Best Gengar Build in Pokémon UNITE

Here’s a build for a Gengar that will beat every other Gengar in the game 100% of the time.  It has the same power as a Hypno Gengar, and the same speed as a Gengar.  It also has a pretty good special attack, which is usually a problem for Gengar.  Not only that, but this Gengar has the ability to attack first, which will make your opponent’s Pokemon faint right away.  By the way, this is titled “Best Gengar Build in Pokémon UNITE” because it is the best build for a Gengar in the Pokémon UNITE game.

Gengar is a monster who can cause you trouble. When you are going to battle Gengar, you have to think about the good and bad. If you look at Gengar’s stats, it shows that it is very strong. It has a very high attack and defence. It is also very fast and can dodge any attack. It is also good in catching the opponent. It can look very cute when it is catching the opponent.

When it comes to competitive Pokemon, there are a few things that make a team really stand out. Perhaps you’re a die hard fan, wanting to show off your favorite Pokémon in a variety of unique ways. Perhaps you just love reimagining the popular team archetypes in new ways. Either way, there are several Pokemon that are arguably just as important to competitive building as the actual Pokemon themselves.

Best Gengar Build in Pokémon UNITE

One of my favorite Pokémon is Gengar. I know that’s meant to be scary, but look at how round and purple it is! It’s fantastic! I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with that face? Well, it’s definitely a mood killer for whomever it’s throwing cursed flames at, but fortunately, you’re not on the receiving end of that. Here’s how to make the greatest Gengar build in Pokémon UNITE, complete with the best Items that are currently being held, Battle Equipment, and Moveset.

Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar are classic glass cannons; they can’t take a punch for the life of them, but they’re right up there with the big boys when it comes to damage-dealing. A strong Gengar build capitalizes on its damaging potential while also addressing the character’s poor durability. If you go that way, Gengar is a great jungler. The objective is to get to level 7 as soon as possible so that the powers may be upgraded. After then, depending on the match’s circumstances, you may assist either the top or bottom lane.

On our Pokémon UNITE tier list, Gengar is one of the highest-rated Pokémon. If you want to know how Gengar compares to the competition, be sure to check it out.

In Pokémon UNITE, the best Gengar build is

In Pokémon UNITE, this is the greatest Gengar build:

  • X Attack or Eject Button are battle items.
  • Wise Glasses, Special Atk Specs, and Shell Bell
  • Hex+, Sludge Bomb+ are included in the moveset.

Battle Items

When it comes to Battle Items for Gengar, you have a few choices. The X Attack is a good choice if you want to emphasize pure attack damage. It’s a popular choice in lower-level games because you can outplay almost everyone just by putting out a lot of DPS. As you progress through the rankings, you may want to try out equipment like Eject Button and X Speed to gain even greater mobility. Gengar, on the other hand, is already very mobile, thus it may not be required.

Held Items

For your Hold Items, you’ll want to start with the Wise Glasses, which will increase Gengar’s special attack even further. Skirmishes are brought to a fast and decisive end by powerful movements. Second, you’ll need a Shell Bell to recover yourself whenever a special move connects. Gengar will be able to remain in the thick of things for a little longer as a result of this. Finally, after you score a goal, you’ll want to use Sp. Atk Specs to increase Gengar’s Sp. Atk. As usual, attempt to level up all of your Held Items as soon as possible!

Gengar best Held Items Pokemon Unite


In Pokémon UNITE, you may choose between two movesets for Gengar: Hex and Sludge or Dream Eater and Shadow Ball. In the current meta, the former is without a doubt the most popular and effective build.

Start with Will-O-Wisp at level 1 for Moves. Its scorching effect will give your baby Gastly a little more staying strength, and it’s perfect for fighting wild Pokémon. Sludge Bomb can be obtained when Gastly develops into Haunter at level 5. It’s basically simply a Will-O-Wisp trade-up that replaces scorching with poison, but it’s necessary for the level 7 Move, Hex. Hex delivers tremendous damage to any opponent suffering from a status condition while also teleporting you a short distance, whether you’re still a Haunter or have evolved into a Gengar. It’s a deadly one-two punch to set them up with Sludge Bomb and then knock them down with Hex. 

At level 9, you may utilize Gengar’s Ultimate (Unite move), Phantom Ambush, for some extra excitement. It may be used once to become extremely quick, and then again to inflict AoE damage and slow in a wide radius, preparing enemies for another Sludge Bomb and Hex combination. Use your moves first, then your Unite move to receive the greatest benefit and damage output.

In Pokémon UNITE, Gengar is an incredibly potent Pokemon, currently sitting at a base stat total of 3265 at level 100, but like anything, there are things you can do to make it even stronger. For starters, the level 100 build is incredibly simple. It is all about maximizing the 20% egg move buff and maximizing your attacks, usually by using a Choice Specs in the main slot. This is a good build, but you can do better!. Read more about pokemon unite rankings and let us know what you think.

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