Best mobile chess games for iOS and Android

The game of chess is almost 2000 years old. But the technology has improved, as has the way we play this classic game. Mobile chess apps allow you to play online and compete against powerful chess players on the move. Each chess app offers unique features that set it apart from the others. This guide lists the best mobile phone chess games for iOS and Android and what makes them great. is the world’s first free chess application, and for good reason. With this application, you can play with friends or compete against other players with similar skills. The online game is competitive, and you can move up in the rankings to increase your Elo number. This application also contains chess lessons and learning games. However, you will need to pay for a premium account to access some of the more advanced courses. You can also play against the computer and try to solve over 1,500,000 unique puzzles.

Children’s chess

Chess for Kids is the perfect application for beginning chess players. It is commercially free and allows for online play. You can also play offline against the computer, and there are many puzzles that can be solved offline as well. In addition, Chess for Kids gives parents full control over their children’s accounts and limits communication between players.

Professional chess tiger

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Chess Tiger Pro is a free promotional application that costs eight dollars. If you are serious about improving your chess skills, then this application is for you. It has an incredibly powerful chess engine that reflects its thinking and allows you to better understand the game. It also allows you to record repetitions and have them analyzed by the application, pointing out your mistakes and showing you alternatives.

Chess universe

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Chess Universe is a more casual version of It has several modes for playing with friends, such as Bullet, Fast and Blitz. This app also has daily challenges and rewards to keep you coming back. Once these bonuses are completed, you can customize your account avatar.

Dr. Wolfe

Dr. Wolf is a chess app application that focuses primarily on the coach. The AI gives step-by-step instructions on what to do at each point in the game. It will not only tell you what the ideal moves are, but it will explain why. With the free version, Dr. Wolf can only train you three times. Then you must subscribe to the premium version.


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Lychess is another online chess app that connects you to players of a similar level. It keeps track of your statistics, analyzes your matches and gives you a detailed overview of your performance. The license has over 150,000 users and is available in 80 languages. What makes this app so great is that it is open source and ad-free, so there are no premium accounts.


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This application is suitable for players of all levels. It is autonomous, but has a powerful AI that automatically adjusts its power to your needs. The AI also evaluates your games and trains you on your mistakes. Excellent AI and beautiful game boards make this application a first-class tool.

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