Best Gold Mining Spots in OSRS (F2P + P2P) –

This guide will help you find the best gold mining spots in OSRS for free players and paying players alike.

The “best mining spots osrs f2p” is a blog post that discusses the best places to mine gold in RuneScape. It includes both F2P and P2P options.

The Crafting Guild is the finest place to mine gold for both free and paid players. The Rimmington and Mor Ul Rek mines may be utilized as alternatives owing to the high requirements it demands to be used effectively.

Gold is a medium-tier ore that can be mined with any pickaxe beginning at level 40 in Mining.

Despite the fact that the ore and its byproducts are widely utilized for Smithing and Crafting training, the act of mining the ore is disliked owing to the lackluster experience and low profit margins.

Furthermore, due to ore’s long respawn duration, players will most likely have to world-hop often to prevent becoming idle.


The Best F2P Gold Mining Locations

Because we’ll need to bank our gold after mining a full inventory, the Crafting Guild is the ideal location to do it.

Many gold pebbles may be found here, as well as a deposit box within walking distance.

Unfortunately, not everything is as straightforward as it seems.

To utilize the bank/deposit box, players must either have 99 Crafting or have finished the difficult Falador Achievement Diary (this option is members only)


The mine of the crafting guild / OSRSThe mine of the crafting guild


The Rimmington mine, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away, is an excellent option for the overwhelming majority of free players who lack the aforementioned absurd prerequisites.

Because there are just a few gold rocks here, you’ll have to go through fourteen worlds before travelling east to Port Sarim, dumping your ores near the Entrana monks, and returning for round two.


In Rimmington, a crashed star was discovered. / OSRSIn Rimmington, a crashed star was discovered.


The Best P2P Gold Mining Locations

We’ve previously discussed the Crafting Guild and all it includes, so I’ll skip over that and instead discuss two additional sites.

The Trahaearn mine, located underneath the elven city of Prifddinas, is the first point of interest.

There are lots of gold (and other) rocks here, and you may dump all of your ores in the mine cart jammed against the south-east wall of the.

Any rock in this location has a chance to drop crystal shards, which are utilized in elven crafting recipes at a high level.

After finishing the grandmaster quest “Song of the Elves,” you may enter this mine.


Mine cart for deposit / OSRSMine cart for deposit


Mor Ul Rek, the Tzhaar’s molten metropolis, is our last destination.

A small gold and silver mine is located just east of the entrance to the combat caverns.

This is the nearest location to a bank that has no criteria tied to it for members.

You’ll probably have to bounce around a few planets to load up your inventory, same like Rimmington, but the bank is much closer!


Mor Ul Rek mine in the north / OSRSMor Ul Rek mine in the north


Extra Mining Advice

The first rule of mining club is to not speak about it.

The second rule of the mining club is to always use the best pickaxe you have while mining mid to high level ores (such as gold).

Apart from jokes, mining offers a lot of helpful equipment that you may want to bring along on your mission, so here are some of my favorites:

  • The Varrock Armour, Mining Cape, and Celestial Signet (when charged) increase the probability of mining an additional mineral by 5% to 10%.
  • In addition, the Celestial Signet offers the mining skill an unseen +4 bonus.
  • When wearing Mining Gloves, the gold rock has a 33% chance of not depleting after getting an ore.
  • Wearing the entire Prospector’s Outfit will give you a 2.5 percent increase in mining experience.
  • Finally, wearing a charged Amulet of Glory greatly enhances the odds of acquiring a gem when mining.


Gold and flowers surround you. / OSRSGold and flowers surround you.


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