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If you like to play Farming Simulator 19 but you want to have a taste of real life and farm one or more fields, then you need to download a Tedder. A Tedder is a device that will guide you to the way you want to go, it will make the work easier for you.

The first game I ever played on PC was Farming Simulator 15. And it’s still my favorite PC game to this day. That’s why I want to share with you some of my favorite mods for the game, all free!

Farming Simulator 19 was announced at E3 2018. The game is set to run at 1080p, 30FPS, and has anti-cheat measures. Farming Simulator 19 is said to have a day and night cycle, and the gestation period is longer than previous installments. The game will be released during the first quarter of 2019.

Cows tend to prefer the grass after it has been dried for some reason. And the hay system in Farming Simulator 19 was designed with this in mind.

The tedders are for this purpose.

The basic game already offers a wide variety, and if you’ve played them all, they’re all quite similar (except for size).

And size, more than anything else, distinguishes one tedder from another.

However, if vanilla isn’t cutting it, modifications may assist. And we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Tedder Mods for FS19, all of which are compatible with both PC and console versions of the game.


9. Z-234

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The first Tedder on our list is a rake and a Tedder rolled into one.

This means you just have to go over your lawn once to get it ready to bale.

While this isn’t the biggest tedder, it still saves you time by eliminating one step from the procedure.

This tedder has an older design as well, and it’s wonderful to have something like this in the game. You’ll have a hard time finding anything similar to this design still in production, primarily since they wore out so quickly.


8. GVS 6U

GVS 6U FS19 Mod screenshot

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This tedder is a little bigger than the ones included with the game.

It’s the same size as the rakes and can double as a rake when necessary – although a little unrealistically.

It is 7 meters in length and will have you baling hay in no time.

This tedder is available in a pleasing blue and yellow color scheme, which is typical of this type of equipment. A red and yellow variant is also available. There are other choices for tire size, width, and operating mode.


7. HIT 690 N by Pöttinger

Pöttinger HIT 690 N Mod for FS19

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The HIT 690 N is a tedder mod with a medium size.

While it may seem to be identical to other tedders, it is one of the most configurable.

You may also choose the colors of each component of the machine, including the dragging heads.

If you like, you may add a variety of mechanical features as well as a variety of wheel and tire setups.

In addition, unlike other tedders, this one may be painted to match any tractor in the game.


6. ESF 46 Lizard

Lizard ESF 46 Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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This tedder is somewhat smaller than the previous one, but only slightly.

It has a 4 meter operating width and a maximum speed of 18 kilometers per hour. It also comes in a beautiful color scheme, but it can be repainted to whatever color you like – however there is only one fully-coated option, which means it paints the whole thing.

This tedder also has a three-point hitch, so you won’t have to pull it around like a trailer.

This cuts down on turn-around time and makes storing a snap.

Additionally, this mod includes two little supports on the side to keep it upright when it is unplugged. Excellent usability.


5. Grassland Equipment for Fellas

Fella Grassland Equipment Mod for FS19

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You may realize right away that this isn’t simply a tedder mod. It’s a whole set of excellent hay equipment!

But, because we’re just here for the tedders today, that’ll be the emphasis of this article. However, if you’re searching for a wide range of hay equipment, you should definitely check out the other items on this page.

This tedder is red and black in color, with yellow warning stripes. This bundle is mostly beneficial since it includes a complete set of matching equipment.

Because the mowers and other equipment are all different brands, none of the other tedders can claim this.

And everything in this pack is the same color and approximate size. As a result, it may all be utilized with a tractor of the same size.


4. KWT 11.22 Krone

Krone KWT 11.22 FS19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

We’ve got a tedder here that was made with smaller tractors in mind.

This attachment provides greater breadth per horsepower needed to draw it than other tedders.

It also features edge control, which prevents your hard-won grass from flinging off onto someone else’s field or, worse, the roads.

This tedder has a yellow driveshaft and is green. This implies it works well with John Deere tractors. If you like that branding, you should certainly check out this mod.

Overall, it’s a really fast-working tiny tedder that’s well worth a try.


3. SIP Favorit 220 SIP Favorit 220 SIP Favorit 220 SIP

SIP Favorit 220 Farming Simulator 19 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

This will never be referred to as a big tedder.

It’s really very tiny, with a working width of just 2 meters.

It does not, however, drag behind the tractor; instead, it moves in front of it.

This means you may rake behind you and dry the grass at the same time.

However, you’ll need to locate a very tiny rake to go with this tedder. Perhaps a mower in front and this tedder in back would be a better combination.


Fahr KH 4S is number two on the list.

Fahr KH 4S FS19 Mod screenshot

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Yes, we have another another tiny tedder to add to our collection.

The Fahr KH4S, on the other hand, is still a fantastic little machine.

It’s made for tractors with less than 50 horsepower, so it’s ideal for those of you who are just starting started in farming.

It comes in a solid red hue by default, although upgrades have introduced multi-color choices.

The animation of the machine in operating mode was also given a lot of thought by the mod’s developer. Even if it’s only to watch this tiny item in action, it’s worth a download to check it out.


Tedders Addon is a one-of-a-kind add-on for

Tedders Addon Mod for Farming Simulator 19

Take a Look At This Mod

Have you ever observed that the majority of tedders just float along the ground? Most tedders never move up or down when they strike a hump in the ground (or a hole).

This is because the developers failed to provide them with enough ground reaction. And I’ll join them in saying that a tedder should never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,

However, they do ride on the ground a little, and this patch attempts to correct that for the vanilla tedders in the game.

Granted, this pack does not modify all of the tedders, but it has updated a significant amount of them.

This mod’s author also made all of these tedders paintable throughout the process. As a result, you may paint them to match your tractor’s brand (or really whatever you want).

Not only is the paint changeable, but the brand is as well.

Any of the following brands may be used as brand tags: Kuhn, Sip, Claas, Krone, and Deutz.

More realism is always appreciated in Farming Simulator modifications like this.

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