Best Yu-Gi-Oh Archetypes |

In the Yu-Gi-OH card game, monsters and cards are divided into categories called Archetypes. Belonging to the same archetype means that the cards have the same word in their name and have the same skills, specific Magic Maps and more.

There are many archetypes in the game, but there are also many archetypes, and it will take a lot of work and time to find the best of the big picture. That’s why we did the work for you and selected the archetypes that best fit your game.

This list does not necessarily include the cards that are the strongest or allow the strongest attacks, but it does include the cards that we think are the most fun and at the same time provide good support for your game.


Image on the random generator

An Archetype that allows you to summon monsters from your field bridge. If they’re sent to your graveyard, you can send two of them to call the Industrial Battery Force.

Crystal Sample Image on the random generator

The main difficulty with this archetype is that they unite to summon a powerful dragon to fight, which sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Well, here we go. But you can also crystallize and be part of your magic and traps.

Cyber-dragon Photo on the fandom

The Cyberdragon works best if you try to put a lot of energy into simply destroying your enemies in front of your eyes. They are futuristic, robotic dragons, so it makes sense that they are wasted on the battlefield.

Elementary character Image on the random generator

The Elemental Hero archetype is included in our list because of its flexibility, i.e. these cards can be played in different playing styles. A group of superheroes and powers that can be combined contribute to an exciting game.

Chestnuts Image on the random generator

Although some of these cards are quite weak, they are actually used as an offer you need to collect strong monsters. One of those monsters is Zelgigas, who comes with a crazy 3200 ATC.

Harpy Image on the random generator

Harpists have always kept their place in the competitive game, the archetype has received many updates and improvements over time, which they have been given as viable options.

Injection equipment Image on the fandom

It’s actually the Archetype Inker that puts Bug cards on the map by combining their ability with other Inker cards from your hand or graveyard as Spell Equipment. It gave them a power they’d never had before.

Cliff Photo on the Fandom

This archetype is so good that many of his cards have been banned from the competition game. Many of them are shuttle cards and can help you attract the enemy easily, many of them bring great effects and monsters as powerful as Apoclyfort.

Yang Jing Image on the random generator

These cards bring an excellent ATK or DEF to your deck and can help you to call another card of the same type from your deck. It also has a Yazi, evil Yang Zing card, which is an absolute power with 2600 ATK and 2100 DEF.

Yosenju Image on the fandom

With these maps you can easily fill the battlefield. Many of them allow you to draw another card from your hand when you are called in the usual order. You can combine them all at once to dominate the battlefield immediately.

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