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Almost everyone who owns a house also has a garage. Except for Sims.

Since they don’t have cars either, it may seem a bit moot, but there is still a lot of fun to be had in garages.

Many homes are not even beautiful without an attached garage. You probably thought all you had to do was work on it, but it’s over!

After all this CC, you’re all set to give your Sims a garage like you’ve been transported to 2011 and are playing The Sims 3 again.

In fact, most of these elements are remakes of previous games, which I always find very innovative.

Sims 4 does nothing outrageous except claim garages. In fact, I think Sims 3 is the only one that did. But it’s always an adventure to discover new ways to build and play.

1. seal for automotive components

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The sight of car parts and debris in the sand is so Sims to me, but I don’t know if anyone else gets it.

Sims 2, anyone? Running through Strangeville to pick up parts from alien spaceships and nuclear fuel rods to buy a new couch? Sorting hubcaps, car parts and glass bottles in the Chop Shop with Optimum Alfred?

Either I’ve just brought back a lot of memories, or you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Anyway, it’s time to bring this boring shit to Sims 4.

All of this would be perfect in a comfortable garage simulation.

2. Wire shelves

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The appearance of the garage depends on the person (or sim) who owns it.

Some will be content with the clutter and junk scattered around the house. But others may want a little more organization.

These wire shelves are much better for the garage than most of the wooden shelves you will find in the set.

And you’ll also find a lot of things to add to this list!

3. Open garage door

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Sometimes you just want to put everything you do in plain sight.

Well, probably not. But not being completely locked in a garage is also a good thing in The Sims.

Not only do I miss functional garages, but also the ability to decide whether or not to raise the barrier. Actually, it would be cool for all doors – our poor sims’ houses are more closed than Fort Knox.

As far as I know, that Quiddy Jones door is the only way to do anything similar in TS4 right now.

And I can’t praise it enough, because our Sims can now hang out in their garage or work while looking out at the outside world.

It also allows them to keep an eye on the kids without having to step on their feet…. Maybe that will lead to less chaos.

4. Jammed tools

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This messy little bag contains a few basic necessities of any typical garage, including hammers and saws, a wrench, flashlights, and a fire extinguisher.

I think it’s common to have fire extinguishers in the house,in fact…. but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have them somewhere else.

This one is also just decorative.

When your Sim catches fire, her friends and family will scream and jump back. Well, you know, business as usual.

Here are a few more elements to illustrate this point. A tape measure, wooden shelves and spare parts help to create the illusion of a working garage.

5. Gas bottle

Consult this CC

Cyclonesque, the manufacturer of the car parts mentioned above, also manufactured these large gas cylinders.

This stovetop is great when it comes to decorative items!

Look at this. Look at the dirt and stains on these cans. That’s very good.

They even feature details like butane and propane, as well as the flammability symbol, and are available in eight colors.

6. Garage accessories

Consult this CC

Oh yes, now we come to what makes a garage a garage.

Chainsaws. Electric drills. Boxes of nails. Dirty garbage cans. The paint cans will get you in trouble later.

They’re all here and some more.

These are just things that are really necessary if you want your Sims to feel like they have a life of their own.

Everyone who owns a garage has at least two or three, even if they never use them.

Here are some other things that are not so common but would still look good, like. B. a barrel of oil and a forklift truck.

Fortunately, it’s only a decorative object. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see Sim driving heavy machinery. They can barely handle the engines.

7. Garage door

Consult this CC

With these decorative doors from Angela, the new box to your Sima home really looks like a garage.

They come in different styles: modern barn doors, usually inspired by glass, and classic wooden doors are suitable for all fireplaces.

It’s not necessarily the same as a service door that goes up and down at will. But the KC manufacturers are filling in the gaps as best they can!

8. Toolbar

Consult this CC

Ah, the dashboard. What a classic.

Again, there are two kinds of people.

Those whose tools are scattered carelessly, and those who take the time to arrange things on clothespins.

