Best Pokemon for Holiday Cup GO Battle League in Pokemon GO

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From Monday the 28th. In December, the Holiday Cup will be part of the GO Battle League rotation. This is a great opportunity for coaches who don’t have the resources or the XL Candy for Master League Cups to test their skills. Here’s an overview of the best Pokémon for the Holiday Cup in Pokemon GO. It’s a new meta, so there are some interesting new Pokemons that look strong.

You can build a pair of Pokemon that will be transferred to the Big League, so your investment won’t be in vain.

Best Pokémon for GO Fighting League Holiday Cup in Pokémon GO

Here are some of the best Pokemons you can use for the Holiday Cup in Pokemon GO :

  • Altaria
  • Vigorot
  • Obstagon
  • Diggersby
  • Froslass


Altaria is a dominant flying Pokémon and a force to be reckoned with in the Celebration Cup. With movement games like Dragon Breath, Sky Attack and Dragon Pulse, you’ll be hard to destroy. However, there are still many meters on the altar, including Ice, Rock and Electric Pokemon. Be on the lookout if you’re thinking of running Altaria.


Vigoroth is another excellent investment because it is an incredibly safe, large-scale trade fair. A Normal-type Pokémon shines with Meter, Body Helmet, and Bulldoze. If you don’t have them, consider trading them. Vigoroth can handle a lot of meta, including many of the Pokémon that Altara-san uses. Consider using something like Alolan Marovac if you want to use Altaria and Vigorot.


Then we have Obstagon with Counter, Night Slash and Cross Chop. Both Dark and Normal Pokémon are doubly weak against the combat type, and note that they lose against Vigoroth. However, with moves like Night Slash and Cross Slash, this Pokemon can easily handle most metas. You’ll dominate against Alolan Marovac and most of the Pokémon who can eliminate Altarius.

Diggersby XL

Next, Diggersby XL is another powerful Pokémon balanced by XL Candy. It’s a great opportunity to catch one in the wild. The regular Diggersby remains a good option in the Holiday Bowl, although it will not be as strong as the XL option. Diggersby XL’s best moves are Mud Shot, Fire Blast and Earthquake. With these moves, you can take care of most Meta Pokemons and even eliminate some of the frozen Pokemons you see. Beware of Altaria, who will resist the blast of fire and the earthquake. If you use the hyperbeam instead, it can be interesting, although it limits part of your income.


Finally, Froslass is another good safe exchange option with Powder Snow (or Hex), Avalanche and Shadowball. Froslass can provide Vigorot, Altaria, Diggersby XL and Abomasnova. Watch out for Alolan Marovac, who could be a problem.

We didn’t mention any other difficult choices for this cup:

  • Alolan engraving machine with Voltman switch, rock edge and stone explosion.
  • Alolan Marovac with a catapult, a shadowbone and a bone club.
  • Scarmoree with Air Scythe, Brave Bird and Attack of the Sky

In total, these are probably the top five Pokémon in the Holiday Cup Pokemon in Pokemon GO. There are always lots of extra options, and it all depends on what you have and how many resources you have. The altar is available at a reasonable price and can be considered a safe working tool.

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