future.

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