Best Sims 4 Backpack CC Worth Downloading –

Call it what you want to call it: Backpack, backpack, Samsak.

We can all use one, whether it’s at school or on a beautiful day at the campsite.

If you think that the buckles on the backpack make your Sim look like Dora the Explorer (big compliment), then you might also be interested in the design.

Check out our selection of the best custom content backpacks for TS4.

10. Neides Backpack Decor

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I bet I didn’t know there were many different classifications of backpacks, right?

Of course, every backpack should be worn on your back (unless you are a rebel who prefers the front). But a good package has many layers.

This Neiden Décor CC simmering RightHearted backpack is a backpack for the honest man.

It’s beautiful to look at and it gives a vibrant look. Just a hint: This is just an equipment option, so your sim shouldn’t take too long. But if you like personal crap, you should take a look at it.

It exists in 4 different versions, and you can find it at Clutter (of course).

9. Open Backpack

Screenshot of the Sims 4 CC open backpack

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Admit it – you never close your backpack before playtime.

There’s something in the bag that lets people know your sim is a busy bee.

Let your parents think you’re a tireless student by putting this Open CC backpack in your study chair.

This mini backpack is constantly open, so you can see all the books in the backpack. You get eight models, each with a different pattern and design. It’s in Clutter too!

8. Women’s backpack

Sims Women's backpack 4

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There was a time when Herschel Jansport seemed to have caught up with everyone’s backpacker.

It has become a cool accessory and almost a status symbol at school. I bugged my mom to get one, but she bought me a bootleg.

But we’re not here to talk about the stories of my sad life.

This CC backpack for women was designed by Marigold and is clearly inspired by Herschel’s City Backpack line.

It’s essentially a classic Scouting bag with a single strap closure. You can find it in the bracelets category, and it uses both positions, so your sim can’t wear bracelets with it.

But it’s worth it, with 64 monsters in total! You can get the female version via the link, but the male version is also available on the download page above.

7. Backpacks Package

Sims Backpacks 4 CC

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Continue your training with a backpack with drawstring.

These backpacks are perfect if you want to combine function and style.

They’re light and cheap. A good choice for people who think pockets and compartments are overrated.

Descargas Sims has made 15 variations of its backpacks suitable for women of all ages.

The prints contain ostentatious abstracts, flowers and even a mermaid. This is the best solution for teenagers, but the elderly can also use it for their walks to the pharmacy. Let’s go, Grandma!

6. Hogwarts backpack

TS4 CC Hogwarts backpack

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You haven’t received your acceptance letter to Hogwarts yet? I can smell you.

Mine came decades too late. I’m ready, Hogwarts!

Until the owl brings good news, we just watch our Shahani Hogwarts backpack.

Here all bags carry the school logo with four variations representing the colours of each house: red for the brave Gryffindors, yellow for the faithful Hufflepuffs, blue for the spiritual Ravens and green for the sly Slytherins.

These bags are purely decorative, so this SS fits well with the Hogwarts theme room.

5. Backpack Fjellraven

Backpack Fjallraven Banks Sims 4 CC

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Fjalraven Kenkens is so hot right now.

This Swedish brand bag has been available as a backpack for several years. Really, we can’t explain why he’s so popular.

Is it because of the minimal optics? Is it difficult to pronounce the name?

Owl Plumbob has turned the Fjallraven Kanken backpack for the Sims 4 into a gift that can reach 3,000 fans. It is available for men and women as an accessory for the left wrist and is available in 15 models.

4. Cat backpack

Cat backpack for the Sims 4

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Since the beginning of time cats have always been considered a kind of holy deity.

Mankind has always worshipped cats, and this has not stopped with the new generation, because the cult of cats is still going on.

Cat memos that never age are a good example.

It’s only a matter of time before cats take over the world… if they haven’t already!

Prepare your Sim child for lifelong cat worship with the Carzali CC Cat Backpack. This bag in Randoseru style (Japanese brand backpack) has the shape of a cat’s head and is available in 2 models with 25 patterns.

There are baby and child versions, depending on the age at which you want to start indoctrinating cats in life.

3. Moschino padded fabric backpack

Moschino Sims 4 CC Padded Fabric Backpack

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If you’re crazy and the idea of going for a walk makes your head spin, don’t worry.

Here’s a nice option that’s good enough for a runway.

A fashion fan knows who Moschino is and what he is. It is a legendary luxury house known for its colorful and sometimes eccentric designs.

Moschino’s quilted fabric backpack, on the other hand, is a little more subtle – so you can easily adjust it to your Sim’s clothes!

2. Captain America Backpack Shield

Captain America Backpack, TS4 CC Shield

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Well, it’s not necessarily a backpack in itself.

But if you’ve always dreamed of having your Sim as leader of the Avengers, this is your chance!

You don’t need rock-hard pectoral muscles, steel abs, giant biceps and blue eyes to get Captain America….. Captain America. (Sorry, I got a little distracted.)

Download this AmiSwift Captain American Shield backpack and other included items to complete the transformation.

1. Jansport Backpack

Jansport Sims 4 CC Backpack

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If you never had a Jansport backpack, did you still live?

It’s the cream of the crop.

The most recognizable backpack in any school. Your Sims can now live in their virtual Sim life.

Thanks to LeoSims, because they made the best CC version that imitates the Jansport backpack for De Sims 4.

They all have a high molecular weight (13k) with a total of ten samples. Note that this CC is currently only decorative, so it is best placed in classrooms or dormitories for thirsty students.

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