Actually, there are three kinds of people. Some people have no tools at all.

The Sims are first and foremost a matter of aesthetics. And one of them, hanging on the wall, is a bit of a game changer for me. It’s so perfect.

9. Shelf 4 Garage workbench

Consult this CC

Here’s another crossbreed I didn’t expect, even in my wildest dreams:

Fallout 4 and The Sims 4.

If you like things that look oddly retro but aren’t, and that seem to have survived 200 years of radiation, then this QC is for you!

Seriously, how cool would a real backpack like this be? I understand why it’s so hard, but right now I really want to see my Sims running in the Willow Creek wilderness.

It’s a nice change from the game’s simple workbench, which isn’t really pleasing to the eye. I’m going for the voluminous bordeaux.

10. Garden decoration

Consult this CC

Depending on how you play The Sims, gardening may be very important to you, or maybe you know nothing about it at all. That’s the beauty of these games. The journey is entirely up to you.

After the season, I studied horticulture, and I really liked it.

But there’s still not much you can do to make a Sim’s living space look like it likes being outside or getting your hands dirty.

Where I live, no garage is complete without a garden tool or two. This set from SIMcredible! will therefore be a very realistic addition to my sim homes!

11. Charm and kick Decor

Consult this CC

In the gardening theme, these rakes and shovels are also a must.

I understand why these things never come in packs. They’re not really made for a garage, and nobody has a rake in their living room.

At least I hope so.

But little decorative things like this make you feel at home, and who doesn’t want that?

I also tried to find a CC snow shovel, but it doesn’t seem to be around yet. Your sims from Oasis Springs or the Del Sol Valley don’t complain about their absence from the garages. Rake and shovel for the good of all.

12. Staircase decoration

Consult this CC

Just like in real life, these scales are very useful.

In The Sims, they are not used for climbing or reaching objects. Instead, you can use the ladder as a shelf, two with a shelf as an even bigger shelf, or just as a decorative item.

It is a truly unique idea that is perfect for garages or other practical simulator installations. There are plenty of places to put the aforementioned junk, as well as other items your Sims need.

13. Power tools

Consult this CC

Do you want to feel strong?

Get the power tools. That’s right.

Nothing makes you feel more in control of the world than a chainsaw.

Fortunately, the chainsaw (and the two other elements here, the drill and the grinder) are purely decorative.

You don’t want some strange, mean, evil sim to get hold of this.

Or maybe you, genius.

I can never get enough praise for the quality of the CC’s elements, and this one is no exception.

I’m completely amazed at how people can make things that look so real and fit both the style of the game and the official content.

14. Lawn mower

Consult this CC

I can only assume that I am the only Sims player who wishes he could have cut his grass sooner.

Well, maybe not. There is a complete set dedicated to laundry.

But it’s one of my favorite packs, for the same reason that this lawn mower is one of my favorite things on this list: Realism.

Sims is a life simulator.

These small details, which some may find disturbing, are nevertheless part of life.

I’d probably be happy with housekeeping, honestly.

It’s another one of those CC things where I just don’t understand how it happened.

As far as I know, there is nothing similar in any of the suits. And it’s still the best CC: Things you can’t get anywhere else but through Simmers’ creativity.

15. Own vehicles Mod

Choose this mode

That’s right:

To complete this list, I found a modification that technically gives your sim a target in the garage.

It’s much broader than just a decorative car, which is what I thought I’d find.

Thanks to the creator of Dark Gaia you can choose from five kinds of vehicles in which your Sim can travel. And according to your choice, your sim will be in the mood after the ride!

The attention to detail like this is so epic.

When they’re done, your Sim’s new car can be safely parked in the garage and all is right with the world again.

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FALSE. Downloading mods and CC is perfectly safe. The creators will not include any malware or viruses in their downloads. Creators create game content out of a genuine passion for The Sims, but many publish their downloads on websites with pop-ups.

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