Blacksteel’s Simple, Newbie-Friendly Guide to Eidolon Hunting

The recent announcement that Eidolon Hunters would be returning to the game has led many players wondering what they should do with all this extra time, now that they can hunt down and kill their fellow player’s favorite Eidolon. This guide will help them figure out how to get started.

The “eidolon hunting guide 2020” is a newbie-friendly guide to Eidolon hunting. It will teach you how to find and catch the elusive creatures in the game, as well as give you some tips on where to go and what to do.

Forward: Hello, everyone! I prepared V1.0 of this tutorial in response to this post, which asked for a basic, newbie-friendly explanation of how Eidolon hunting works for individuals who don’t want to watch a half-hour movie, and a number of recent postings concerning nasty attitudes toward players new to performing Eidolons. It got a lot of positive feedback, so I believe it’s deserving of its own article.

The Eidolons are undoubtedly the game’s most technically difficult combat. This guide is intended to offer a clear and succinct step-by-step analysis of the fight’s mechanics, as well as some of the most basic tactics, although it does not go into detail about the bosses’ attack patterns or gear options. The Wiki pages about the event include a wealth of additional information. Eidolon Teralyst - Blacksteel's Simple, Newbie-Friendly Guide to Eidolon Hunting

Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst, as well as a slew of YouTube tutorials.

I may change the layout in the future, but for now, the important objects, units, actions, and information for each phase are bolded for easy reference.


Eidolon Murderin’: Blacksteel’s Quick and Easy Guide


First and foremost, the fundamentals. When a group of players visits the Plains of Eidolon at night, the Eidolon Teralyst will spawn anywhere on the map and begin performing Eidolon things. Killing it will reward you with a variety of enticing items, including highly sought-after Arcane Mods and an Eidolon Shard, both of which are required to acquire Standing with The Quills. You may, however, attempt to capture it for a variety of bonuses, including a Brilliant Eidolon Shard that can be used to summon the Eidolon Gantulyst. Capturing the Eidolon Gantulyst will also drop a Radiant Eidolon Shard, which may be used to summon the Eidolon Hydrolyst, the largest and baddest Eidolon of all. If night falls while you’re battling an Eidolon, it’ll make a beeline towards the closest body of water and despawn as soon as it gets there.


To combat the Eidolons, you’ll need access to your Operator form.

The bounties for killing or capturing the Eidolons that are accessible at night award Cetus standing, but they do not need Cetus to be active in order to battle them.

Because Eidolons are impervious to all status effects save Void, you should typically mod for the most efficient sort of damage against them, Radiation.


Teralyst Containment


Preparation is the first step.

You must first enter the Plains of Eidolon and complete two tasks before facing the Teralyst.

Step 1: Locate It!

First and foremost, locate it! As soon as the instance loads, it will slowly emerge from a random inland lake, escorted by a massive, short-lived pillar of light. Depending on which lake it spawns at, the pillar of light may or may not be visible from the entrance of Cetus, but it is large and typically easy to detect. The primary approach is to split apart and jump onto your Archwings. The Teralyst should be waypointed by whomever discovers it, since it will appear on everyone’s HUD.

The Teralyst Has Arrived!

Eidolon Lures (Step 1.2)

Gather Eidolon Lures in the second step. If you just want to kill the Teralyst, this step is optional, but it is needed if you want to create the Gantulyst. In either case, you’ll get more stuff. Eidolon Lures are floating yellow-green probes that may be discovered around Grineer encampments. To take control of one, you must first injure it and then hack it, much like a Bursa. Once you’ve done that, it’ll follow you around and may be told to stay still by interacting with it. They’re tough, but they can die if they take too much damage, so having one or more members of your team who can protect and/or heal them is essential. They normally survive the Teralyst battle on their own, but they regularly perish in the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst bouts if they aren’t protected. They are, however, impervious to some of the Eidolons’ most lethal assaults. You may want to acquire some additional Lures to ensure that you have enough, even if some of them perish.

Eidolon Vomvalysts spawn at night throughout the Plains, little flying Sentients that convert into a spectral energy form when killed and will rebuild themselves if not eliminated by your Operator. Eidolon Lures attract surrounding Vomvalysts and must be charged with their energy, either by absorbing their energy or by killing one in energy form and picking up the ball it drops, then sprinting over to the Lure within a few seconds (a player who is currently charged with Sentient energy is indicated by a blue glow). A Lure requires three Vomvalysts to completely charge.

znuw59k4gbb81 - Blacksteel's Simple, Newbie-Friendly Guide to Eidolon Hunting

An hostile Lure, a captured Lure, and a fully charged Lure, from left to right.

A conventional Vomvalyst, a Vomvalyst in energy form, and a player carrying Vomvalyst energy, from left to right.

A Vomvalyst is tethered to a Lure. The Lure will absorb the Vomvalyst if it is destroyed.

We’re ready to take on the Teralyst now!

Up up and personal with the Teralyst

Note: The Teralyst will deploy a variety of assaults detailed in the Wiki links above to protect itself from now on. Many of them have enormous AoEs and do a lot of damage, and they’re almost all extensively telegraphed. To be able to accomplish these battles swiftly and effortlessly, you must first learn certain attack patterns. It will also generate Vomvalysts on a regular basis. They may repair the Teralyst’s shield in vast numbers quicker than the players can harm it, and they can also be hazardous in and of themselves.

Step 2: Dismantle the Shield

The Teralyst has an unique Sentient barrier that can only be damaged by the Operator’s Void damage, so blast it with your Amp until it breaks. Volt’s Electric Shield is a popular technique since firing through it is one of the few methods to enhance Amp damage in the game.

