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A wedding is full of meaningful moments that your Sims should remember for the rest of their lives…. Or at least until the afterparty, where everyone will be happy!

After that, it becomes a fog all day long.

In The Sims, it’s up to you to record all the events in the life of The Sims. And that includes their wedding day, if you decide to commit.

The poses are perfect for these shots. And although we’ve already listed some packages of custom TS4 poses, this list focuses on wedding day poses.

Note that all these postures require both the Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim mods.

10. Marriage dose preparation Record

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Why can’t we just have a fairy godmother to make us beautiful on our wedding day in the blink of an eye?

The kojh Wedding Preparation Kit contains four poses that document the bride’s journey to that bridal light.

Here you need three numbers: a bride and two helpers.

The scenes are all characterized by big conversations between the trio, probably about the reason why the groom didn’t bother to prepare (a story that every married couple knows).

9. My beautiful girl! Dosage

Dosage of TS4 CC

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When a mother sees her daughter for the first time on her wedding day, the plumbing comes!

This moment inspired Brielle Sim in My Beautiful Girl! Canned packaging.

It consists of five poses that capture the moments of tenderness that Sim’s mother shares with her fiancé.

A pose shows his mother making a gift, and the download of the CC gift can also be found on the link above.

8. Best Man Package

Screenshot of Pose Pack Sims 4 CC

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While the preparation of the bride is full of touching moments, you can expect the boys… Well, boys!

Use Beto_ae0’s Groomsman (Pose Pack) to record the group’s shenanigans.

You get five playful poses, three of which require five characters and the other only three.

These poses will certainly make you laugh when you browse through your wedding photo albums in the future.

7. Position on marriage plans

Sims Kits 4 CC Wedding Station Project

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If you use your game as a narrative companion, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s your complete set of love stories, including the proposal.

Get a complete picture of your path to marriage!

This set contains four packages, all made by Flower Chamber :

Wedding portraits (including a proposal) with ten poses blown up and hung in Sim’s house, five poses to prepare the bride and groom for the wedding, two poses for the cute flower boys and girls, and 13 poses for the wedding itself.

6. Marriage dosage III

Wedding Dose Pack III for The Sims 4

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There are weddings where the rule of not photographing all guests is applied.

Wouldn’t you like your professional photos to capture a sea of phones all documenting the event for the gram….

Or worse, people use your social media hashtag for their own purposes. The horror!

To avoid the consequences of the publicity, it is sufficient to document the important parts of the marriage.

Blog All The Love BR’s Wedding Pose Pack contains four poses that represent the most important wish and kiss of your life (sorry, no dip kisses here).

In this download you will get an extra surprise attitude that we will let you discover for yourself. Consider it our gift for your big day!

And this is only version 3 of the package. Look at the rest of his poses if you want more!

5. Wedding box packaging

Sims Wedding Dose Pack 4 CC

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Everyone, especially the handsome couple, will agree that the kiss is the most expected part of the wedding ceremony.

I’ve never seen people get as upset as two people bitch… unless their PDAs do.

You can relive the first moments after the kiss thanks to the wedding dose of Beto_ae0.

Here you have four pairs of poses, including the bliss after the kiss and the walk back through the aisle.

4. Individual wedding animation – rose package

Personalized animation package Loyalty Ratio TS4 CC

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Don’t limit yourself to just positions.

How about a real animation?

Create your own wedding video montage with the Custom Wedding Animation Pose Pack from Gaming Tweety. Yeah, it’s a pretty crazy mod.

There is also a paid version (on Patreon), but this free version contains the marriage proposal, the cutting of the cake and the groom waiting in the aisle.

Now look for the cheapest background music …….

3. Wedding station #2

Marriage Station #2 Sims 4 CC

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It is time to relax before the wedding and have fun with your friends and family.

The wedding post n°2 Atashi77, free on Patreon, offers 3 group poses for 7 of your sims.

Two of these poses are for the bride’s team: 6 bridesmaids staring at the bride and the team showing her the bouquets; and one with the boys carrying the groom to make the sacrifice to him.

For this Pos-Pack you need the Pose Player and Teleport mods, as well as the CC-Strauss (you can find it in the description).

2. Dosage for throwing flowers

Flower removal kit for Sims 4

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This is an admission event that competes with the Olympic Games in terms of competition.

That event scratched a lot of knees. The high heels are broken. The flowers have been picked.

SSVitlan’s colour drawing package contains 18 poses that show high quality and very detailed colour drawings!

We are pleased to report that no one has been hurt in this version. Even if they’re injured, they’re ledges.

Don’t forget to add your favorite Sim here as your fourth bridesmaid. Spoiler alert: She gets the bouquet!

1. Installation of the bridal portrait

Wedding portrait Pose Sims 4 CC

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If there’s one set of photos that people look at most, it’s wedding portraits.

These are the photos you can hang on the wall, or download on Simstagram.

And these are definitely the images your Sims will look at when they grow old and say: Dayum, we were so temperamental!

Joanne Bernice’s wedding portraits range from candid to posed, with a total of ten options.

And they even have specially designed user interface icons, so you won’t have any trouble finding them in the game.

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