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With about 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone, Homo sapiens will inevitably encounter extraterrestrial neighbors.

But even with our advanced space technology and Elon Musk’s determination to colonize Mars, extraterrestrials continue to evade (or ignore) humanity’s desperate invitation.

This persistent refusal feeds human obsession with the prospect of extraterrestrial life – and what they might look like after accepting our request for friendship.

And this plot, of course, continues in the game of the Sims.

Keep your passion for the unknown alive and create a stranger from your own production with these free Sims 4 CC Packs!

15. Hazardous antenna

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If you think about extraterrestrial physiology, you can expect the appendages to look extraterrestrial – or just weird.

And what could be stranger than having insect-like features?

Attach colorful and dangerous antennas to your sima (which may or may not contain telepathy) and look more attractive than District 9 shrimp.

14. Spirits (skin colour)

TS4 CC Phantom Skin Color

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Film designers have practically given up redesigning foreign aesthetics.

It is as if every imaginary stranger today is the guardian of the scum of the galaxy, whose skin colour is either Gamor green or blue mist.

Let us show you your Sim among the Marvel models, with a skin tone gradation that shines like a lava lamp!

In addition, you can choose from 77 samples, which must be sufficient to determine the foreign population.

13. Sponges 153

Sponges #153 - Alien Sims 4 Mod

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Scientists still have no proof that aliens really have lips. But just in case, here’s a lipstick palette for kissing unbelievers.

Cover your Sima lips with a galaxy of those Taty shades!

Choose your favourite design from 25 patterns and enjoy it at the next interplanetary party.

12. Holo external eyes

Holo-alien eyes for the Sims 4

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If a human can get into a black hole of the UFO culture, what can I say so that he can’t get lost in the eyes of a stranger?

Kaleidoscopic, luminous and terrifying, these holo-allian eyes of Pseudosim perfectly captured the beauty of the cosmos.

If you ever see the spark in a stranger’s eyes, the best way to be literally amazed.

11. Star Leather

CC star skin color - The Sims 4

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Compared to Avatar’s Na’vi, a Thing Alien isn’t exactly a feast for the eyes. And it’s probably the most disgusting (if not the worst) organism I’ve ever seen in science fiction.

I hope against all odds that NASA will find an alien with a star skin and not a killer monster with a hunger for human flesh.

Customize your alien sim to look more like Miss Universe’s rival and less like a bloody nightmare with this rat boy CC!

This tutu contains 18 patterns and 4 facial colours that evoke the strange alien presence we know and love in science fiction films PG-13.

10. Transformation of the e-girl

Cyber-Girl Makeup TS4 CC

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You have to admit it: Iron Man is one of the coolest avengers.

And not only because it is represented by Robert Downey Jr., but also because it represents the pinnacle of human intelligence and empathy that is man of the 21st century. They’re completely alien to this century.

And because he looks like a drug addict with high-tech holograms and whistles…

Go beyond human simplicity and become an alien on earth with this cyber-daughter makeover from Jennisims!

9. Third eye accessories

The CC of the third eye for the Sims 4

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If man’s third eye is supposed to be a manifestation of spiritual abilities, what can the third eye mean for an alien?

I think he can laser anyone stupid enough to look him in the eye.

Pop is a nice accessory for the third eye on Sims forehead with this CC. It looks much cooler than a stubborn pimple or even a few freckles.

Make other Sims uncomfortable with your extra vision and become a walking anomaly in your environment.

8. Quantity of cyborgs

Cyborg Seth - Sims mask and outfits 4

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Skynet can be created by human pride. But its purpose is to destroy humanity by a nuclear holocaust, an extraterrestrial standard.

Give a cyborg mask and wear sinister contact lenses that go straight to the red-eyed Terminator Army in Skynet!

If your Sim is passionate about time travel and genocide, this SS is the perfect evil to wake you up to.

7. Space frequency conversion equipment

DC room frequency converter equipment for TS4

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The dress code for space travel is not really fashionable. But it’s not so bad.

Instead of focusing on style, survival is central to any space suit. Surprisingly, these are leather suits that any member of Totally Spies would choose.

Don’t forget to bring this space invader outfit on your next trip to Planet Sixam, because there are 40 reasons why you should accept yourself as an outfit repeater.

6. Pastel coloured foreign costume

Alien CC Pastel Suit for Sims 4

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Just having a suit won’t help.

Not if you travel Sim the vastness of the universe.

Add this pastel-colored alien costume to Sims’ wardrobe and you’ll look like a confident humanoid robot who loves too many colors at once.

Sprinkle extra killer boots and a little cosmic dust on your Sims’ cheeks and you’re ready to roam the galaxies in style.

5. Foreign Crown

CC-Crown Link for the Sims 4

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Who wouldn’t want to be a monarch of an unknown alien race?

There is too much for (and too little against) becoming a king or queen of foreigners.

Advantages include unlimited flying time in advanced spaceships and an army ready to destroy other planets at any time.

As long as he doesn’t suffer the same fate as the queen bee, I can live with my Sim as heir to the extraterrestrial throne.

Give your Sims a royal appearance in this alien crown of Soloria and enjoy what the alien kingdom does in your free time.

4. Conversion of department heads

Overwatch Headset Conversion for The Sims 4

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If you have installed the Get to Work add-on pack, you will know what EA has done with the Alien versions.

How many times have we seen a bald stranger with soulless eyes?

To be honest, it wouldn’t be so bad if they had more accessories like Symmetres and the widow’s visor.

That way they would look cooler and more unique than a cheap alien invasion by Prometheus.

3. Aliens with extended identity card Mod

Improved Alien Mod Preview for The Sims 4

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Do you want to improve your Sim’s interaction with aliens?

Then dive right into this upgraded Nyx Alien Mod!

This will introduce new extraterrestrial capabilities into your TS4 session, such as increasing and decreasing Sims’ requirements.

You can also ask Sims to clean the house and repair broken stuff, which is exactly the kind of hostile behavior you’d expect from highly intelligent creatures.

Finally, players must meet a new need called Brain Power, which decreases over time as you misuse your alien abilities (crap).

2. UFO Hot Spot

Modified UFO access point for TS4

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It would be unethical to use man as bait to prove the existence of extraterrestrials.

So we use the second best thing: Simms.

This UFO mode increases the risk of abduction by aliens in residential areas or public places.

Whether on the street or in the garden, this will redefine the encounters up close and become a regular encounter with E.T.

If that’s not the most sadistic way, I don’t know what is.

1. Star kit

Space and Aliens Pack Mod

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Thanks to the collaboration of 10 different creators, we have received a CC package that is truly unusual.

The Stellar Stuff Pack contains a huge amount of CAS and Build & Buy articles that are simply too numerous to list (see the CC page for more information).

From constellation-themed clothing and tattoos to the giant Moonlab that will put Area 51 in an embarrassing position, this CC pack offers everything you need and new features to build a living alien world of your choice.

If you still feel connected to earthly desires, this CC will surprise you.

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