Step 3: Break A Joint

When the Teralyst’s shield is breached, four Synovia weak spots in its joints become exposed to all sorts of harm. One of them must be destroyed. If the Teralyst receives no damage for a brief period of time, its shield will begin to regenerate, and you will have to return to Step 2.

A Radiation-modified sniper rifle or Voidrig’s Arquebex are two typical techniques for destroying Synovia. Many AoE and scattershot weapons struggle or fail to strike them because of their narrow hitboxes surrounded by invulnerable bodily portions.

When the initial Synovia is killed, the Teralyst will fire a series of powerful Magnetic pulses at you in rapid succession, easily one-shotting you. You are immune to these pulses when in your Operator’s Void Mode, or you may dodge them by fast moving out of range with your Archwing.

The Teralyst will then restore 75 percent of its shield and teleport to a random spot in the Plains, shooting up another pillar of light, if there are no fully charged Lures nearby. The marking will be deleted if the Teralsyt is waypointed.-If a charged Eidolon Lure is nearby, it will send out a tether to the destroyed Synovia. The Teralyst will be unable to teleport as a result of this, and will only be able to regain half of its shield.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat the process

The Teralyst now has either 50% or 75% of its shield back, which can still only be damaged by your Operator. Repeat Steps 2 & 3 to destroy the other Synovia. Note that with each Synovia you kill the Teralyst upgrades its attack patterns and adds new ones, the spawn rate of Vomvalysts around him increases, and both become more aggressive.

Step 5: Man, These Frickin’ Vomvalysts

The Teralyst will squat down and begin generating Vomvalysts in their energy form after the final Synovia is slain. Each one that gets close enough to the Teralyst will be absorbed and healed. This phase has a predetermined period, and all you can do with your Operator is destroy as many Vomvalysts as you can. This phase may also be used to charge Lures, since they will absorb any Vomvalysts that come close to them.

Step 6: Exercising Extreme Prejudice in Termination

The Teralyst’s whole body may be injured from this point on. It’s worth noting that Vomvalysts may still repair their shield, making it invulnerable to everything except Void damage from your Operator. Bring things to a close. This is generally the simplest and shortest step.

Before dealing the final blow, make sure two fully charged Lures are connected to the wrecked Synovia to catch it rather than kill it. (Each Lure will be tethered to two.) If you successfully catch the Teralyst, Quill Onkko will send you a communication that says “Sentient energy contained,” and the two Lures will detonate. The LURES, not the Teralyst, drop the additional treasure, including the Brilliant Eidolon Shard!


Return to Cetus if you killed the Teralyst or don’t want to continue. If not, it’s time for:


The Gantulyst is being gutted.


Preparation is the first step.

Check your Eidolon Lures stock. The Gantulyst possesses six Synovia and must be captured with three fully charged Lures. Remember that if your Lures aren’t protected this time, they’re much more likely to die.

Step 2: Bring That Bad Boy to Life

To spawn the Gantulyst, each member of your team must first get the Brilliant Eidolon Shard from the Teralyst, then go to the rock formation in the center of Gara Toht Lake (the map’s central lake) and activate the altar on the southeastern end. The Gantulyst will emerge from the lake once this consumes your Brilliant Eidolon Shards.

Note: You may reactivate the altar to pick up your shard until you’ve put all of them. If someone in your party decides they don’t want to spawn the boss after you’ve put yours, don’t forget to grab it.

From left to right: the Altar, an above picture of Gara Thot Lake, and a map of the Lake and Altar.

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1–3 with the second verse.

The Gantulyst is significantly larger and quicker than the Teralyst and has a variety of extra attack patterns. It also carries six Synovia and takes three fully charged Eidolon Lures to capture, as previously indicated. The fight’s mechanics, on the other hand, are identical. A Radiant Eidolon Shard is obtained by successfully capturing the Gantulyst.


Return to Cetus if you killed the Gantulyst or don’t want to continue. If not, it’s time for:


The Hydrolyst is being sought.


Preparation is the first step.

Check your Eidolon Lures stock once again. The Hydrolyst also contains six Synovia and must be captured with three charged Lures.

Step 2: More Bait, More Boss

Create the Hydrolyst in the same manner you did the Gantulyst, but this time using your Radiant Eidolon Shard as a wager.

Step 3: You’ve probably figured it out by now.

The Hydrolyst, as last time, is larger, quicker, and nastier than the Gantulyst. He creates thunderstorms all around him, which leave traces on the ground where very painful lightning strikes. Keeping your Archwing flying as much as possible will help you evade many of his assaults. Aside than that, it’s pretty much the same battle.


That’s all there is to the Tridolon battle in a nutshell. Please leave any questions, suggestions, or any errors in the comments section, and I’ll try my best to respond. Any changes or additions to the guide will be mentioned in the section below.



-Numerous formatting tweaks

-In the final phase, deleted incorrect information regarding Eidolon shields and included a hint on utilizing Vomvalysts to charge Lures in the second to last phase. u/Solary Kryptic is to be commended!

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The “tridolon guide” is a newbie-friendly guide to Eidolon Hunting. This is the perfect book for beginners who are looking for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to hunt and kill an Eidolon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weapon for Eidolon hunting?

A:The best weapon for Eidolon hunting is your trusty spear. Spears are the most accurate, and have a long reach in order to hit from afar when necessary.

What do I need for Eidolon hunting?


How do you start Eidolon hunting?

A: You need to find Eidolons portal in a level. Once youre within the portal, it will identify where you are and show you which levels have been completed so far.

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