Best Zeraora Build in Pokémon UNITE

Zeraora is a rare Pokémon that only appears once per game in Pokémon UNITE. But don’t let its rarity fool you, it can be a devastating attacker. A complete list of Zeraora builds can be found here . (I hope you enjoyed this post, but I am going to go ahead and give you a heads up on another one, coming in the next few days. This one will be “How to Pass a Drug Test” and will be posted on a (drugs) blog called “Labs”.)

Pokemon Unite is a new game in the Pokémon franchise, and by the time you read this, it will be available for download worldwide . The game features some of the best Pokémon from all generations, so if you’re looking for the best way to team up those creatures, read on.

Zeraora is known as the fastest Pokémon in the Pokémon Unite game, but there is a lot of confusion about how to build it. There are way too many different things you can do with it, which is great. Want to have it as your main attacker? Build a mixed attacker?  Want to have it as a pseudo-defender? Build a Sub-Defender? Or you can just have it on your team as a main attacker? To find out the answer, I’m going to write a detailed guide on how to build Zeraora as your main attacker, as well as how to build Zeraora as a pseudo-defender.

Best Zeraora Build in Pokémon UNITE

New Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, which typically symbolize some sort of primordial power or abstract idea, have begun overlapping with existing ones as the roster of Pokémon expands. Zeraora, for example, epitomizes lightning’s speed in her moves, yet we already have a slew of other lightning Legendaries. Even though it isn’t the most innovative, it has fighting potential. In Pokémon UNITE, this is the greatest Zeraora build, complete with the finest Battle Equipment, Items that are currently being held, and moveset.

When it comes to Zeraora, hit and run is the name of the game. Even at the outset of a battle, it has remarkable movement speed and may launch decisive single-strike assaults. To get the most out of Zeraora, you’ll need to push her speed and strength to their limits. It’s game over for the other side once you unleash this Pokemon’s full potential. Zeraora is a good jungler and in lanes, though most people opt to run this Pokemon in a lane. 

Zeraora is now the #1 choice on our Pokémon UNITE tier list. This Pokémon’s damage output and durability are unrivaled, making it a must-have for any high-level team composition. If you’re trying to improve your abilities, you may also want to look at our optimal settings guide.

In Pokémon UNITE, the best Zeraora build is

In Pokémon UNITE, this is the greatest Zeraora build:

  • X Attack is a battle item.
  • Shell Bell, Focus Band, and Float Stone are among the items being held.
  • Spark, Discharge are the moves in this set.

Battle Items

In Pokémon UNITE, there are three viable Battle Items options for Zeraora. First, if you like to dive and burst damage and emphasize engaging the other team whenever feasible, X Attack is an excellent choice. Dive in, activate your X Attack and Discharge, then unleash the Ultimate to do massive damage. 

Goal-Getter is another useful equipment for Zeraora, although it is only suitable for experienced players. It all boils down to who can score one more goal at the highest levels. Goal-Getter temporarily doubles goal-scoring speed, enabling you to sneak in for a slam dunk.

When a Fluffy Tail is available, you should consider bringing it with you, particularly for Jungling, since a few seconds of stun may make all the difference in a DPS race. Fluffy Tail is an excellent jungling choice since it increases clear speed.

Held Items

For Zeraora, there are three viable options for Held Items. The first is Shell Bell, which provides increased Sp. Atk, Cooldown, and some healing anytime you use your skills. Healing is very useful and may save your life in certain situations. 

The Focus Band then adds Defense and Sp. Defense to Zeraora, making her a little more tanky and providing some healing when she’s low on health. The issue with Zeraora is her capacity to survive. The damage output is there, but you’ll need time to execute it, which is where this item comes in. Finally, Zeraora is a mobile Pokémon that travels a lot. For the extra Attack and Movement Speed, Float Stone is an excellent option. 


Now it’s time to make some moves. Instead of Agility, choose Slash at level one. You’re already quick enough; you only need the additional muscle, and you’ll gain Agility at level 3. Choose Spark at level 5, since it provides a jumping effect that makes it ideal for following down anybody attempting to flee. You want Discharge at level 7, since its shield-like radius is ideal for keeping you safe as you whale on enemies. 

Finally, Zeraora’s Ultimate, Plasma Gale, is unlocked at level 9. The move hurts and knocks back everyone inside its broad radius, which is cool, but the true attraction is the increased range and damage you receive when hitting anybody within the radius. You may use this technique to create a huge dead zone for your opponents, preventing them from escaping.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new entry in the tier list for Pokémon: UNITE, but the wait is over! We now present the best Zeraora builds on the tier list.. Read more about pokemon unite ninetales build and let us know what you think.

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