Sometimes you just need a break, whether it’s the stress of the real world or the challenges of the latest hidden object adventure, and relax with a repetitive but so much fun game of Mahjong.

The range of mahjong games that can be played on the PC is very diverse, and that’s a good thing. But if you don’t know where to start and want to make sure you get a quality game (or more), we’re here to help you with the best mahjong games you’re sure to love!

We also have a list of the best relaxation games for PC – be sure to check them out for the ultimate experience!

From traditional mahjong boards and symbols, to unique concepts and art, to new boards and different game mechanics, we have everything for you without getting too complicated. Because mahjong is as fun as it gets.

So let’s not waste time and find out the best mahjong games you can play now (in no particular order) :

Mahjong Detective: Stolen Love

On Margaret’s wedding day, something terrible and strange happened. Her fiancé disappeared in the middle of the ceremony! After a desperate call for help to a detective agency, the investigation stalls as Margaret fails to provide answers.

Could a dark family curse be the cause? Margaret won’t give up so easily. A mahjong game with a good story for a change! A real challenge and one of our favorites!

Click here to try it now (affiliate link).

Dimensions Mahjong Deluxe

Mahjongg Dimensions is a reinterpretation of the classic Mahjongg game and presents a 3D version. Now you can enjoy this brand new game with stunning graphics, orchestral soundtrack and hours of addictive gameplay! A real challenge and a welcome new approach to the classic game.

It’s not for you unless you want to try a whole new mahjong experience, but if you do – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

You can check out the game here (affiliate link).

Mahjong Quest: History of Epic Tile Matching

An old game with a long name, but one that is still one of our favorites for mahjong.

It’s a mahjong game that follows a story and offers difficult levels – but that’s just as well. You don’t want it to be too easy, but you don’t want impossible games either. It offers a perfect balance of difficulty, giving you a reason to celebrate every time you complete a level (but without it becoming too frustrating).

Message: These games come on a disc, so you need an optical drive to install them.

This is definitely a game to enjoy – click here to try it (affiliate link).

Mahjong: Tile legends

Another classic that you absolutely have to love! This one has a charming and realistic style and offers a great mahjong experience.

If you like numbers, you’ll be happy to know that there are 10 different game modes, 15 different sets of mahjong tiles to choose from, as well as 75 beautiful backgrounds and 75 masterfully designed layouts. As we said, all this makes for an extraordinary mahjong experience. You’ll love it.

Message: These games come on a disc, so you need an optical drive to install them.

Click here to see this game on Amazon (affiliate link).

Mahjong Magical Journey 2

Enjoy classic, thematic and super-fast levels. Challenge yourself to complete 15 levels if you want to get your brain working, or an impressive 200 tile level for a longer game.

Play through 120 unique levels in six fantastic and unexplored worlds with fascinating glimpses into the game’s magical universe. A game with a lot of potential that you will certainly enjoy for a long time.

You can download the game on Steam.

Tropico Jong: Butterfly mission

Hike through jungles, lush forests and white sand beaches. Grab your digital camera – it’s time to take real-time photos of beautiful butterflies in their habitat in 3D.

Play a delightful game of Mahjong Solitaire while collecting over 400 butterflies on Tropico Island. Across 100 levels, Tropico Jong will have you taking pictures, fitting tiles and discovering new points of view.

You can download this game at the website of Big Fish Games.

Leo: Dragon Dance

They’re Mahjong Puzzles! Liong’s magical dragons have been stolen and you must save him. Use the right skills to stop the lions before they reach the gate!

During your journey, you’ll visit hundreds of unique places and collect an assortment of beautiful masks, amazing rewards, and clever gifts.

The time-limited version is more difficult. So if you feel like it, click here to try it out.


You have a whole range of options for PC mahjong games, from traditional mahjong games to really new and exciting approaches to the genre. All of these games are really great, and we are sure that whichever one you choose, you will be extremely satisfied.

frequently asked questions

What is the best application for mahjong?

What is the best free mahjong app? | Major technical question

Is there an application to play real mahjong?

Mah Jongg’s real Android app is here!

What is the most difficult layout in Mahjong?

The Mahjong Circle is one of the most complex boards in existence. It combines two mahjong circles in one game.

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